Chapter 1194: Monster!

“What is that?!”

Yang Yao was inspecting this new person even as the eerie voice spoke. But terror gripped at his heart the moment his eyes set upon this person! He was a Mid-stage Soul Emperor, a man with a heart of stone, and yet, the very sight of this individual filled his heart with dread!

That was because he had never seen such an inconceivable sight like this before in his life!

He originally thought the person on top of the giant dragon’s head was the ‘beast tamer’ of this ‘soulbeast puppet’. He thought that there had been some Soul Emperor from the Beast Taming School that managed to escape. But he managed to take a good glimpse at this person. A young man whose facial appearance, if not a little malevolent, was quite handsome.

But that wasn’t what filled Yang Yao’s heart with horror. The real horror was right below.

This young man wasn’t standing on top of the dragon’s head, but…grew out of it!

He only had an upper-body!!

It was like he was submerged halfway into a pool of water, but instead of water, it was the dragon’s head! His body was fused with the dragon’s head at the waist! Yang Yao could even see the veins and muscles that connected the two together.

The half-man was still alive, but the dragon soulbeast puppet was clearly dead!

The man had turned into the soulbeast’s brain while the soulbeast had turned into the man’s ‘body’. Through some monstruous method of fusion, the two managed to transform into a horrifying monster.

Bai Yunfei would’ve let out a gasp if he saw the person fused with the soulbeast. That was because he knew this person—it was the junior headmaster of the Beast Taming School, Lin Dongxiao!

Lin Dongxiao managed to escape the fate that befell the Beast Taming School and sought assistance from Mo Ni. But how in the world did he turn into this?! And in such little time?!

He was no longer the arrogant man Bai Yunfei remembered him to be. He was almost as shriveled as a mummy and his eyeballs shined furiously with hatred and killing intent.

Though faint, the aura of a Soul King could be felt. But there was strangely also the power of a Mid-stage Soul Emperor mixed in there. That had to be the aura of the dragon. It was semingly mixed into him and turned his own aura into something freakishly weird.

Yang Yao didn’t know what in the world happened to Lin Dongxiao, but the beast tamer managed to fuse with a mid-stage class eight soulbeast puppet and transformed into an amalgamation to be used like so.

It was similar in goal to the Beast Taming School and their ability to make a medium, but this certain method had a shock factor a few levels greater than that… 


Multiple people were astonished to see Lin Dongxiao’s state. They were even further shocked to see Yang Yao hurt to such a state at once!

The entire battlefield had grinded to a halt the moment both events took place.


Right as Yang Yao was trying to process the monster that was Lin Dongxiao, a bolt of violet light shot across the air to attempt to pierce his throat!

It was Huo Zhenting! Having been prepared for such a sight, he took this opportunity whilst everyone was distracted to attack Yang Yao!


Huo Zhenting hoped to have killed Yang Yao with this attack, but his hopes were dashed when a golden beam of light shot forth from Yang Yao’s side to meet with his own attack. Clashing together in a shower of sparks, the violet beam of light spun away to reveal a violet longsword within it!


Huo Zhenting cursed to himself as he glanced at what had blocked his soul armament. A small palm-sized mirror. He cursed again at the fact that crafters had too many soul armaments on their person.

“It doesn’t matter how many soul armaments you have, you’ll die today! All your soul armaments will belong to us!”

Recalling his sword to him, Huo Zhenting delivered a downward sword stroke to send a bolt of violet lightning onto Yang Yao!

Yang Yao was in a predicament. He narrowly evaded death for a second time a moment ago, and it was all because of the +10 additional effect of his mirror soul armament. It had a fifty percent chance of deflecting any physical attack. Because of this, he was able to avoid a fate most grim.

Before he could even celebrate his second brush with death, Yang Yao was met with Huo Zhenting’s second attack and was forced to brandish his sword to defend.

“Boom boom boom!!”

Yang Yao had lost the momentum and was now on the defensive. The wounds he sustained from Lin Dongxiao had yet to heal as Huo Zhenting attacked him. Left with only just enough energy to ward off the lightning’s effects, Yang Yao allowed the lightning bolt to swallow him whole! 

All in all, things were not looking up for him.

And there was still Lin Dongxiao to consider!

“Bai Yunfei…I’ll have the Crafting School suffer the fate of my Beast Taming School and be wiped from the world! Your schoolmembers will exist no longer!”

Lin Dongxiao glared at the giant barrier protecting the Crafting School with eyes filled with rancor and hatred. The only thing he could think about was revenge on Bai Yunfei!

He didn’t hesitate to ‘destroy’ the mid-stage class eight ancient wilderdragon he had with him for the sake of revenge. And neither did he care about transforming himself into a half-human half-soulbeast form. He didn’t even care about his one last year of life! All he cared about was inflicting the same pain onto Bai Yunfei as Bai Yunfei had inflicted onto him!


His eyes swiveled to stare at Yang Yao as he was attacked by Huo Zhenting. Pressing both his hands to the dragon, he had it let out a dreadful roar before swinging its tail like a sword toward Yang Yao!


Hu Yang cried out in warning. He and Yang Ying both wanted to help their senior but their enemies were making it impossible for them to make their way over to help him out.

Kou Changkong was similarly restricted. Though he had the ability to break free from his opponent, he was only a Soul King. He hadn’t the power to interfere in a battle between Soul Emperors.


Suddenly, a metallic chime rang out from the northern peak. A meteoric golden streak of light shot forth from the peak to slam full force onto the incoming tail!


The tail bounced away from the streak of light as if it struck a metallic wall. Forced to follow the momentum, the dragon ‘stumbled’ backward in the air two steps.

A bright-red light shot out from the northern peak toward the group to stand right next to where the golden light had repelled Lin Dongxiao’s tail.

It was obviously a person within the red streak of light. Standing right there was an elderly man wearing red robes. In his hand was a brilliantly-crafted double-headed axe.

“Junior Ouyang!!”

Having just parried another attack from Huo Zhenting, Yang Yao was extremely pleased to have been aided in repelling the giant dragon’s tail strike.

As Huo Zhenting suspected, the northern peak had quite a few members still in closed seclusion. This Ouyang Hua was one of those members. Having been closed off for twenty years to become a Mid-stage Soul Emperor, this man forcibly broke off his meditation to help ward off the invaders at the cost of several years worth of meditation… 

“An Early-stage Soul Emperor? How dare you!!”

Lin Dongxiao howled in fury at the sight of his attack being repelled. Beneath him, the dragon stepped forth one more time to lash out with a black-coated claw at Ouyang Hua!

“What manner of monster is this!?” Ouyang Hua cried out the moment he saw Lin Dongxiao and the dragon. “Whatever you are…you will die for invading our school!!”

Golden-red light exploded from within Ouyang Hua’s body and filled the entire area around him. Pulling his double-headed axe back, he dashed forward to strike back at the dragon!

And so Yang Yao was saved from his dance with death. This battle between Soul Emperors was back at a deadlock, but no one had any idea that both sides had yet to come out with the rest of their powerful members… 

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