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Song Jixin

Ping'an's neighbour, prince of Great Li Empire

Chen Shiyi

Engraved on seal by Mr. Qi, gifted to Ping'an. if i rmbr right

Liu Xianyang

Ping'an's best friend 

He Xiaoliang

Daoist who entered the small town

Chen Ping'an

Male MC

Ma Kuxuan

Granny Ma's grandson. Pretended to be mentally challenged, Ping'an's rival

Zhi Gui

Song Jixin's maid, dragon pearl

Lu Zhengchun

Young master of Lu Clan, served as lapdog of Mrs. Xu from Light Breeze City

Zhao Yao

One of Mr. Qi's disciples 

Gu Can

Ping'an's other younger bestie, foul-mouthed like his mother, disciple of river severing true lord

Cai Jinjian

Woman who tried to kill Ping'an

Fu Nanhua

The guy that was with Cai Jinjian who got severely injured by Ping'an

Mr. Qi aka Qi Jingchun

Confucian scholar, disciple of the fourth? Confucian Sage. the teacher that Ping'an respected very much

Bai Yuan/Grandpa Yuan

Mountain-moving ape from Sun Scorch Mountain

Song Changjing

Imperial brother of the emperor of the Great Li Empire, Song Jixin's uncle. End Tier martial artist.

Ning Yao

The young girl that Ping'an saved and they became friends. Female MC, swordswoman

Old Man Yang

Owner of Yang Family Medicine Shop. Master of Li Er (Li Huai's father, 11th? tier martial artist) and gatekeeper (forgot his name)

Gao Zhen

Prince of the Great Sui Nation

Liu Zhimao

River Severing True Lord 

Old Man Yao

Chen Ping'an's teacher at the dragon kilns, deceased presumably

Old Man Yang

Old Man Yang

Zheng Dafeng

Eastern gatekeeper of the town, junior brother of Li Er

Daoist Lu

wrote prescriptions for chen ping'an, helped save Ning Yao

Li Er

Li Huai's father, Old Man Yang's disciple, 10th or 11th tier martial artist i forgot

Lu Chen

Daoist Lu i think

Daoist Lu

Fortune-telling Daoist, once gave Chen Ping'an a medical prescription

Cao Xi

powerful cultivator hailing from Jewel Small World (small town)

Xie Shi

powerful cultivator hailing from Jewel Small World (small town)

Mrs. Gu

Gu Can's mother

Su Jia

chick that liu baqiao? likes, but from nemesis sects

Li Baoping

One of Mr. Qi's students. The little girl in the red jacket

Shi Chunjia

One of Mr. Qi's students, chose not to journey to Great Sui Nation

Wu Yuan

Governor of Dragon Tail County, disciple to Cui Chan, but serves Song Jixin's mother


A Chinese philosopher and politician of the Spring and Autumn period who is traditionally considered the paragon of Chinese sages

Cui Chan

Imperial Perceptor of Great Li Empire aka Embroidered Tiger

Song Yuzhang

Initial kiln supervision official, deceased, now a god i think

Dong Shuijing

Mr. Qi's student, chose not to journey to Great Sui Nation

Lin Shouyi

One of Mr. Qi's students, Qi refiner

Li Huai

One of Mr. Qi's students, Li Er's son


The guy with the bamboo hat and drinks a lot of alcohol

Wei Bo

Young mountain lord of Go Table Mountain (also the northern mountain's formal god of the Divine Water Nation)

Zhu He

Zhu Lu's dad

Zhu Lu

Looks after Li Baoping as her maidservant

Song Changjing

Song Jixin's uncle, feudal lord of the Great Li Empire

Liu Baqiao

Young swordsman from Wind Lightning Field

Chen Songfeng

Young master of the Yingyin Chen Clan, a cultivator

Cui Minghuang

Deputy mountain master of Lake View Academy, from the same clan as Cui Chan

Ruan Qiong

Master Ruan. The Sage to replace Mr. Qi for 60 years

Mr. Qingwu

Head fengshui master of the Great Li Empire

Wang Zhu

Zhi Gui's other name

Li Liu

Li Huai's older sister

Patriarch Xie

Patriarch of the Xie Clan

Ruan Xiu

Master Ruan's daughter, Ping'an's friend


Pet name for Ruan Xiu

Granny Ma

Has a foul mouth. Ma Kuxuan's grandma, river guardian

Cheng Sheng

dude at Red Candle Town. Relay station deputy

Tao Zi

Young Mistress from Sun Scorch Mountain 

Li Jin

wants to become the official river god of Rushing Tranquil River, and bookstore owner at Red Cradle Town

Wang Yifu

Former general of the fallen Lu Empire

Wei Jin

Prodigious swordsman from the Wind Snow Temple, met A'Liang and gave him his donkey and sword nurturing gourd

Chen Dui

from Yingyin Chen Clan

River Severing True Lord

Cui Can's master, person who manipulated Cai Jinjian 

Song Mu

Song Jixin's birth name

Song He

Song Jixin's older brother


Li HongLi Baoping's dad and Li Clan's clan leader
Li Baozhenthe second son of the Li Clan's clan leader
Li Xishengthe eldest son of the Li Clan's clan leader
Fu YuCounty Magistrate Wu Yuan's most trusted subordinate
Cao Jithe kiln supervision official
Xia Yulu aka Yu Lu
the Lu Empire prisoner that Wu Yuan had brought back for Cui Chan in secret, the prince of the former Lu Empire, went by another pseudonym, Yu Shilu
Xie Xie
Another stranger that Cui Chan brought back. Xie Xie is not her real name, but she retained the Xie surname, is Xie Lingyue, and the youngest Qi refiner to reach the fifth tier in the Lu Empire, descendant of the Wind God Xie Clan

There are many characters, and most of them are not that important. If you can't remember their names, they probably are not important.