Chapter 1164: The Dualflame Cauldron and Awaking the Soul Sentinel Scarf

“If I may ask, senior Heavenfire, how will you awaken the Soul Sentinel Scarf’s spirit?”

Bai Yunfei could heave a sigh of relief knowing that Heavenfire would help him free of cost.

“Simply put, the Regalia will have to go through the refinement process. That’s when I’ll awaken its spirit.”

“Refine it?!” Bai Yunfei exclaimed—his heart felt like it had been dipped in icy water upon hearing that. 

Refining a Regalia was ‘simple’?! There was no way he could do that!

“Hah!” Heavenfire barked with laughter again, “I never said you had to actually refine it. Your current strength means refining a Regalia is impossible. Refining a Regalia would be hard for anyone but the one who crafted it, in fact. I only need for you to start the process, and even if the spirit doesn’t reawaken then I can incubate it over a period of time to reawaken it.”

“I see…” Bai Yunfei sighed once again. This was a much better piece of information to hear.

Refining a soul armament was a difficult process, one more difficult than crafting. A mid-heaven tier soul armament was probably the highest tier soul armament he could refine. He had no idea what he’d do if he had to refine the Soul Sentinel Scarf. 

“Understand now? We can begin if so. Bring out your crafting cauldron and refine any soul armament. I would like to see how ‘outstanding’ Zi Jin says you are. Prove your worth.”


Bai Yunfei felt embarrassed for several reasons, one being hearing the praise of his own master. And the other…

“Master, the Lightningfire Cauldron you gave me…was destroyed…when I was crafting…”

“Oh?” But Zi Jin looked confused, “The Lightningfire Cauldron? Ah…I’ve forgotten about that. You’re still using the low-heaven tier crafting cauldron from before…

“The Lightningfire Cauldron wouldn’t be able to meet your uses now. Destroying it was to be expected, don’t feel embarrassed.”

Activating his soulforce, Zi Jin sliced open the air near him and allowed for a crimson streak of light to fly out from it. It looked to be quite heavy and crashed onto the ground with a thud… 

“This crafting cauldron was something I planned to give you when you became a Soul King. It’ll serve you quite well since the predecessor that created the Dual Flame Artes was also the one to craft this special cauldron. It’s name is… the Dualflame Cauldron!!”

Bai Yunfei didn’t even react to what Zi Jin said. His attention was entirely focused on the cauldron in front of him… 

It was about as tall as he was almost. The surface of the cauldron shined red like fire, but other than that, there wasn’t much else to this cauldron, physically speaking. The aura it gave off, however, made Bai Yunfei tremble with excitement. There was a ‘familiar’ sensation to this cauldron.

This was the cauldron used by the predecessor who created the Dual Flame Artes. Obviously, this cauldron was best used in accordance with those techniques!

“The Dualflame Cauldron!?” Heavenfire looked surprised, “Does this youngling know the Dual Flame Artes then?!”

Zi Jin nodded, much to Heavenfire’s surprise. “A student that has learned the Dual Flame Artes…haha! Your student is as interesting as you say he was!”

Again, Bai Yunfei was still entirely focused on the cauldron. Reaching his hand out to touch the cauldron, he waited for a notification to pop up in his mind… 

Unique Equipment
Equipment Grade: High Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Equipment Effect 1: Chances of success when crafting multiplied by 8.
Equipment Effect 2: Substantially increase the soul compatibility of any crafted soul armament.
Equipment Effect 3: 30% Chance to add a fire affinity to an equipment when crafting.
Equipment Effect 4: 5% Chance to apply the Law of Fire to a heaven-tier equipment
Upgrade Requirement: 400 Soulpoints

He couldn’t even stop himself from gasping the moment he saw the stats—four equipment effects!

The Dualflame Cauldron had double the chance of success over the Lightningfire Cauldron! Not only that, but it also had the ability to increase soul compatibility.

And even more importantly…the ability to apply the Law of Fire!!

What a powerful set of effects!

“Shall we begin, youngling? As powerful as the cauldron may be, I don’t believe you should be that astonished by it.”

Bai Yunfei snapped out from his stupor to nod at Heavenfire, “Yes, this student will begin now.”

Examining the Dualflame Cauldron could be done another time. Refining the Soul Sentinel Scarf was a more time-sensitive affair and didn’t need to have the cauldron be upgraded first. Either way, it was better for Bai Yunfei to reawaken the Soul Sentinel Scarf first than care about the cauldron.

Sitting in front of the Dualflame Cauldron, Bai Yunfei pressed his palms to its surface and sent his soulforce into it.


The cauldron began to hum. Shortly afterward, a wave of heat flooded the cave as a flame roared to life inside the cauldron.

Bai Yunfei slammed a palm to his chest, knocking one of his fireseeds out from his chest to fly into the cauldron.

There was a distinctive difference to how this cauldron worked compared to the Lightningfire Cauldron! From the ease of his fireseed entering the cauldron, the heat of the flames, and the ease of control he had over the entirety of the operation, Bai Yunfei was amazed! 

There was one thing about this cauldron that was distinctively different than his previous one. This cauldron had a certain depression in it that seemed to be specifically for a fireseed. It was as if everything was ‘incomplete’ without that depression filled with one. The cauldron even felt ‘excited’ to have a fireseed in it!

Bai Yunfei never used the Dualflame Cauldron before but it was far easier to use than he thought. It felt like the cauldron was actively trying its best to work with him!

Tentatively, Bai Yunfei unstrapped the Soul Sentinel Scarf from his head and gently floated it into the flames of the cauldron.

Refining a soul armament required supplementary resources, generally speaking. But since he wasn’t actually refining it, Bai Yunfei could forego those resources and let Heavenfire handle the rest of the details.

There was a beam of red light as Heavenfire suddenly shot forth from where he stood to enter the cauldron!


Stunned, Bai Yunfei watched as the cauldron trembled once before a voice spoke into his mind!

“Continue controlling the flames. I’ll handle the rest.”

It was Heavenfire!

He had ‘attached’ himself to the cauldron to temporarily act as its spirit!

Not forgetting the purpose at hand, Bai Yunfei hurried to clear his mind of all distractions and focus on controlling the flames in the cauldron.

As harsh as the flames were inside the cauldron, the Soul Sentinel Scarf seemed completely untouched by them. Physically, that was the case. A strange energy was being transmitted from the flames into the Regalia and causing it to change bit by bit… 

The more time went on, the more Bai Yunfei felt pleased. He could sense the ‘sentience’ inside the Soul Sentinel Scarf start to come to life!


Four hours passed before a drastic event took place. The silence in the caves was ruined as a loud explosion of heat and fire erupted from the cauldron. A figure in red was the first to appear from the cauldron before another small object flew out to Bai Yunfei’s hands.

“It worked!!”

Bai Yunfei whooped with joy the moment he felt the Soul Sentinel Scarf land on his hands. There was definitely a new energy that radiated from the scarf now!

The Soul Sentinel Scarf was finally awake!!

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