The Second Coming of Gluttony

Overwhelmingly recommended

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Ro Yu-jin
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Editor: dMomo
Translator: FudgeNouget, Jarvis, Salmon

Schedule: 1 ch/day (no chapter on 15th and 31st of every month - 29 chapters a month)

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Letter to English readers from the author, Ro Yu-jin


“The son of god Gula has returned.”

I was lost in the world of gambling.
I turned my back on my family and even betrayed my lover.
I wasted every day of my life.
It was the life of trash.
The reality told me thus - that I would amount to nothing no matter what I did.
In order to change my pathetic life, I chose fantasy, instead.
Even then, it was the same story.
I wondered if salvation would come at the end of the long road.
But, I was forced to kneel down in defeat in front of a powerful entity.
The tower I built up with my own hands crumbled into nothingness.
Just for once, I dearly wished to know the truth about myself.

– Come closer, my child…

I will not hold back this time.