Chapter 1232: Intervening In A Battle Between Saints!


Multiple people’s eyes were glued to the spot Bai Yunfei had been in. They were all having a hard time believing what they had just heard.

He wanted to enter a fight between Saint-leveled people?! And in chaotic space?! Bai Yunfei was only capable of becoming a Mid-stage Soul Emperor through his own techniques, what good was he in a fight of that caliber?!

“How reckless! What could he poss—”

Chu Yintian moved to stop him, but it was too late, Bai Yunfei was already too far gone in the sky. There wasn’t any point moving now.

He was also hesitant to leave. Who knew if Dong Wanlei would do anything if he was gone? Who’d stop him in that case? 

Besides, Chu Yintian wouldn’t be any help in chaotic space either. He hardly had enough power to keep himself safe from the harm of chaotic energy, let alone help.

And that was the reason why he called Bai Yunfei reckless. What else was this but a suicide attempt?!

“Please rest assured, teacher, Yunfei is an extraordinarily capable person. He might be a Soul Emperor, but he can use chaotic energy. He may be able to actually help in chaotic space!”

Xiao Binzi’s voice spoke to Chu Yintian’s mind just then.

Chu Yintian froze up. Turning to look at Xiao Binzi, he replied, “What?! He can use chaotic energy? That’s impossible!”

“Is there ever anything that’s impossible?” Xiao Qi snorted, “Even I can train with chaotic energy! And Yunfei’s even better, he already knows the Law of Chaos! There was somehow who brought Yunfei to chaotic space to kill him and ended up dying himself.”

Though pleased on Bai Yunfei’s behalf, Xiao Qi was also slightly vexed that he hadn’t been brought with him to chaotic space. He had wanted to show some results of some kind but had yet to do so. Xiao Qi was able to train in chaotic energy like Bai Yunfei, but he still wouldn’t be very useful in chaotic space. And not only would he struggle, but Xiao Qi was also not strong enough to offer much help… 

So lost was Xiao Qi in his thoughts that he didn’t even pay attention to the shock he had delivered to Chu Yintian and the others… 


“A bothersome gnat flying to his own death!!”

Dong Wanlei barked with laughter. Bai Yunfei’s disappearance had not gone unnoticed by the opposition, and Dong Wanlei had laughed merrily to himself as he watched Bai Yunfei fly off to chaotic space.

Only Mo Ni seemed unsure of Dong Wanlei’s criticism. He felt uneasy about the situation. Lu Suxing’s words were still bothering him. He remembered how it was said Yue Kuangfeng had died at Bai Yunfei’s hands in chaotic space. He didn’t know what Bai Yunfei did, but the fact-of-the-matter was, Bai Yunfei was unaffected by chaotic space.

And he of all people knew Bai Yunfei. There was no way he was a ‘reckless’ man who never calculated the risks. If he went, then there was a reason why he went.

“Is he really going to fight the ancestor?! He…he can’t be…”


Ignorant of the conjectures and concerns of the people below, Bai Yunfei flew higher and higher into the sky. Already, he had entered ‘Berserk’ Mode so he could better weather the transition into chaotic space.

It was when Bai Yunfei had just entered the battlefield that he suddenly activated one of his soul armaments. Pulsing once with light, the Returner Armor on his body immediately created a black whirlpool in front of him to devour a huge tear in space coming toward him.


Sweat appeared on Bai Yunfei’s face at once. He could hardly help himself from letting out a gasp of surprise from his lips from fright.

That attack wasn’t even aimed for him, but it would’ve killed him if he hadn’t been so cautious… 

The Cataclysmic Seal, Fire-tipped Spear, Heaven’s Thunder, and even the King Caging Bell were being brought out one after another to circle around Bai Yunfei protectively as he flew upward.

The next to attack Bai Yunfei were the auras of the two beings. It felt as if their auras were forcing the breath from him.

First to come into sight was a sea of flames flooding a portion of chaotic space. Just that alone would’ve made any gasp from the brilliance, but there was also a jet-black ‘crack’ that ran through it and sent elemental darkness and spatial cracks flying everywhere.

The Laws of Fire, Space, Darkness, and even chaotic energy…Bai Yunfei felt his heart go faint at the feel of it all.

Shen Pojun and Gu Lianhun were separated by a kilometer of distance, but their hands shot Law after Law toward one another as if they were hardly even meters apart. The chaotic energy between them continued to explode with intense spikes of energy and caused even Bai Yunfei’s skin to crawl from the sensation.

The only difference between Shen Pojun and Gu Lianhun were their interaction with their surroundings. For Shen Pojun, the chaotic energy around him was being constantly repelled by the sea of flames, but Gu Lianhun was actively using chaotic energy in his attacks alongside the Law of Space and Darkness.

Other than there, Shen Pojun had three soul armaments that’d fly around him while Gu Lianhun had to fend them off without a single soul armament.

The majority of Shen Pojun’s attacks were based around his three soul armaments, especially the crescent-moon-shaped sword soul armament he had. It cleaved through most of the elemental attacks Gu Lianhun sent out while his shield and parasol shaped soul armaments blocked the rest.

Fear traveled up Bai Yunfei’s spine at the sight of the massive battle between the two. Biting his lips, he gathered his wits to him and flew toward Shen Pojun.

“Ancestor!! Allow me to lend my aid!!”


Neither of the two fighters expected to see Bai Yunfei appear in their fight.

The both of them felt Bai Yunfei’s aura before the person in question came close enough to them, but they were surprised that it was only just an Early-stage Soul Emperor. Mystified, Gu Lianhun decided to send a single spacial tear at him only to be surprised once again when it failed to kill Bai Yunfei.

Then they were surprised yet again when Bai Yunfei called out to them again. 

Bai Yunfei was actually able to move around in chaotic space!

He wasn’t like Shen Pojun, who was using a bubble of elemental energy to push away chaotic energy. He was more like Gu Lianhun, who was moving freely through the energy without disturbance!


Gu Lianhun cried out. Was he wrong? Was Bai Yunfei actually a Saint in disguise? It couldn’t be! This person was definitely an Early-stage Soul Emperor! So how was this person able to even exist in chaotic space?!


Like Gu Lianhun, Shen Pojun was utterly dumbfounded. He could tell by Bai Yunfei’s surroundings that the chaotic energy around him was completely undisturbed. There was no sign of elemental energy being used to repel the chaotic energy, meaning Bai Yunfei wasn’t in any danger here at all!

He knew Bai Yunfei was one of those people who appeared among the crafters earlier, and hearing him call out to him as ‘ancestor’ confirmed that. But—

Since when did he have a descendant like this?! What manner of Saint was he?!

“Ancestor, please don’t worry about the surrounding chaotic energy, your student will help you ward it off!!”

Arriving by Shen Pojun’s side, Bai Yunfei brandished his right hand at Gu Lianhun and fired of a single black beam of chaotic energy at him!

Striking against the coarse black beam Gu Lianhun fired off, the two attacks exploded and dissipated away!

“The…the Law of Chaos!! Impossible!!”

Gu Lianhun’s face froze. For a moment, he could do nothing else but scream out his confusion!

It seemed like a massive joke to him when Bai Yunfei said he was there to help Shen Pojun. An Early-stage Soul Emperor was nothing but an ant to him, given his powers. Being able to enter chaotic space might’ve been a very surprising thing to see, but Gu Lianhun was still extremely confident in dealing with the ignorant Soul Emperor.

Things were different now. This new enemy had the means of fighting him!!

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