Chapter 1200: He's Back!

High up above the clouds several kilometers away from the Crafting School.

Several figures stood above the clouds. Leading the pack was a cold-faced youth. Mo Ni.

Mo Ni had someone else standing right next to him. Someone that was a little skinny, but equally sinister-looking. It was Mo Ni’s soulbeast partner, the Black Dragon King.

And behind them stood another two people, one of which was cloaked entirely in a blood-red theme. His robes were blood-red and so was his hair. He even reeked of blood as if he had just stepped out from a pool of blood.

The other person was dressed in black robes that made it difficult for people to see what he looked like. He did appear to be somewhat sensitive to the cold, as something underneath his robes give off a soft noise like the soft growlings of a soulbeast that could come out any second now and tear apart anything closeby.

Both of these individuals were extremely powerful and had the same level of strength as the Black Dragon King and Mo Ni. But for some reason, they took up bodyguard positions behind the two instead of beside them.

“What is it, why haven’t we attacked yet?”

Watching the battle, the Black Dragon King gave a glance over to Mo Ni to ask.

Mo Ni shook his head. “No need. The Crafting School won’t be having any more Soul Emperors come out. If we appear now it’ll ruin the surprise. We should be more patient and wait until they’re the ones that grow impatient…Dongfang Ming is nearly done. We’ll be able to force out the rest of the secluded individuals.”

“Are you saying the Crafting School might have a Soul Saint?”

“It’s not likely. If they did have one then they wouldn’t be fighting so hard right now…my father and the elders believe that if that person is alive right now, then he is most definitely trying to ascend to Sainthood. It’s very possible that that person is dead…Our primary goal is to confirm if he’s alive or not. If he’s not dead then we’ll have to ask our ancestor to do something…”

Mo Ni began to smile sadistically. “But no matter the case, the Crafting School will die today!”

“I wonder what expression you’ll have when you see the ruined state of the Crafting School—or maybe you won’t even be able to come back to see this?”

Mo Ni looked pleased once more as he thought about something, his eyes staring off toward the west.


Sensing something rumble in his space ring, Mo Ni summoned a small gray gem to his hand. Curiously, he watched as the gem floated up from his palm and started to shine. It rotated several times before pointing at the direction he had just been looking at.

“Teacher Lu?” Mo Ni stared quizzically at the gem, “Is he done with the Water School already?!”

He looked down to the Crafting School ahead of him for several seconds to think.

“Let’s go to teacher Lu first!”


Lu Suxing traveled through the skies at breakneck speeds. In his hand was a small gray stone similar to the one Mo Ni had. 

Lu Suxing was none other than the Mid-stage Soul Emperor from the Soul Refining School that fled from the Water School battle. The reason why he fled the scene was so he could report to Mo Ni about what happened.

“I’m almost there…they have to have started already!”

Lu Suxing thought to himself as he flew. He could tell from the skies far away where the Crafting School was that the battle started already.


It was at that moment he came to an immediate stop in the air.

Standing in front of him was Mo Ni and the others.

“Mo Ni!” Lu Suxing exclaimed.

“Teacher Lu.” Mo Ni nodded his head. “Did you come here to be our reinforcements? Why just you? Has the problems been resolved yet? And did you find and kill Bai Yunfei?”

Lu Suxing smiled bitterly at his words. “We…no. Our attack on the Water School failed. I’m afraid everyone else but me is dead…It’s all because of that Bai Yunfei. Our plan against him failed. His strength was far beyond what we thought! Yue Kuangfeng was easily killed by him, even…”

“What did you say?!” The smile was wiped away from Mo Ni’s face at once. “Impossible!” He shouted.

“Bai Yunfei shouldn’t be anything higher than an Early-stage Soul Emperor! Didn’t you bring him to the Ninth Heavens?!”

“We did. Our teleportation stone managed to bring him and Yue Kuangfeng to the Ninth Heavens. But…”

Lu Suxing gave a brief recap of what had happened to the Water School. As he talked, Mo Ni’s face continued to drop more and more until his mouth was noticeably wide open.

“Im…impossible! Why is he so strong?!”

He cried out in fury and irritation. There was also another emotion in his voice he’d never admit to having…


“Our business at the Water School is done. It won’t be long until Bai Yunfei is back. What is the situation looking like at the Crafting School?”

Mo Ni wanted to vent more about the previous topic but relented after a moment.

“It didn’t start as well as we hoped. The Crafting School seemed to know we were coming and activated the barrier before we could attack. Dongfang Ming managed to break the barrier and bring out a few of the secluded crafters. Gui Nu and Feng Mo have yet to act, but if you’re here…we should be able to destroy the Crafting School even if they bring out another two or three Soul Emperors!”

“Then Shen Pojun…”

“He won’t be reaching Sainthood even if he’s alive. We’ll have the ancestor come out if he’s alive.

“Let’s go then.” He beckoned. “Even if Bai Yunfei isn’t dead we’ll be sure to turn him into a mourning do—what’s that?”

He whirled around suddenly to stare at the black and red ‘guards’ behind him.


The two guards were growling, but neither moved from their spots. They simply stood there to glare in one direction.

Realizing what this meant, Lu Suxing whirled around to stare in the same direction they were!

There was nothing Lu Suxing could see as far as the eyes could see. But there was something in the air that made him freeze up with disbelief.

“This aura…it’s Bai Yunfei! He’s…he’s back!! How?!”

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