Chapter 1164: The Dualflame Cauldron and Awaking the Soul Sentinel Scarf

“If I may ask, senior Heavenfire, how will you awaken the Soul Sentinel Scarf’s spirit?”

Bai Yunfei could heave a sigh of relief knowing that Heavenfire would help him free of cost.

“Simply put, the Regalia will have to go through the refinement process. That’s when I’ll awaken its spirit.”

“Refine it?!” Bai Yunfei exclaimed—his heart felt like it had been dipped in icy water upon hearing that. 

Refining a Regalia was ‘simple’?! There was no way he could do that!

“Hah!” Heavenfire barked with laughter again, “I never said you had to actually refine it. Your current strength means refining a Regalia is impossible. Refining a Regalia would be hard for anyone but the one who crafted it, in fact. I only need for you to start the process, and even if the...

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