Chapter 56: Liu Meng (Teaser)

Chapter 56: Liu Meng

On the second floor of the Mingxiang Tea House, in a private room,

After sitting down in this place, Bai Yunfei obviously still felt a bit uncomfortable in front of the two girls. Holding his cup with both hans, he dranked from it nonstop and did not even notice it when he drank the tea leaves.

Seeing him like this, the servant girl Xiao Ning could not help letting out a ‘pfff’ sound of laughter, but when she was about to burst out laughing, she was stopped by Liu Meng.

Seeing such behavior from this young man in front of her, Liu Meng was somewhat tempted to laugh too. She filled Bai Yunfei’s cup again with tea gently and said softly: “This time I was suddenly taken ill and even ran into some good-for-nothings. Fortunately you got into action and saved me. I really can’t be thankful enough to you.”

Bai Yunfei put the tea cup in his hand down, calmed his indescribably nervous mind down a bit and said while waving his hands: “You don’t have to stand on ceremony like this, miss. Helping people is the source of pleasu... Er, I mean, getting in to...

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