Chapter 1196: Destroying the Formation!

The stench of bloodlust was nauseating inside this cave. The wind blew ominously like the wailing of a ghost and dropped the temperature inside the cave several degrees. Not even the candles were unaffected and gained a bloody tint to their flames.

Everything changed the moment when this strange soul armament appeared. Zi Jin’s eyes dilated the moment he saw the armament and grew furious at once!

It was a demon armament!

There was no doubt in his mind that this was a demon armament! And it was already soaked with the blood of countless people!


In the blink of an eye, the demon armament was within three inches of his throat!

Given the circumstances, Zi Jin knew he was far too late to try and dodge it. He didn’t even bother to move! Instead, he allowed the shortsword to stab into his throat and…go through it!

Although he didn’t ‘move’, Zi Jin’s person disappeared from that place!


Dongfang Ming didn’t even flinch when he saw Zi Jin disappear from his spot. “Even someone as powerful as you has moments of dogged desperation…you’ve even left the barrier unprotected…”

Now that Zi Jin was gone, Dongfang Ming was free to turn his attention back to the miniature sun nearby. Smiling ominously, he slashed out at it with his shortsword!


The shortsword sunk deep into the sun without resistance. Sparks flew out from the ball as it was penetrated and began to tremble violently in response to the sword!



The air within the cave began to hum violently in response to the ball of light. Soon, the entire cave followed suit as if there was an earthquake localized on the mountain!!


At the gates of the Crafting School, right in front of the barrier.

Multiple figures clashed against one another in the sky. Sparks of intense light exploded like fireworks whenever the two sides clashed. If not for the situation, any spectator would be amazed by the light show and cry out in excitement. But instead, the loud explosions of lightning, fireballs, and earthquakes made one feel extremely fearful for their lives.

Lin Dongxiao’s ambush onto Yang Yao was mostly made up for by the inclusion of Ouyang Hua. With him, the battle was now at a stalemate and could progress without one side being able to overcome the other. Below them, the Soul Kings were in a state of equilibrium as well.

Ouyang Hua wasn’t a Mid-stage Soul Emperor, but he was also quite stronger than an Early-stage Soul Emperor. His soul armaments hadn’t been upgraded by Bai Yunfei, but that didn’t take away from his strength. He still had the power to fight on equal grounds with the mid-stage class eight ancient wilderdragon (and Lin Dongxiao).

Despite the wound he had, Yang Yao was doing a decent job of fighting off Huo Zhenting by himself. No matter how fiercely Huo Zhenting fought, Yang Yao managed to keep him at bay and even deal some harm to him. In either case, Yang Yao was fine for now.

On another side of the battlefield, Hu Yang held the upper hand over Qi Ning. His upgraded soul armaments allowed him to weather through any attacks he couldn’t dodge while also returning the favor without trouble. To his credit, Qi Ning fought viciously at the beginning but began to run out of steam as the fight continued. By a certain point, Qi Ning was fully committed to his defenses.

Similarly, Yang Ying was experiencing the same result as Hu Yang in her fight against the Early-stage Soul Emperor from the Soul Refining School.

Aside from the Soul Emperors, the battle between Kou Changkong and the Half-emperor from the Wind Lightning School was especially tumultuous.

In comparison to them, the battle between the Soul Kings was slightly less awe-inspiring. They fought fiercely, no doubt, and the crafters watching from behind the safety of the barrier were filled with awe at the sight.

The battle between the Soul Kings and Soul Emperors saw to the elemental energy being gathered in the world becoming extremely volatile. Whirlpools formed everywhere in the sky and surged with so much energy that anyone of the Soul Exalt level or below would be killed if they were to get too close to them.

“Boom boom boom boom…”

The hearts of the students would skip a beat whenever an attack smashed against the barrier. It was only because of this barrier that these students were able to be protected from harm even from afar.

But at that moment… 


It came without warning. Everyone felt the world tremble as Mt. Crimson began to quake violently at its base. Terrified, the students looked up to see the giant curtain of light around their school surge and ripple outwards before…shattering!

The barrier had been…shattered!


Kou Changkong and the other crafters gasped.

“He did it!”

On the other side, Huo Zhenting and Qi Ning both grinned with glee!

Fragments of the barrier rained down onto the Crafting School like fireworks. Disappearing after some distance, they soon left every single person within the Crafting School unprotected against the storm of elemental energy on the other side!

“Watch out!!’

“Boom boom boom!!”

Within seconds, everyone on the ground began to scramble for safety as the entire world around them exploded!!

Yang Yao was the first of the Soul Emperors to react. He shot off toward the mountain in an attempt to deflect any attack that might threaten to fall onto the mountain.

There was now a giant dent on the mountain due to the attacks. The entire southern peak had already collapsed!

A network of Soul Exalts joined hands to bolster their defenses for those not strong enough. With the entire mountain going up in explosions, it was imperative that those capable help those who weren’t. Anyone beneath the level of a Soul Exalt grouped together in anxiety to hide behind the protection of the Soul Exalts. 

Because of this teamwork, the Crafting School had yet to suffer any deaths.

“Haha!! I’d like to see how the Crafting School will fare now that the barrier is gone! How will you protect these gnats you call students!”

The loud braying of Lin Dongxiao could be heard from up above. Waving his hand, he had the rotten dragon beneath him open its mouth to gather a burst of elemental energy to attack the Crafting School!

“Cease your actions!!”

Ouyang Hua roared furiously. A giant red-golden axe appeared in his hand for him to send swinging onto the dragon!


The two sides struck one another with such force, but it was Ouyang Hua who had to suppress a groan… 


A bloodthirsty expression appeared on Huo Zhenting’s face. Shouting out loud, he charged at Yang Yao to attack!

“Boom boom boom…”

The enemies of the Crafting School were a step faster in reacting to the destruction of the barrier. They attacked with enough ferocity to push back the crafters and force them to focus on fighting rather than protecting the students below. But because of this outcome… 

The Soul Kings and Soul Emperors of the Crafting School were now at the disadvantage!

That was because they had their hands tied. They were trying their best to protect Mt. Crimson and their students while also having to fight off the other enemies! Many of the enemies were deliberately aiming at those students in an attempt to force the crafters to be caught off guard even!

“Retreat! Retreat to the back of the mountains! Don’t panic!”

An order was given out to the students to follow. The Soul Exalts continued to provide defense while those beneath them quickly began to retreat.

But it was all so sudden. The crafters didn’t have the time or ability to control the situation anymore. Battles were springing about all over the mountain, how could they possibly prevent any losses to their students!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…”

Multiple streaks of green and violet energy shot toward the mountain to begin aiming at the retreating students!

Many of the students began to cry out in alarm at that. They weren’t ready to be so abruptly cut off from their retreat like this, and neither were they prepared for a near all-out assault when the Soul Kings and Soul Emperors were distracted… 


But right before anyone could do anything, an especially distinct noise erupted from the topside of Mt. Crimson before a small brown figure shot up into the air!

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