Chapter 1165: A Tale From Thirty Years Ago

A gray light was shining from the surface of the Soul Sentinel Scarf. Flickering in a rhythmic pattern, the light slowly grew in brightness until it was about the size of a fist.

With how rhythmic the light flashed and how it moved about, one could perhaps be mistaken that the light was a fairy of some kind.

“He’s awake! Sentinel’s awake!!”

A white tiger exclaimed from beside Bai Yunfei. It was an excited Sealer.

“That’s without a doubt Sentinel’s ‘aura’. It’s not a newborn spirit, it’s the original Sentinel.”

Xiao Fang spoke from the left side of Bai Yunfei.


A voice, soft-spoken like a whisper almost, spoke from within the gray light of the Soul Sentinel Scarf!

“Eh?! He still remembers us?! Haha! That’s definitely Sentinel then!” Sealer began to cackle with laughter,...

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