Chapter 1161: Return to the Crafting School

The Great Plains Province, Mt. Crimson.

The Crafting School.

“Teacher Bai has returned! Teacher Bai is back!!”

“Teacher Bai has returned!!”

Excited cries rang throughout the Crafting School. Hurried footsteps could be heard as multiple crafters began to run this way and that.

“Big brother Bai! He’s back!!”

“Hurry! Let the others know!!”

The Crafting School was in an uproar. Students from the west, south, and east peaks were running towards the main peak and gates to give news to those who hadn’t heard yet.

Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun were at this current moment meeting with several old friends of theirs. They were happy to see a few friends and saddened to not see several others.

They were currently stopped by a few students at the foot of the mountain of the main p...

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