Chapter 1199: New Developments

Huo Zhenting, Qi Ning, and the Soul Emperor from the Soul Refining School all felt it. The three of them turned their heads at once to where Kou Changkong was fighting the Half-emperor from the Wind Lightning School.

There wasn’t even any time for them to cry out a warning to the Half-emperor. They could only watch as the space he stood in and around him was sliced to pieces by something!!

It was as though they were looking at a mirror that had just cracked into thousands of pieces. Everything within the space was cut down into multiple pieces by something! His body, elemental energy, and even the light around him was cut down!

Yes, it was simply as if a mirror had cracked. Not even a single part of the Half-emperor was left intact!

Tears in space began to form and ate up every part of the Half-emperor before turning back to normal moments later. In a second or two, the tears were gone, leaving the world back to its normal pristine state. 

There was only one telling detail. At the edge of where the space had suddenly been cut apart, a droplet of blood seemed to splash onto something. The blood revealed a small and near-invisible blade that flew away from the area.

It flew in the direction of Kou Changkong where a new figure had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


Kou Changkong cried out in joy.

“It’s Zi Jin!!”

Cries of shock and horror could be heard from the others,

Huo Zhenting and the other two Soul Emperors narrowed their eyes in preparation. They were the stronger ones here, but they still couldn’t help but feel anxious.

There wasn’t anyone that wasn’t currently a somebody that didn’t know who Zi Jin was. The fear Huo Zhenting and Qi Ning had toward him was understandable. It didn’t matter if Zi Jin wasn’t currently as powerful as he was before, there was no stopping the two from feeling that fear.

The energy in the air wasn’t as volatile as it was before thanks to Lao Sha, though it still wasn’t too stable for anyone to teleport here and there. It was because of his affinity for space that Zi JIn was able to teleport from the caves to where Kou Changkong was. 

The power radiating from Zi Jin marked him to be a Peak Late-stage Soul King, but he was able to instantly kill a Half-emperor!

Such an arrival onto the battlefield sent waves of shock to everyone.

The Lacus Sword flew back to Zi Jin’s side to rotate around him with the ignis Blade. He gave Kou Changkong a nod before glaring at the enemies in front of him.

“Hahaha! Die!!”

As everyone was starting to cower from Zi Jin’s withering stare, a loud maniacal voice erupted from the northern parts of the battlefield. Bewildered, Zi Jin looked up toward the source along with the others.


There was a loud explosion as the ancient wilderdragon swung its large tail into a red and golden light. There was a loud groan of pain before someone within the light was sent flying away!

Ouyang Hua!!

He had been defeated by Lin Dongxiao!

There was only one person that had been completely unaffected by the new developments. Whether it was having their soul armaments weakened or being awed by Zi Jin’s appearance…Lin Dongxiao was completely unaffected!

He had no soul armaments to speak of, so Heavenfire’s domain did nothing to hinder his strength. Despite Ouyang Hua’s soul armaments being bolstered, Lin Dongxiao found little trouble keeping up with his enemy. 

It didn’t even matter for him. His battle tactics from the start had been to deliver powerful attacks even at the cost of his own body. Lin Dongxiao felt no pain from the damage dealt to the dragon he was connected to. Without the ability to feel pain, Lin Dongxiao was able to land a critical blow on his opponent!

“Junior Ouyang!!”

Zi Jin exclaimed out loud. Kou Changkong flew up at once to grab hold of Ouyang Hua and pull him to safety.


Lin Dongxiao laughed again as he had the dragon open its mouth to fire a ray of green and gray light!


It failed to hit Ouyang Hua. On its way to attack him, the ray of light was struck down by a beam of fire from Yang Yao. But this in turn was met with him being attacked by Huo Zhenting and dealt another blow.

But that left Zi Jin with enough time to get Ouyang Hua to safety. Taking him from Kou Changkong, he took out a faint-blue pill and fed it into his mouth. This was one of the several high-grade pills Bai Yunfei left with the Crafting School.


The effects of the pill were so miraculous that Ouyang Hua found himself stunned by how fast it worked. There was a flash of light that exploded from his body before his wounds began to knit together and his soulforce already start to replenish itself!

“Watch out!!”

He cried out in warning. While Zi Jin was healing him…Lin Dongxiao was approaching them!

“Damn!! Why haven’t they started attacking yet!!”

Suspicion and anger flooded Huo Zhenting’s eyes. He couldn’t help but look all around the battlefield as if searching for someone when he was away from Yang Yao.

“Dongfang Ming…Mo Ni!! Why haven’t they appeared yet! Do they want to have us killed?! What are they doing?!”


In a small courtyard on the eastern peak of the Crafting School. A small room with all sorts of cute toys and decorations.

A frightened blue-robed girl sat on top of her bed. In her arms was a small white boar.

“Xiao Rourou, what’s happening outside? Why is everyone screaming? Why isn’t mom and sis Yun back yet…”

Huangfu Rui sobbed as she hugged the little boar.

“Don’t worry. They’ll be fine. It’s dangerous outside, let’s stay inside for now.” The small white boar consoled her.

“Mm…” Huangfu Rui nodded her head. She was about to say something when she suddenly froze up. Her eyes dilated as if reacting to something before they glossed over.

She stood up from the bed and began to move toward the door as if being called. As she dropped from the bed she let go of the small boar she had been holding.

Alarmed, the boar chased after her, “Xiao Rui! What’s wrong! Don’t go out there!!”


The door to their room suddenly opened up. The red magiboar froze up in fear as someone from the outside walked into the room… 

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