Chapter 1186: When a Hero Saves the Princess


Bai Yunfei shouted in surprise. He shifted slightly toward the left before bringing his left hand up to grab hold of the Vampiric Demon Edge.


There was a shower of sparks as his glove clashed against the Vampiric Demon Edge, but Bai Yunfei managed to successfully grab hold of it.

“Ah’Kai, it’s me!!”

Bai Yunfei shouted again, what a fright Zheng Kai was right now! He could hardly even recognize him right now… 

“Die! Die! Die!!!”

Zheng Kai raged and frothed at the mouth, his arm trembling as it tried to budge the demon armament.

“Ah’Kai, that’s enough! All the enemies are dead!!”

This time, Bai Yunfei layered his voice with some soulforce to force Zheng Kai to calm down.

A shiver ran up Zheng Kai’s body. His soulforce began to calm and slow down to regular levels. “Ah’Kai, wake up!! You don’t need to fight anymore, Kou Tingting’s safe!”

As if a spell was broken, the raged look in Zheng Kai’s eyes was dispelled the moment he heard ‘Kou Tingting’. His body tensed slightly before the light in his eyes returned to normal.

“Tingting…” He muttered, a small smile on his face as he realized that he managed to achieve his objective. Then he began to fall backward… 


With Zheng Kai fainted, Bai Yunfei took the opportunity to disarm the Vampiric Demon Edge from his grasp. Without the effect of the demon armament healing him, Zheng Kai’s body immediately opened up with a multitude of wounds. But hardly any blood flowed from the wounds since he was already extremely low on it… 

Though he was unconscious and the Vampiric Demon Edge not within his grasp, the demon armament was still actively draining his blood until Bai Yunfei stored it back into his space ring. If not for that then Zheng Kai would’ve most likely become a bloodless husk. His swift disarming and storaging of the demon armament were only possible due to his familiarity and compatibility with it.

But there was still one last problem. Without the +12 additional effect of the Vampiric Demon Edge keeping Zheng Kai’s body ‘clean’, the wounds on his body would have to be immediately addressed or else he’d… 

“Plip plip plip…”

All over Zheng Kai’s body, the bones and muscles started to show cracks and strain and the last precious amounts of blood were finally starting to come out. There wasn’t even a single spot on Zheng Kai’s body that was unharmed!

“Tch!” Bai Yunfei anticipated this might happen, but seeing it happen for real was still a hair-raising event. He slapped the Vitality Bracelet on Zheng Kai to wear and began to equip several other vitality-raising equipment to boost his regeneration.

Vitality Bracelet:

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Wood

Upgrade Level: +11

Attribute: +450 Strength

Additional Attribute: +300 Strength

Soul Compatibility: 18%

Equipment Effect: Increase healing rate by 15%.

+10 Additional Effect: Increase healing rate by 10% for every time 10% of vitality is lost. When user is in a near-death state (Under 10% vitality), increase healing rate by 200%.

Upgrade Requirement: 110 Soulpoints

“Sealer, make sure his soul doesn’t fall apart!!”

Bai Yunfei was pulling out all the stops. He even took the Soul Sealing Mandate off his forehead to wrap around Zheng Kai’s. The biggest amount of damage Zheng Kai took was to the physical body, but using the demon armament had also done some mental damage to him so the Soul Sealing Mandate had to be used to stabilize his soul and prevent any additional damage.

Waving his hand, Bai Yunfei took a large blood-replenishing pill and threw it into Zheng Kai’s mouth.

This pill was a high-heaven tier pill. As the name implied, the pill was capable of staunching blood loss and accelerating the body’s ability to replenish blood.

It was one of the countless pills the alchemy school gave him, but Bai Yunfei only had two of these specific grades. It was fortunate that he had one on hand to give to Zheng Kai.

Then he took out two soulmending pills just to be absoluetly safe.


It was only after Bai Yunfei was done with his ‘emergency first-aid’ efforts that he let out a sigh of relief.

“Boom boom boom!!”

It was when he let down his guard when suddenly, some part of the world nearby him exploded!

Those from the Wood School were still fighting the remaining Soul Kings at this time. Those Soul Kings had been trying this entire time to run away, but they had yet to break free from their enemies.

This situation was exactly the same as it was a minute ago, only this time, the main character starring in the fight was a different one… 


A murderous glint of light entered Bai Yunfei’s eyes. The world around him trembled in response to his energy as he waved his right hand up to gather his soulforce to him!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!!”

Four different streaks of red came crashing down from the heavens to strike down the four Soul Kings left alive!



“Boom boom boom boom…”

The screams were loud, but shortlived. They didn’t even have a chance to do anything other than scream before Bai Yunfei’s attacks struck them. Bursting into flames, the Soul Kings all died at once—Bai Yunfei had easily killed the Soul Kings without the four Wood School students needing to do anything!


And now the world was quiet once more. Everyone could only stare at Bai Yunfei in awe—some of the fighters had been so caught up in the battle they didn’t even realize Bai Yunfei was there!


Bai Yunfei came dropping back down from the skies to land right in front of Zheng Kai once again.

“Zheng Kai!”

A blue streak of light shot forth from the group from the Water School. It flew the short distance between them and Bai Yunfei to grab hold of the unconscious Zheng Kai floating right beside Bai Yunfei.

It was Kou Tingting. 

Without needing to be told anything by Bai Yunfei, she wrapped Zheng Kai in a bubble of elemental water and began to treat him of his wounds.

“Yunfei.” Elder Jin was the next to drop down from the skies. “Will he be fine?” He nodded at Zheng Kai.

“He should be out of danger…” Bai Yunfei replied with concern, “How about you, elder Jin, are you alright?”

“Nothing major. I’ll help the others with their treatment.”

“Yes.” Bai Yunfei threw a few basic pills to the elder so he could help the healing efforts on his behalf.

There were plenty of people injured right now, like those from the Wood School. If not for the healers like Kou Tingting, they would’ve fallen unconscious a long time ago. The usage of the pills should help them stabilize their wounds and keep them from getting any worse while the area-of-effect ability of the Soul Sealing Mandate should help them even more.

Bai Yunfei heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that no one else was in critical danger. The danger was well and truly over, the only thing to do now was to bring the injured back to the Water School.

But just as he was about to bring everyone into the Core World to head back to the Water School… 


Someone beside him started to groan in pain. It was Zheng Kai. He was finally awake.

“Zheng Kai!!”

Tears began to flow at once from Kou Tingting’s eyes. Caressing his head with her left hand, she slowly helped Zheng Kai to his feet.

“How are you feeling, Ah’Kai?”

“...” His eyes still looked a little bloodshot, but they were looking a lot better than before. It took him a second or two to look at Bai Yunfei due to the grogginess he was feeling.

Then his eyes frantically shot back to Kou Tingting. The corners of his lips curled upward at the sight of a very worried and concerned Kou Tingting, as if he was pleased to be someone she could worry over.

“Relax…I’m still alive…” Zheng Kai managed to say. “You know how the story goes. When the hero saves the princess, the story ends with the hero hugging the princess…A story where the hero dies would be a crappy one….But a story where the princess is hugging the hero? That’s not bad at all, haha…”

Zheng Kai grinned before his eyeballs rolled to the back of his head and he fell unconscious once again.

“Zheng Kai!”

Kou Tingting shrieked once again. She prepared herself to send even more soulforce into Zheng Kai’s body to heal him, but she was relieved to see that nothing was wrong with him.


Not sure whether he should laugh or cry, Bai Yunfei just stared at the still-smiling Zheng Kai. He had to admit, he had to respect Zheng Kai. Waking up even as injured as he was just to say a corny line like that? Who else but Zheng Kai?

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