Chapter 1215: Instant Kill! And Another For Blocking the Way!

The spear was traveling fast! Lu Suxing didn’t even have time to properly recognize the danger he was in by the time the spear was nearly too close to be dodged! Cold sweat appeared at once over his forehead—the power from the spear was absolutely massive!

But that was to be expected. Bai Yunfei holding onto the spear with…more power than Lu Suxing thought to see!

Dual Flame Artes: ‘Berserk’ Mode!!

After stealing half of Qin Long’s attributes and then making use of ‘Berserk’ Mode, Bai Yunfei was well and deep within the level of strength of a Mid-stage Soul Emperor!

Lu Suxing was a Mid-stage Soul Emperor, as well, but he wasn’t in his prime state of power. The injuries he sustained from the battle of the Water School compounded with his rush over to warn Mo Ni had him extremely weakened. In terms of strength he was no longer capable of defeating Bai Yunfei!

What Lu Suxing expected was to see Bai Yunfei heavily injured. Instead, he was deeply frightened to see a fully-powered Soul Emperor come barreling toward him!


Reacting as though it was the grim reaper itself coming for his head, Lu Suxing let out a scream before wrapping himself in elemental darkness to aid his escape.

His reaction was praiseworthy for being a Mid-stage Soul Emperor. A wall of elemental darkness materialized in front of the spear’s path, solidifying just enough with the power of Law to hopefully protect his head from a fatal blow.

Any barrier created via the power of Law would be a powerful one, and this one was no exception. The Fire-tipped Spear stabbed into the energy and began to slow down in its motion just enough to give Lu Suxing more time to evade.

This would be the end of a normal attack, but…this wasn’t the end of Bai Yunfei’s!


The Fire-tipped Spear began to have a light shine from its body. Starting from Bai Yunfei, the light disseminated from his spear-arm and traveled into the spear with a brilliant aura!

The +13 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear, activated!

Expend 40% of the user’s soulforce to ignore any one elemental-based defense upon the next strike.

Cooldown of 10 minutes.


The abnormality was spotted instantaneously by Lu Suxing. But before he could react to the changes, the Fire-tipped Spear slammed through his barrier to strike at his left collarbone!


Metal stabbed through flesh as the spear elicited a loud shriek of pain from Lu Suxing!


Before he could even finish screaming, however, the area around the spot the spear stabbed into exploded into a mist of fire and flesh!

It was the +10 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear: Explosion!!


Still howling in pain, Lu Suxing pressed both hands to his neck in an attempt to staunch the blood flow, but the damage had been done. A great fountain of blood was flowing out from his throat, and with it, a vital amount of his life force.

“I’m…I’m going to die!!”

For the first time in his life, the fear of death flashed across Lu Suxing’s mind. He felt powerless in front of this new face of power despite the amount of power he held. Seemingly operating on the very last vestige of hope, Lu Suxing began to go through the handseals for a soul skill to stabilize his wound and preserve his health.

But just at that moment… 


A single word reverberated throughout his mind! As if the world was shaking, Lu Suxing felt his vision tremble and his soulforce come to an immediate stop!



A second word came later, but that was the last word Lu Suxing would hear… 


Unraveling ‘Berserk’ Mode when he was in the Phantasm, Bai Yunfei managed to fire off a Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst once he was done with his battle. This was done to separate Lu Suxing and get him alone so he could use the Fire-tipped Spear and its additional effect to inflict major damage. Then with the Soul Anchor Technique and the Soul Sealing Mandate, Bai Yunfei could easily capture Lu Suxing and bring him back with him without much trouble.

The plan had many actions to consider, but it was done in hardly no time at all.

“Teacher Lu!!”

With Gui Nu being the one to stop the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst, Lu Suxing, Mo Ni, and the Black Dragon King were given the opportunity to retreat to safety. Since Mo Ni and the Black Dragon King were closer to Gui Nu, Bai Yunfei opted to attack the straggler, Lu Suxing. 

And Lu Suxing’s unfortunate scream was heard shortly afterward by Mo Ni, who turned his head just in time to see Lu Suxing be sealed by Bai Yunfei.

The sight of that filled Mo Ni with horror.

What in the world was going on?!

He didn’t even manage to see how Lu Suxing came to be sealed in the first place… 

“Xiao Qi, kill him!”

His horror intensified when he heard Bai Yunfei’s cold-hearted command. He saw a streak of pure-darkness fly through the sky from behind Bai Yunfei before bisecting Lu Suxing’s still form into two.

And so Lu Suxing died.

“Teacher Lu…is dead?!”

Completely still, Mo Ni watched as the two halves of Lu Suxing were taken into Bai Yunfei’s space ring. His face was pale, shocked at the death of one of his own.

“N—no way! No way!!”

Mo Ni stammered uncharacteristically. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

The Black Dragon King wasn’t any better. Though far more experienced in battle than Mo Ni, the Black Dragon King was similarly struck dumb. He looked to Bai Yunfei, terrified by his actions and hesitant on what to do.


Bai Yunfei allowed himself to let a breath of air escape from his lips. Finished with his second opponent, Bai Yunfei could begin conserving his soulforce. It was only because of an emergency that he used ‘Berserk’ Mode to begin with. Rather than kill Lu Suxing himself, it was better for Xiao Qi to do so. That way a bigger emotional blow could be dealt onto Mo Ni.

Hearing Mo Ni’s stammers, Bai Yunfei turned his eyes to him. “Stand in my way and I’ll see that you die here as well!”

His eyes flickered momentarily to Mt. Crimson behind Mo Ni. He was anxious. As much as he wanted to kill Mo Ni where he stood, he didn’t have much time to waste. It was important that he rush to where the school was as soon as possible, but if Mo Ni was that adamant on impeding his path, then Bai Yunfei would kill him without hesitation.


Mo Ni felt his blood surge within himself. His entire face was twitching non-stop as he gnashed his teeth together at the humiliation he was feeling. He wanted to act out on the frustration he felt, but his fear of Bai Yunfei overrode those feelings immediately. There was no way the rational part of his mind would allow him to fight Bai Yunfei to the death.


Gui Nu growled vehemently behind Mo Ni. His blood-red eyes glared daggers at Bai Yunfei, hungry to tear him from limb to limb. But it seemed like without an order, Gui Nu couldn’t move a single foot.


A single second of silence. The last vestiges of energy from the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst was still dissipating from the world as Bai Yunfei stared down the completely still Mo Ni and Black Dragon King.

Sensing the energy start to calm down, Bai Yunfei nodded to Xiao Binzi and Li Chengfeng behind him. “Let’s go.”

A bubble of energy enveloped the three soul cultivators and soulbeast before the Core Stone teleported them away from the area.

One last twitch ran across Mo Ni’s face at the sight of the Core Stone’s might. One last moment of hesitation flickered across his eyes before he started to glare angrily at the spot where Bai Yunfei had been.

“Damn...damn it all!!”

He howled, his fingernails digging deep enough into his skin to draw blood. His hatred for Bai Yunfei was at its peak now that his fear was gone.

Right hand trembling, Mo Ni raised it to look at the nearly-crushed black jade in his hand. Then he looked back to Mt. Crimson behind him.

“We’re going!”

He barked before shooting off toward the mountain.

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