Chapter 1263: To Mo City

Before, Bai Yunfei hadn’t been very happy with how much soulforce he had. But now that he was fully recovered, Bai Yunfei was pleased to see that his soulforce had increased in addition to his training!

Because of the guidance given to him by Shen Pojun, Bai Yunfei’s understanding of the Law of Fire had been greatly expanded. He was a Mid-stage Soul Emperor, but if he had to split his current stage into three additional subtiers, then he’d say he was a mid Mid-stage Soul Emperor. 

But he wasn’t far from reaching that later subtier! He was so close to becoming a Late-stage Soul Emperor!!

A rate of progression where one had only just become a Mid-stage Soul Emperor and was now close to becoming a Late-stage Soul Emperor was one that was especially frightening.

“What’s going on here…is this the result of my upgrades or from my training?” Bai Yunfei muttered to himself. “Now hold on…it should most likely be because…of the energy I felt when upgrading?”

He thought back to when he managed to upgrade the Cataclysmic Seal to +14 and the following insights he gained. That euphoric moment where he was able to expound upon the Upgrade Technique had allowed Bai Yunfei to gain plenty of experience. Many clues were gained, and Bai Yunfei was able to gain a new level of understanding of the technique. And of one of those clues he followed, Bai Yunfei noted one of them was a particularly ‘red’ one. That clue related to...the Law of Fire!

He already knew that the additional effects were bestowed upon by a certain Law. For example, the Law of Lightning bestowed upon the +10 additional effect of the Heaven’s Thunder, and the Law of Fire bestowed upon the +13 additional effect of the Critical Glove. However…the +14 additional effect of the Cataclysmic Seal had no ‘attribute’, what kind of law bestowed it then?

Given his current level of strength, there was no way for him to peer into the arcane mystery that was the Planar Laws. However, he did have his own understandings of the Law of Fire and could use that to grow stronger.

“It was an unexpected surprise to gain this much from my studies. It’d be nice if I could get another +14 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone. Maybe that way I’ll be able to become a Late-stage Soul Emperor.” Bai Yunfei thought greedily to himself. But the thought was nothing but a pipe dream. How could he possibly get a second +14 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone?

The dream of becoming a Late-stage Soul Emperor wasn’t as far-fetched. Given that he had the +13 Fate Pendant and the ability to absorb chaotic energy, it wasn’t as lofty as a goal as the other.


With his goals outlined, Bai Yunfei was ready to head out from the caves. After bidding farewell to Heavenfire, he strode out from the caves with a confident air toward Shen Pojun’s residence.

At the current moment, Shen Pojun was residing in a small hovel on the northern peak near where Zi Jin’s hut was. When he arrived, he saw Shen Pojun speaking with another male in the courtyard.

Bai Yunfei smiled when he saw the two. Quickening his pace, he soon reached the spot where the two were chatting, “Master, have you recovered enough?”

It was Zi Jin he was speaking to. Smiling at the arrival of his student, the man nodded. “Haha, I’m much better now. In fact, I should probably thank my earlier condition. I can feel my previously sluggish training starting to flow back into action. Perhaps I’ll be able to reach the Soul Emperor level soon enough…”

“Oh? That’s great!” Bai Yunfei smiled. “Then let’s take a trip to the Yao clan. They’ll definitely know of a way to return you to your true strength.”

“Yes, there’ll be a time for that in the future.”

“Yunfei, was that ‘+14 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone’ of use for you? Did you manage to upgr—oh? Your power…how did it grow so much so quickly?!”

That was the moment when Shen Pojun realized Bai Yunfei was much stronger than when he had last seen the student.

Bai Yunfei had to admit, it felt great to surprise even a Saint. “Ancestor, this was a result of my upgrades. I’ve managed to turn the Cataclysmic Seal…”


And so Bai Yunfei told the story of what had happened to both Shen Pojun and Zi Jin. Both of the older males had been thoroughly shocked to hear everything that transpired, and despite their age and experiences, the two were completely without words to describe their emotions.

“You…were able to craft a Regalia?! Haha…good! Very good!! You are worthy of being the most outstanding student of our school’s history!!”

Shen Pojun had no words to describe his joy. He could only describe Bai Yunfei as being the most talented student the Crafting School had to offer in its history, and Zi Jin wasn’t inclined to disagree. Pleased, he gave Bai Yunfei an approving nod. It filled him with great joy to have a student like this.

The two managed to calm down after a while. Though they were mystified by Bai Yunfei’s Upgrade Technique, neither of the two had any means of researching it nor the interest.

“Ancestor, master, this student has a request to ask…”

“Oh? What is it? There’s no harm asking.” Shen Pojun smiled.

“It’s regarding my future…” Bai Yunfei seemed rather embarrassed now. “It’s actually a rather personal matter. But…this student wishes to head to the Forest Pass Province, Mo City in particular. I wish to ask the Tang for Xinyun’s hand in marriage…well, I already have their permission to wed Tang Xinyun, but I wish to do it properly. Since the school is here, I would like to ask that the school take on the part of my family. The elders of this school has been like family to me, and I wish for both the Tang and the Crafting School to see the wedding through…It would make your student happy beyond belief to fulfill this wish of mine, ancestor and master.”

“Ah, something like that? Haha! Of course! How could this be a ‘private’ matter? The entire school would be overjoyed! I wholeheartedly approve.” Zi Jin roared with laughter, “That girl, Xinyun, spent the last three years searching for you at no expense. She never even returned home! She’s the treasured daughter of the Tang, yes, but she’s also an outstanding student of the Crafting School. We would never dare to hold the wedding in a sloppy manner.”

Shen Pojun smiled as well. “It would fill this old heart of mine with great pleasure to see two outstanding students get married. It shall be settled then. Head to the Tang and we’ll hold a wedding upon our return to the Great Plain Province.”

“Thank you ancestor, thank you master!”


It was with a skip to his step that Bai Yunfei left the northern peak. He, of course, didn’t forget to upgrade the soul armaments of the two to +12.

It was noon by the time he exited from the Core World. Looking for a servant of the Ye, Bai Yunfei learned that Ye Zhiqiu was currently in the great halls and went off to search for him.

Striding into the hall, Bai Yunfei took notice of Tang Xinyun and the others already there. They were laughing and speaking with several others, and Huangfu Rui could be seen chattering about something.

“Eh? Brother Yunfei! You’re finally out!”

Huangfu Rui was the first to take notice of Bai Yunfei. She called out to him so the others could quickly take notice that he was here.

Bai Yunfei nodded to the group before turning to Ye Zhiqiu, “How are matters, Zhiqiu?”

“There’s nothing to worry about, all is well.”

“Sounds good, then why don’t you head with us to Mo City in two days time?”

“Mo City?” Ye Zhiqiu asked, “Aren’t we heading back to the Great Plains Province?”

“Mo City first, I’ve asked the ancestor and master already. Everyone is to accompany me to the Tang so I may ask for Tang Xinyun’s hand in marriage. We’ll return to the Great Plain Province after the wedding.”

He flashed a smile over to Tang Xinyun, and sure enough, his fiance was stunned. But soon she began to blush red and smile happily to herself, though she hid her face behind her hands.

“Marriage!?” Everyone blew up at once at that. All of a sudden, they whipped their heads to look at Tang Xinyun with a great smile.

“Are you going to have the entire school there for the wedding? Don’t tell me you plan to steal her away by force if they say no.” Li Chengfeng asked, “I knew you had a real reason behind the mobilization of the entire school.”


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