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Johnchen and Flying Dumpling
Chen Ping’an had grown up his entire life in a mundane little town, leading an impoverished yet peaceful existence. However, the arrival of a group of outsiders quickly turned his mundane life on its head. Before long, all types of strange occurrences were taking place in the town, and Chen Ping’an was made to realize that things are not what they seem.
As it turned out, the stories of immortal cultivators, mighty dragons, and unfathomably powerful beings that had always been told in the town as folklore were all true, and Chen Ping’an was inadvertently swept up into this world that he had no business being a part of.
Having been forced onto a path that Chen Ping’an had never thought he would walk, he commences his journey to the top…
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Unsheathed, also known as 'Jian Lai' and 'Sword of Coming'.

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117 Reviews
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a year ago
Ignore the negative reviews! But this is not for EVERYONE!

It's a great story about a young guy and his road to prominence. It's lengthy, heartbreaking, and the characters are superbly developed. This is xianxia at its best! You will not be sorry if you read this! It is a slow-paced, gorgeous, and calm world building experience. You may notice that it is slow, and you may even find it dull in sections. But what lies ahead is a fantastic plot, and unlike the copy paste garbage that is being passed around as novels these days, it is extremely uncommon to come across a novel of such high quality.

I also want to thank Wuxiaworld because I've heard that this work is notoriously tough to translate. Guys, keep it up!

More Info I wanted To Add...

Chen Ping an is a young orphan living in a declining town who is drawn into the realm of immortals. Chen Ping An meets many wonderful things on his journey from an orphan to an immortal. Honestly, you may question why he is even the novel's MC in the beginning, since you are exposed to so many overpowered people, and you may even believe he isn't that outstanding. However, as you go on, the novel improves. I adore the novel's numerous characters. They are all distinct and not just 2D character models that you find elsewhere. They have individual personalities, and in the case of xianxia, the romance is fairly effectively done. Chen Ping An's growth is the main highlight in this novel for me.

However, this is not for everyone. I believe the reviewers have slightly hyped up the novel, and I believe most people will not find it it living up to the hype. I didn't like the novel at first, but as I read it, it resonated to me, as did the numerous individuals Chen Ping'an encounters on his journey, and I really appreciated the magnificent world building and rich taoist principles weaved into it. It is quite slow, and even in the source, which has over 1000 chapters, there is still a lot of storytelling left. It might continue on for another 1500 chapters.

a year ago
This novel is like a slow-cooked meal: it starts off leisurely, simmers for a good 20-odd chapters, and makes you wonder, “When will the main course finally arrive?”. But if you manage to stick with it, you might just be rewarded with a sumptuous read. Be warned, however, that it does require a fair amount of patience as you would be left wondering what is going on for the first 20 chapters, especially since the protagonist isn’t particularly charming at the outset, the background of the other characters may not be clear at first, and the plot setting isn’t that conventional.

a year ago
Only 4 chapters at time of review.

The author includes a lot of detail in describing things, translation is excellent with helpful notes, pacing is relaxed, although given there are only 4 chapters out that may change. Overall I am enjoying it and expect to continue to do so.

I don't really have anything more to say at this point, but need to make it to 100 words, so just ignore this bit. I don't really have anything more to say at this point, but need to make it to 100 words, so just ignore this bit. I don't really have anything more to say at this point, but need to make it to 100 words, so just ignore this bit.

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