Chapter 339. Freeze, World! (3)

An untimely festival started in the Spirit Realm.

While it wasn’t a joyful banquet full of meat, alcohol, and dancing, the area surrounding the central lake was bustling with activity.

This was nothing surprising. The world had been on the brink of ruin. But with the death and retreat of the two Army Commanders, the world had regained its peace.

And was that all?

Thanks to the revived World Tree’s quick growth to adulthood, the Spirit Kings had also recovered their powers. With the rebirth of the Spirits that returned to void, how could they not be happy?

At one moment, the rejoicing Spirits all turned to one direction. The commotion stopped, replaced by murmurings.

Flap… Flap…

Under the flapping wings of the phoenix descending from the sky, a group of humans was hurriedly running up.

They were the saviors of the Spirit Realm, who risked their lives to fight the Army Commanders.

The young Spirits’ eyes lit up.

Seol Jihu ran.

He was surprised to see the enormous tree that did not fully enter his line of sight and the group of Spirits that had suddenly multiplied, but he did not stop running.

Now, there was only a single step remaining.

Tigol Fortress must be in the middle of a bitter fight, so there was no time to be enjoying their victory with leisure.

If they dilly-dallied for too long and let the fortress fall by being a few minutes late, it would be his greatest regret.

So when Seol Jihu saw the five existences presumed to be the Spirit Kings, he shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Tigol Fortress!”

Jumping into the lake, he shouted again.

“The pathway connected to Tigol Fortress—!”

However, he couldn’t finish his sentence as several Spirits flew into his embrace as soon as he entered the water.


[Human! He’s one of those humans!]

“Ah! Hey!”

[Wow! Wooooow!]

“Now’s not the time for that…!”

[Thank you! Thank you so much!!]

“Move out of the way!”

[Ah…! Aaaang—!]

Seol Jihu shook his arm in a hurry, and the Spirit that was pushed back blinked in shock before bursting into tears.

“Ah, jeez…!”


At that moment, a low voice resounded in the area.

The Spirits all froze and fell silent. Even the sorrowfully sobbing red Spirit stopped crying.

[Please forgive them, human.]

Seol turned. A red blazing giant was looking down at him from...

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