Chapter 333. Promise (3)

Kazuki continued speaking.

“It’s either that… or he already has them out. Almost like they have to be. Isn’t it a bit too strange to chalk it up to a simple force of habit?”

Philip Muller’s eyes narrowed.

Now that he thought about it, Raging Temperance really did release a portion of his divinity through Nightshades every time he made a move.

“Think about it. Not just what that Unicorn said, but also what Twisted Kindness said.”

It was at that moment that Raging Temperance released its energy once again.

To confirm Kazuki’s theory, Philip Muller quickly unraveled his spells. As he erased the Unicorn’s energy yet again—

“Y-You bastards!!”

The Unicorn’s furious voice echoed out. On the other hand, it could not hide its frustration and looked overtly restless.

Stalling for time when a new World Tree was in the process of being born was not such a wise idea. The Unicorn’s reaction to getting its Nightshades killed clearly supported Kazuki’s theory.

“…Now that you mention it.”

Philip Muller pushed his glasses up. Mulling over Twisted Kindness’ words just like Kazuki said, there were a few points that caught his attention as well.

“Trying to imitate Twisted Kindness and ending up with an ill side-effect…”

“That most likely means that Raging Temperance ran into a problem while trying to fully absorb his divinity.”

Kazuki finished Philip Muller’s thought.

“My guess is that he failed to fully absorb the divinity, but was also unable...

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