Chapter 1227: Chaos

It filled Mo Ni with horror to see two magnificent dragons come barreling toward him. As powerful as he felt as a Soul Emperor, he was only an early-stage. There was…no chance of survival against an attack like that and he knew it!!

This Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst was meant to be the finishing move on Dongfang Ming. An attack meant to kill an especially difficult-to-kill Mid-stage Soul Emperor. How could an Early-stage Soul Emperor like Mo Ni stand a chance?

Once the realization of death sunk in, Mo Ni let out a shrill cry, “Gui Nu!!!”


On the other side, Li Chengfeng was in a dire strait. Unable to dodge Gui Nu’s attack, he was forced to bring out an earth-type shield to protect him. Despite his best efforts, his shield was broken through by Gui Nu and was forced to watch as the claws struck him square-on.

Like a kite whose string was cut, Li Chengfeng was blown away from Gui Nu. A trail of orange light followed his path as fragments of his shield rained down. There was a gash on the right side of Li Chengfeng’s face from where several of the fragments had cut into his face.

A figure appeared in front of him as he flew, revealing itself to be Gui Nu with his palm on Li Chengfeng’s chest!



The palm strike landed solidly onto Li Chengfeng’s torso and accelerated his momentum even more. Following a large mouthful of blood, Li Chengfeng’s aura suddenly dropped down to half its original intensity.


Not drunk of his own success, Gui Nu let out a roar and moved to chase after Li Chengfeng. His right hand extended outward in an effort to drive his claws into Li Chengfeng’s throat!

He was in trouble. Gritting his teeth, Li Chengfeng mustered as much soulforce as he could to him and raised his right arm up. It was an arduous task, but the pain in his right arm was nothing compared to the possibility of dying.

“Ah!! Gui Nu!!”

Then that was when he heard the cry of another person from far away. Stunned, Li Chengfeng watched as the sharp claw of Gui Nu stop just short of his arm!!


A blood-red mist floated out from Gui Nu’s mouth as he snarled in frustration. One moment later and he turned away from Li Chengfeng to fly off into another direction!



The panic in Mo Ni was reaching a breaking point even as he watched Gui Nu approach. A black light flashed in his right hand as he clutched at something. Any second now and he looked ready to crush the item.


It was to his utmost relief when he saw Gui Nu successfully leap in front of him. Like a great guardian, Gui Nu dropped himself in front of Mo Ni with an ocean of blood with him.

Both his soulforce and killing intent was fully roused. Elemental energy was gathered all around him, but somehow, the energy felt more like it was a murky substance like blood as it floated around him. It swirled and transformed into a giant octopus that charged at the two dragons soon after it formed fully.


The two forces collided with devastating force. Energy as volatile as chaotic eneryg itself started to tear at the seams of the world, leaving behind cracks in space wherever and everywhere.

Mo Ni could hardly hear the pained cries of Gui Nu amidst the explosion. Then he felt himself be enveloped by a bubble of energy before being taken into a retreat.

Knowing that, somehow, death had been avoided, Mo Ni heaved a huge sigh of relief. He had done nothing to save himself and yet he felt paradoxically drained of energy. The only emotion he had in abundance was anger. Humiliated by the disgrace he had just experienced, he snarled at Gui Nu, “Your most hated enemy is right there, Bai Yunfei! Kill him!!”


His words were like magic to Gui Nu, who stopped at once. Immediately, a terrifying amount of power exploded from him!

“Bai Yunfei!! Aghhhh!!!”

Gui Nu’s head snapped back to roar out loud to the heavens. His killing intent somehow doubled as all his anger for Bai Yunfei was announced to the world. One after another the blood around him turned into swords that swirled around him. Streams of elemental energy flowed into him, slowly transforming into a blood-red armor that covered the entirety of his person. Soon, he looked more like a demonic being from the underworld than a human that could induce fear just by being looked at.


Spiderweb-like cracks formed around the space beneath Gui Nu’s feet when he kicked off against it. Like a catapult, he flew at Bai Yunfei with breakneck speeds!



Bai Yunfei cursed to himself. He was already having trouble focusing on Dongfang Ming within the whirlpool and now there was another troublesome opponent to deal with. Pointing his finger at Gui Nu, Bai Yunfei let out a snarling growl, “Freeze!!”

It was meant to stop Gui Nu in his tracks, but…

“What?! It didn’t work?!”

His Soul Anchor Technique had failed to even affect Gui Nu!

Like Qin Long, Gui Nu was in a ‘berserk’ state that made him essentially like a wild beast. Soul attacks would be ineffective on such a person!

Forging his way forward, Gui Nu brandished the claws of his hand and slashed at Bai Yunfei’s throat!

There was no time for Bai Yunfei to dodge. His only option, therefore, was to bring both arms up to protect himself. As soon as he did, the claws scratched against the bracer on his arm. Sparks flew everywhere as the claws pushed against the bracers, and then… 

The Flameblade Bracer was cut apart!


The effect was instantaneous. Blood shot out from Bai Yunfei’s wound, but with an uncharacteristic force as if it was being squeezed out from him. Even more strange was the fact that the blood was pooling around the claws as if trying to be absorbed!

As shocked as he was, Bai Yunfei hurriedly lashed out with his left hand. He had to disengage from Gui Nu as soon as possible!


The +10 additional effect of the Critical Glove activated when it slammed against Gui Nu’s torso. Like a cannonball, Gui Nu was sent flying away from Bai Yunfei.


Bai Yunfei gave chase right away. As quick as lightning, his right hand took out an object and threw it at Gui Nu!

The Fire-tipped Spear!

As if sensing the danger that was coming toward him, Gui Nu brought his right arm to his head and tried to inch off toward the side away from the object’s trajectory.

He was unfortunately a moment too slow. The Fire-tipped Spear slammed into the blood-red barrier around him and exploded at its tip!

The +10 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear had activated!

The explosive force of the effect sent Gui Nu flying even faster. His right arm was a mangled mess that could hardly be recognized as a human arm almost. Before he could even properly gain his bearings, Gui Nu was assaulted with a flaming ‘mountain’!


The Cataclysmic Seal slammed against Gui Nu with devastating force. Multiplied, his backward acceleration saw to him flying even faster away from Bai Yunfei.

A fist, a spear, and a brick. Three attacks dealt in and with quick succession that saw to Gui Nu being severely weakened.




Whilst Bai Yunfei fought with Gui Nu, Xiao Qi was fighting his own battle elsewhere. His opponent was also a soulbeast whose roar was reminiscent of a dragon.

Bai Yunfei turned his head to Xiao Qi. The bird was fighting against a gigantic beast the color of darkness itself.

The Black Dragon King!!

Bai Yunfei hadn’t been the only one infuriated by Mo Ni’s ambush. Xiao Qi had been equally infuriated and dove at Mo Ni after the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst had failed to kill him. It was only because of the Black Dragon King that Xiao Qi had failed to achieve his goal.

Given the equal standing between him and Xiao Qi, the Black Dragon King fought as seriously as he could. There was no way he’d underestimate the smaller creature.

Farther away, a wearied Li Chengfeng stood by the sidelines to watch the battle. Upon seeing the still-shocked Mo Ni, he snarled and flew at him.

He knew Mo Ni’s unique identity and saw how he had been the one to command Gui Nu. As the saying went, kill the head of the snake and the rest will follow. If Mo Ni died, then the situation of the battlefield would undeniably be shifted into their favor.

It was with shock that Mo Ni first realized he was being attacked again. Fury quickly overtook him, and soon he and Li Chengfeng were embroiled in a fierce battle.


Things were becoming more and more chaotic… 

Bai Yunfei shot a glance over to Xiao Qi and Li Chengfeng, he wanted to see how they were doing. But when he looked back to Gui Nu…

A large swath of elemental energy suddenly surged toward Gui Nu and the red whirlpool he was surrounded in. Like an implosion of energy, the whirlpool took in every bit of elemental energy and exploded in size!

He didn’t know what Dongfang Ming was up to, but Bai Yunfei knew that Gui Nu was doing something similar. If the two were to ‘group together’, then it’d be trouble for him!!

Alarmed by that possibility, Bai Yunfei immediately flew after Gui Nu in hopes he could drive him away from Dongfang Ming while also hoping to neutralize the latter.

Unfortunately, the events in motion were already progressing far beyond Bai Yunfei’s control… 

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