Chapter 1185: Defeating the Enemies!

Under the stunned eyes of the shriveled elder and the other remaining Soul Kings, the bloody streak of light smashed into the Monster of Black Lightning’s lightning bolt and cleaved it in two!

It had actually split a lightning bolt in two!

“Boom boom boom!!”

The world echoed loudly as if a cannonball had just been fired. The two lightning bolts faded away and the bloody streak of light continued upward toward the Monster of Black Lightning!

“What is this?!”

Just barely dodging the bloody light, the Monster of Black Lightning stared at Zheng Kai with wide-open eyes. He hadn’t expected to see his own attack being overwhelmed. And now…the enemy he was fighting against had the power of a Peak Late-stage Soul King!

It…it was still growing! The energy of his enemy was still growing!

Everyone was stunned this time. They all began to shirk away from Zheng Kai the moment after he split apart that lightning bolt!

They all knew now that by this point, Zheng Kai would be able to fight on equal grounds with a Half-emperor. Not even the Monster of Black Lightning would be able to handle him easily.


There was no way Zheng Kai would let them run away either. He was back to full strength thanks to the +12 additional effect of the Vampiric Demon Edge. No way would Zheng Kai not run after them to kill!

And speaking of Zheng Kai, he was already on the offense again. His weapon swished through the air with such speed that the Mid-stage Soul King he was attacking could hardly even see its movements. 

It was too late for him. The demon armament cut through his body, soul armament and all and left his person in two. Even with his dying breath as he fell from the sky, the Mid-stage Soul King was filled with terror and confusion at what had happened to him… 

The only emotion the shriveled elder felt now was fear. Fear since Zheng Kai had disappeared once again!

His mind was screaming at him about the severity of the situation when he saw a figure appear near him!

“Ah!! Die!!”

Terror gripped at his heart. With his life hanging on its edge, he whirled around and attacked with the dark-gold claws on his right hand to stab at Zheng Kai right on the face!


His last attempt to defeat Zheng Kai was a fruitless endeavor. The Vampiric Demon Edge met with the giant claws of his and broke through it like a knife through butter. The blade continued to cut into his hand before ultimately carving its way across the elder’s throat!


The expression on the elder’s face went slack. His mouth opened and closed several times as if he was trying to say something, but nothing could be heard. Freezing up, his body then toppled over to plummet toward the ground… 

“You bastard!!”

In the blink of an eye, two more Soul Kings were killed right in front of the Monster of Black Lightning’s eyes! To say he was furious was an understatement. Kicking forward, the Half-emperor flew like lightning down to charge at Zheng Kai!


The pupil’s in Zheng Kai’s eyes dilated in recognition of his foe coming closer to him. He let out a roar that sounded more beastlike than human before snapping upward to meet his foe head on!

The few Soul Kings that had yet to be killed were relieved to see him move elsewhere. But before they could rejoice just yet, several streaks of green light flew at them!

Seeing an opportunity, the members of the Wood School flew up to attack the surviving enemies!

Hardly any of the Soul Kings were left. The surviving few were all terrified out of their minds and not capable of fighting for much longer anymore. In comparison, those from the Wood School had plenty of time to heal. A fight between the two sides meant those from the Wood School would definitely win!

High up in the sky, the Monster of Black Lightning gestured with both hands. A ball of violet lightning appeared in his left hand while his right hand was surrounded in darkness. When Zheng Kai was just under a hundred steps from him, the Monster of Black Lightning pressed both hands together and pushed both palms outward!


Multiple lightning bolts the color of darkness erupted from his palms to surround Zheng Kai in them!

The Monster of Black Lightning was a rare soul cultivator with a dual affinity for darkness and lightning. His strongest attack was this type of black lightning that earned him his nickname. It combined the destructive power of lightning with the pervading nature of darkness for a technique of unbelievable power.

It locked onto Zheng Kai’s position since he was extremely close to the Monster of Black Lightning. Teleporting wouldn’t be able to help him if the Monster of Black Lightning could see where he teleported to, there was no dodging those lightning bolts!

But Zheng Kai didn’t even plan on dodging them!


Zheng Kai let out another furious cry as the lightning bolts slammed into his body. More and more wounds began to appear on his body, and before long, his entire person was once again covered in blood. Even more terrifyingly, the Vampiric Demon Edge in his hand was shining even brighter than before!

“Swish swish swish swish…”

The hand holding the Vampiric Demon Edge became a blur as he sent attack after attack toward the Monster of Black Lightning!

Each streak of light that came out from the demon armament was distinctly different compared to before. They contained dark spots of light in them…

Spatial energy!

Zheng Kai wasn’t just using the power of the Vampiric Demon Edge anymore, he was infusing his own spatial energy in his attacks!

He was fighting on the same level of power as the Monster of Black Lightning was!

“Boom boom boom boom boom…”

The attacks of both fighters slammed into one another, causing explosion after explosion to ring out across the world!

Each one of the Monster of Black Lightning’s attacks were smashed apart by Zheng Kai’s attacks!


He roared in disbelief. He had put all his strength in that move! Even now as his attacks were beginning to fade away, the Monster of Black Lightning gave a disbelieving stare at them.


The Monster of Black Lightning felt his body seize up the moment when someone let out a loud shout!

A soul attack!


A crimson-red streak of light shot up into the air. There was a person inside that light, and he was wielding a giant blade with fire spiraling around it!

Elder Jin!

The Monster of Black Lightning snarled. He couldn’t dodge this attack anymore due to being hit with the soul attack. Summoning a violet longsword, the man raised it above his head to block elder Jin’s weapon.


The two soul armaments struck one another in one loud clash. Unexpectedly, the Monster of Black Lightning was forced down from the skies. He could feel his hand tremble from the force of the blow—his longsword had nearly been disarmed!

The force of the blow saw to elder Jin being forced backward too. 

The Monster of Black Lightning looked down at his soul armament in shock—there was a crack running through its blade! The soul armament of a Late-stage Soul King was somehow stronger than his very own soul armament!

As shocked as he was to see his soul armament cracked, the Monster of Black Lightning was immediately on high alert once he saw elder Jin throw out what appeared to be a golden disk!


The Monster of Black Lightning slashed down at the gold disk with his long sword and successfully parried it, but that only made the cracks on his soul armament deepen!


Pain shot up the Monster of Black Lightning’s body. The longsword he was using was his soulbound armament. Having it injured like this meant his body would be proportionally damaged as well. If he were to continue using the longsword, then it would most definitely break after some time… 

A never before level of fear struck the Monster of Black Lightning’s heart—it was high time for him to retreat.

But that was when a gigantic beam of dark-red light shot forth from the explosion where Zheng Kai was. Multiple cracks in space formed in its path as it flew at the Monster of Black Lightning to swallow him whole!

Completely terrified of what this attack would do to him, the Monster of Black Lightning immediately dove down from the skies to evade it!

He didn’t even care about fighting elder Jin anymore. Not with someone like Zheng Kai after him. 


The Monster of Black Lightning watched as the giant red streak of light fly through where he once stood. Any strand of elemental energy had been swallowed up in that light~

That had been a slash formed entirely of spatial energy!

There wouldn’t have been any part of his body left if he was just a second slower… 

He watched as the dark-red beam of light ate away the clouds above him before ultimately fading away. Sweat began to pool on his forehead at the realization of what kind of force he was up against.

It was definitely time for him to flee.

He turned around to begin running, but that was when a blood-soaked figure appeared right in front of his face!


Zheng Kai roared as he slammed the Vampiric Demon Edge down on the Monster of Black Lightning!


In one last attempt to save himself, the Monster of Black Lightning let out a tremendous wave of black and violet light!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…”

When the Vampiric Demon Edge was on its downward stroke, everything within fifty meters of Zheng Kai seemed to tremble. Multiple dark-red crescent beams appeared around Zheng Kai to cleave apart the light the Monster of Black Lightning was spreading out!

Time felt like it no longer had a part to play in this part of the world. Everything around Zheng Kai and the Monster of Black Lightning felt extremely slow. The beams of dark-red light ate away at the black light instantaneously and silently. It felt like the sole purpose of that light was to erase the black and violet light!

It’d eat at the black light every single time it touched a strand of it. Soon, there wasn’t even a single strand left of the black light. And of course, that also included the Monster of Black Lightning!



A gentle caressed the face of elder Jin as he stood there. Completely still from his shock, he stared at the sole figure standing in a ‘void’ of space.

“Is…is this the power of the upgraded Vampiric Demon Edge?! It’’s terrifying…” He breathed to himself in awe.


He heard the voice of someone new speak out from the north. Turning around, elder Jin looked over to who it was that had spoke, “Yunfei?!”


A crimson-red streak of light shot past him in one second to reach the place where Zheng Kai stood.


Zheng Kai reacted instantaneously. Howling in fury, he brandished the Vampiric Demon Edge and sent a beam of dark-red light toward the incoming Bai Yunfei!

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