Chapter 340. Freeze, World! (4)


As Vulgar Chastity was about to yell, ‘Attack!’ she flinched out of instinct.


She didn’t know why she suddenly flinched or why she cowered her neck.

There was no change to the scenery in front of her.

The World Tree was still burning, and so was Tigol Fortress.


It was just… she felt something was out of place ever so slightly.

No, should she say that something felt different?

It was like the reality in front of her wasn’t true.

Unnatural and somewhat disharmonious… right… almost as if two worlds were overlapped on top of each other.

When her thoughts reached here, Vulgar Chastity drew a deep breath.

“The Astral… World…?”

The feeling of separation between reality and what was in front of her quickly strengthened. By the time her suspicion turned into conviction…

[My, my…]


[What a coarse laughter.]

A cold, mocking voice suddenly flowed out... Chak, along with a clap.


Vulgar Chastity lifted her head in a startle, opening her eyes wide.

The scenery in front of her quickly went up.

Her face turned pale. She was floating in the air just a moment ago, but now she was falling without her knowledge. Before she could move the wings that had inadvertently stopped, her foot landed on the ground.


A hint of confusion mixed into her already dazed expression.

The pillars of fire that had embroidered the fortress had disappeared before she noticed.

The World Tree wasn’t burning either.

The scenery was exactly the same as when she first arrived in this place.

Almost as if she had a dream.

Just what happened?

Looking around the surroundings...

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