Chapter 1229: Crushing A Black Jade Slip!

The activation of the Soul Sealing Mandate was instantaneous. Its light scattered across the world with a radius large enough to encapsulate Dongfang Ming within it. And the moment Dongfang Ming couldn’t be seen anymore, his soulforce disappeared!

Once the light dissipated, the still figure of Dongfang Ming could be seen with his mouth opened as if to scream angrily. His eyes still reflected the horror he felt before he was sealed. There was still remnants of light from his own body, flickering as if it was trying to force some activity in his body despite the Soul Sealing Mandate’s ability. He hadn’t been fully sealed, as could be seen, as his soul was still capable of action. However, the resistance he put up was nothing more than a hopeless one. 

There was no way of him winning against the Soul Sealing Mandate. With the Soul Sealing Mandate having the advantage in power, Dongfang Ming’s core was rendered absolutely helpless.

Pleased at having successfully sealed Dongfang Ming, Bai Yunfei waved his hand to send out a wave of soulforce. Clearing the immediate area of all elemental energy, he activated the Core Stone and had both the Soul Sealing Mandate and Dongfang Ming taken into the Core World.

And now that that was done, Bai Yunfei felt like he could finally relax a bit.

According to Sealer, Dongfang Ming was a candle ready to be blown out, but his core would still be very difficult todestroy. It was a divine-tier demon armament, thus it would take Bai Yunfei more time than he had right now to destroy it.

Besides, Dongfang Ming wasn’t allowed to die just yet… 

Therefore, Bai Yunfei decided it was best to have Dongfang Ming placed in the Core World and have him be revisited on a later date.


After finally accomplishing the heruclean task of defeating Dongfang Ming, Bai Yunfei felt like he could finally allow himself a breath of relief. But then…his instincts began to scream at him of a danger from behind!

While true that Dongfang Ming was defeated…there was still Gui Nu to worry about!!

Despite Dongfang Ming’s best efforts when he sacrificed his soul armament, the damage had still been done. Gui Nu had managed to suck up a tremendous amount of ‘energy’ from Dongfang Ming via his Bloodsoul Dark Artes and had already fully recovered from Bai Yunfei’s earlier attacks. In fact, he was feeling far stronger than before as well.

The blast of the soul armament’s destruction had been great and sent Gui Nu flying away a considerable distance. That had been the only reason why Bai Yunfei hadn’t been attacked when he sealed away Dongfang Ming. 

Regardless, Gui Nu was en route to Bai Yunfei the moment he shrugged off the backward momentum he had with the complete and utter intent to shred Bai Yunfei to pieces!

What he ‘enjoyed’ most in combat was attacking up close and personal. Far-ranged attacks were simply not ideal for him, but considering the distance between him and Bai Yunfei, Gui Nu decided to use several elemental attacks as an opener.

But just because he didn’t use elemental attacks often didn’t mean they weren’t strong. When bolstered by the blood-red energy around him, Gui Nu’s attacks could definitely spell trouble for anyone that was hit by them!


The sea of blood over Gui Nu’s head transformed into a gigantic python. Following his roar, the python then bounded for Bai Yunfei!

This was one of the stronger elemental attacks that could be learned from the Bloodsoul Dark Artes, the Moon Devouring Blood Python!!

It required half of the user’s blood to be used, but the power in exchange of such a cost was tremendous! In comparison, Bai Yunfei’s Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst would only be marginally stronger than it!


Sensing the danger coming at him, Bai Yunfei turned around at once to see a python flying straight for him!

Alarmed by the raw amount of power he felt from the python momentarily stunned him. It terrifying for a second, but then Bai Yunfei began to smile with excitement!

It was too late to use the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst to counter it, not with the python being this close already. It was also pointless to try and dodge it, so Bai Yunfei raised both arms and pushed forward!

The soulforce within his body immediately dwindled away into one of his soul armaments. In the same moment, a transparent barrier appeared out of thin air in front of him!

It wasn’t made with any element but the surface of the barrier flickered in a strange pattern almost invisible to the eye unless one paid attention to it.

But the strangest part was when the python was unable to break through it!


The python exploded back into a sea of blood when it slammed into the barrier. It flowed all around Bai Yunfei for a moment before reforming into the same python shape as before!

But the only difference was that it was flying in the opposite direction it came from!

The Returner Armor’s +12 additional effect, activated!

Reflect any attack no greater than double the defensive power of this armor. 

Cooldown of 30 minutes.

Gui Nu had been in the middle of charging Bai Yunfei when his very own attack had been reflected onto him!

As far gone as Gui Nu was, his battle senses were still in tip-top shape. Though a regular soul cultivator wouldn’t have been able to do a thing, Gui Nu was able to bring both arms up and materialize a blood-red armor all around him before he was struck… 


One moment later and a tremendous explosion of blood exploded around Gui Nu!

Though it was his own attack, Gui Nu wasn’t immune to it. The Moon Devouring Blood Python exploded with an incredible amount of power that suppressed everything within the area with it’s power and blood. Already, Gui Nu’s energy was being sapped away as he tried his best to protect himself against his own attack. It was an extremely arduous task, and his body was already showing signs of wearing down! Skinny like a mummy, his body was shriveled up both physically and in terms of soulforce.

He was very clearly injured!



Mo Ni cried out loud at the sight of Gui Nu.

It was a crazy series of events from start to finish. From when Gui Nu lost control and attacked Dongfang Ming, when Dongfang Ming destroyed his own soul armament, when Bai Yunfei sealed Dongfang Ming, and then when Gui Nu was hit by his own attack…that had all transpired within seconds. Mo Ni just couldn’t believe that all that had happened!

“Dongfang Ming’s defeated…and so is Gui Nu!!”

The world seemed to have lost color to Mo Ni for a moment as he took in the ‘impossible’ outcome.

Dongfang Ming, Gui Nu, and even Qin Long were all men of the strongest caliber. They were the strongest his side had to offer, and yet…Bai Yunfei had managed to defeat them all!!

Of everyone there, only Dong Wanlei from the Wind Lightning School would be able to stop Bai Yunfei! Huo Zhenting was a Mid-stage Soul Emperor, but Mo Ni was afraid that even he would fall prey to Bai Yunfei’s tactics, especially after Mo Ni saw Gui Nu die!

It didn’t even matter if Dong Wanlei managed to kill Chu Yintian or not anymore. Everyone else was in danger regardless of that outcome!

Thinking hard about it, Mo Ni realized that this battle would end up as a defeat if they didn’t pull out their last trump card… 


His father had warned him again and again of the consequences of using this ‘trump card’, but Mo Ni hadn’t any other choice. It was do or die. Crazed, he took out a black jade slip from his space ring and crushed it in his hand!


Li Chengfeng had been in an optimal position to go after Mo Ni and strike him down, but when he saw his opponent crush the black jade, the Heart Compass inside of him began to let out a massive danger signal!

The signal brought trembles from head to toe. His hair stood on its ends for a split-second before Li Chengfeng began to retreat!

“Xiao Qi!! Watch out! Get back!!”

He cried out to the bird right behind him.

It was that moment when he cried out that Mo Ni had crushed the black jade slip!


Without warning, a tremor ran through the world. Nearly a kilometer above Mo Ni’s head, a massive black whirlpool opened up as if something had just jabbed a hole into the heavens.

And in a second, the whole world changed color!!

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