Chapter 1162: The Secret of the Examination Caves

“...And the last thing we did was resettle the Yao clan in the Soulbeast Forest before Xinyun and I left to come back here.”

That was the last statement Bai Yunfei gave in regard to his lengthy story.

Most of his story was summarized quite shortly, but the weight of his story was enough to stun all his listeners into disbelief.

A lot of his story had many details to it that many of his listeners never even knew about, such as the Yao clan being in the Qimang Mountains, or what was going on in the wolf clan’s territory in the Soulbeast Forest, or even Bai Yunfei’s friendship with the junior headmaster of the Fate School. Everything was almost too much to believe.

The entire hall was silent now that Bai Yunfei finished his story. Every Soul King and Soul Emperor was digesting his story in silence. It would take some...

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