Chapter 61: Meeting Qiu Luliu Again (Teaser)

Chapter 61: Meeting Qiu Luliu Again

The next day, Bai Yunfei still arrived at the agreed place half an hour early as before.

The sunlight seemed to be especially tender this morning. Everything looked vibrant, whether the grass on the ground or the weeping willows on the shores.

Bai Yunfei stood on the roadside, gazing at the willow trees that were fluttering in the wind on one side, his eyes somewhat unfocused.

“It’s been two days since I arrived in this Jade Willow City but I haven’t noticed anything unusual. Could it be the Zhang family’s or I should say the Glacial School’s forces haven’t reached this place yet? Is this because... of the existence of the Green Willow School?

“I wonder if the two long tao brothers of that Long family will come to trouble me again. The Long family is quite influential in this place so it should have several soul cultivators. Last time I merely bullied two good-for-nothings so they didn’t have too many men with them. If they still want to retaliat...

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