Chapter 296. An Unexpected Clue (3)

Startled by Seol Jihu’s unexpected movement, Eun Yuri hurriedly attempted to twist her arms.

However, being completely drained of energy from the intense training, her fatigued body did not move as she wished, causing her to be caught in Seol Jihu’s hands.

Seol Jihu’s lips curled up into a mischievous grin.

"Jeez, why are you resisting so much… It’s a gift, you know?”

Eun Yuri glared at the chuckling Seol Jihu, but she could only dumbfoundedly stare as a ring was slipped onto her finger.

"It’s all done now. Congratulations.”

Seol Jihu patted the back of Eun Yuri’s hand.

She had a rare, perplexed expression as she stared at the silver ring on her finger.

Sure, giving a ring as a present was fine and all, but her face said she could not, for the love of god, understand why it had to be her left hand, and why he had to personally put the ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

"You worked hard. Get some rest now."

Eun Yuri glared at Seol Jihu with narrowed eyes, but Seol Jihu paid no heed to it. Instead, he even winked at her.

"Oh right, don’t be too surprised. There might be another person there, but she’s a queen, so don’t be too disrespectful.”

Leaving behind words she didn’t understand, Seol Jihu walked out, waving his hand.


Eun Yuri stared at her left ring finger for a long time before shaking her head. She then let out a long sigh before quietly closing her eyes.

And when she opened her eyes again, a new world was spread out in front of her.


"Come here! Hurry up and come!”

With two girls wearing pointed hats welcoming her with outstretched arms.


The next day.

Seol Jihu’s predictions were spot on. Eun Yuri paid him a visit as soon as morning arrived.

She didn’t make a fuss as Charlotte Aria did, but he could guess what she was feeling from her glowing face. The emotions of joy and excitement which she hadn’t shown during the Tutorial were exuding from her.

"How was it?”

"It was incredible."

As if the surprise of experiencing a new world hadn’t faded yet, Eun Yuri replied with rushed breathing.

"Something like that— It was the first time I experienced anything like it.”

"Well, it’s definitely not something you can experience easily.”

"It still feels like a dream. Can you imagine? Borrowing the power of the universe’s source to make the human spirit flow into an arbitrary closed system isolated from the middle world with no external force acting upon it in the form of a dream, causing the direction of entropy to….”

…She excitedly rattled on incomprehensible sentences.

No. As an engineering student, he was able to understand a portion of what she was saying, but Seol Jihu could not understand why the Second Law of Thermodynamics was suddenly mentioned.

He covered her restlessly blabbering mouth with his hand before asking another question.

"Did you meet Lady Roselle?"

Eun Yuri mmphed.

"Ah, sorry.”

"Yes, and I also made a friend.”

"A friend? Ah~ That’s great. To be already friends with a queen. You must feel good.”

"Of course. But above all, to finally have a teacher….”

'She must really like them.’

Seol Jihu gave a satisfied laugh inside as he saw Eun Yuri talking more than usual. Was this how Cao Cao felt as he looked at the overjoyed Guan Yu when he received the Red Hare?

"I told you that I would help you properly.”

Seol Jihu brightly smiled.

"Work hard. Our promise is important, but it’s not like we won’t see each other after the Neutral Zone. You’ll stick with us from now on out, won’t you?”

Eun Yuri suddenly fell silent at those words. She then carefully asked him.

"…Can I?"

Seol Jihu blinked his eyes. Eun Yuri asked him a second time.

"Can I really follow you after we get out of the Neutral Zone?”

"Of course.”

Seol Jihu remarked awkwardly.

"Why? Were you planning to go somewhere else when the Neutral Zone closes?”

"No! Definitely not!”

Eun Yuri vehemently denied it.

"That’s a relief.”

"I’m not lying. No one’s tampered with me!”

"Well, it’s fine even if it happened.”

Seol Jihu grinned when he saw Eun Yuri protesting while feeling wronged.

"I’m not one to just look when someone takes what’s mine. I’m more of the type to do the taking.”


"In any case, don’t worry about anything and just follow me.”

As he said that, Eun Yuri rapidly shifted her eyes, not knowing where to look before replying in a small voice.


He didn’t understand why she was smiling shyly. Seol Jihu grew curious about why she suddenly was acting like that, but he still continued his words.

"In any case, let’s go with this routine for a month. Physical training in the Neutral Zone and magic training in your sleep. It’s a rigorous schedule, but it shouldn’t be too impossible with the first ranker’s room.”

"Of course. You don’t have to worry.”

Eun Yuri clasped her hands and gave a faint smile.

"You’ve already set everything up for me. I’ll work really hard and become someone useful to you.”

They were truly commendable words, so Seol Jihu felt pleased inside and cheered her on.

"Alright. Do your best for today’s training.”


Eun Yuri loudly shouted before turning around. She walked out with joyful steps before abruptly pausing.

Turning only her head around, she said.

"Thank you, Oppa.”

Seol Jihu blinked his eyes.

Just now… what did she say?

"You’re almost like a god, Oppa.”

"…A god?"

"Yes. A god."

Eun Yuri’s eyes curved prettily like crescent moons.

"Because you grant my wishes.”

With that, she ran out as if she was escaping.

Seol Jihu, who was now alone, scratched his head. He couldn’t figure out why she acted like that nor did he understand the meaning behind her last sentence.


Time flew by in a breeze, and a month passed.

The day the Awakening Chamber opened finally came.

To Earthlings, their class would determine their value. Perhaps it was because of this that the people lined up under the supervision of the instructors all had nervous faces.

Seol Jihu leaned against the stairway, carefully observing the people coming out of the Awakening Chamber, one by one.

The majority did not take more than one or two minutes.

Looking with his General Observation, most were Warriors like he had expected, with a few Archers here and there.

There wasn’t a single person that had awakened as a Magician or a Priest despite the large number of people.

'Yoo Yeolmu is a Warrior and Park Woori is an Archer…’

Then, at long last, Eun Yuri entered the Awakening Chamber. Seol Jihu intently stared at the pure white door. Though he didn’t feel completely relaxed, he thought from experience that it was highly likely for Eun Yuri to take a long time inside.

However, the door swung open in less than two minutes of Eun Yuri going in.


He heard her heavy panting. Eun Yuri staggered out of the door with her hair drenched in sweat.


The moment he activated his Nine Eyes, Seol Jihu’s pupils dilated.


Eun Yuri’s body was bathed in a clear violet color — Stellar Evolution.

'But she was green during the Tutorial…’

The color had changed into violet in the span of one month. Seol Jihu’s eyes narrowed.

'Is this the second… no, the third time?’

However, before he could even finish the thought—Pat! A vision unfolded before his eyes.

Seol Jihu focused his gaze on the scene. He saw an unfamiliar woman in the center of the vision. Seol Jihu needed a few moments to realize that this woman was actually Eun Yuri.

Her face and the air about her looked more mature, and her outfit was completely different. Most importantly, she had an extremely angered expression.

[This is something that absolutely must be done.]

She must be talking to someone judging by how she was glaring and shouting in a certain direction.

[The moment the Spirit Realm falls, Tigol Fortress is done for. And if Tigol Fortress falls, it’s the end for the Federation. And if the Federation falls…]

[Humanity perishes.]

A husky voice finished her sentence. Seol Jihu couldn’t see the owner of the voice in the vision, but he definitely heard it. Seol Jihu subconsciously touched his neck with his hand.

[I get what you’re saying, but…]

The unidentified voice continued in a low voice.

[What of it? What do you expect me to do?]

In the vision, Eun Yuri’s face twisted in anger.

[Aren’t you in a cooperative partnership with the Federation?]

[Let’s just say it’s closer to a deal than cooperation. Well, they did treat me better than humanity.]

[What are you saying? Does it matter if it’s a deal or cooperation in this situation?]


The individual who was presumed to be a male cut off Eun Yuri’s words.

[Alright. Well fine. Assuming everything you say is out of good intentions, what I want to know is why you’re saying this to me. What about the force of Earthlings that you humanity were so proud of?]

[…I don’t think the Parasite Queen will stay still.]

Eun Yuri continued speaking.

[It’s obvious that at least two or three Commanders will be mobilized. That’s why we need your help in saving the Spirit Realm. There’s no one who knows the Commanders better than you.]

[Aha. So you chase me out when you don’t need me and beg for help when you need me.]

Eun Yuri shut her mouth at his sarcastic remark.

[Amazing, really! This doesn’t apply to you, but sometimes, the fact that I’m from the same race as the rest of humanity makes me want to puke.]

Eun Yuri could only part her innocent lips, wondering if the man was arguing with her on purpose.

[That’s not all. It’s been ages since the World Tree withered away. What difference does it make in saving the Spirit Realm now? Rather, do you even have a way to cross over to the Spirit Realm in the first place?]

[You should know that there is another way to get to the Spirit Realm apart from going through the World Tree.]

[Are you mad? If you’re talking about the spring, don’t even mention it. Are you running your mouth off because you don’t know the military strength needed to ward off a single Commander?]

[I know that the method of using the spring is limited. But if we unite with the remaining forces of the Spirit Realm, we might just be able to…]

Eun Yuri trailed off as if she herself thought that their chance of success was remote. A snort was heard.

[Jesus. I agreed to meet you because of your fame, but it turns out you’re a hopeless fool like the rest of them. Did you ask to meet me only because of a meaningless sense of duty to do something?]


[What a waste of time! Fuck off! No, I’ll fuck off instead.]

The man’s footsteps gradually grew fainter following the sound of him clicking his tongue. Eun Yuri bit her lower lip before shouting.

[Let’s make a deal.]


[I said let’s make a deal. With me.]

[…What? Do you even know what I want?]

[The thing you want. No, the thing you hope to accomplish. I know what it is.]

Eun Yuri gulped before saying with a resolute face.

[I have a method to save the Sacred Empress. This method is much more reliable than the method you, Spear Demon, plan on using.]

In the next moment, Eun Yuri’s eyes widened in the vision. Seol Jihu, who was watching the vision, also shot his eyes open. It was because a spear’s blade was held against her neck before he even blinked once.


And in the vision… he saw a familiar back. As Eun Yuri said, it was his past-future-self.

[I sincerely hope that it isn’t some nonsense. I really don’t want to kill the Magician who’s touted as one of humanity’s last hope with my own hands.]

And Eun Yuri…


…suddenly walked out of the screen. At the same time, the vision disappeared like it never existed.

"You’re so mean. I asked you to help me…”

A softly grumbling Eun Yuri was taking deep breaths while wiping her forehead that was drenched in sweat.

Seol Jihu looked down at the panting Eun Yuri with dazed eyes.

It wasn’t once or twice that he had seen visions, but his head felt complicated after receiving so much information.

However, Seol Jihu was sure about one thing: his prediction was correct.

Humanity’s last hope. In the alternate future, Eun Yuri had been one of humanity’s important figures who fought against the Parasites to the very end.

Her status window came into his sight at last.

[Eun Yuri’s Status Window]

[1. General Information]
Summoned Date: 2018. 03. 22
Marking Grade: Gold
Sex/Age: Female/22
Height/Weight: 168.4cm/52.2kg
Current Condition: Healthy
Class: Lv 1. Magician
Nationality: Republic of Korea (Area 1)
Affiliation: —
Alias: First Place

[2. Traits]
1. Temperament
—Avoidant (Tries to avoid things she dislikes or is unwilling to do.)
—Cool-headed (Her thoughts and actions are not swayed by emotions; always calm.)
—Competitive (Determined to win.)
—Ambitious (Claims, enjoys, or covets things she feels she is missing.)
—Dependent (Subconsciously seeks someone to depend on.)

2. Aptitude
—Observative (Will carefully analyze and study items and events all around her.)
—Immersive (Devotes her whole attention in whatever she does.)
—Imaginative (Has the power to mentally draw phenomena or items without personal experience.)
—Creative (The ability to think of new things.)
—Genius (Heavenly talent. Naturally born with exceptional talent in a certain field.)
—Projection (The ability to manipulate items or phenomena inside one’s mind.)

[3. Physical Level]
Strength: Low (Intermediate) ↑1
Endurance: Low (Low) ↑1
Agility: Intermediate (Low)
Stamina: Intermediate (Intermediate)
Mana: Intermediate (Intermediate)
Luck: High (High)

Remaining Ability Points: 1

Seol Jihu became speechless after seeing her information that filled the air in front of him. Just why was there so much?

'Her physical level…’

Her basic physical level was so high it was surprising. It wasn’t unbelievable since she said she received systematic training for more than 10 years since childhood.

What grabbed his attention was her Aptitude. He finally understood Roselle’s words.

From Observative to Projection, each of her aptitudes made her perfectly fit to be a Magician. No, they would also be fitting for any of the other classes, but they suited a Magician the best.

"They said I’m a Magician.”

Eun Yuri spoke with a relaxed face as if she finally felt better.

"It didn’t take very long. The seven gods unanimously told me to be a Magician.”

Seol Jihu sank into thought while he looked at Eun Yuri, who was cheerily talking.

Just what kind of relationship did his past-future-self have with Eun Yuri? And what was that talk about a method to save the Sacred Empress?

'And what was the spring they mentioned…?’

Unaware of what Seol Jihu was feeling inside, Eun Yuri chattered on with a beaming smile on her face.

"But I don’t plan on being a Magician.”

Seol Jihu furrowed his brows.

What was this about?

"Teacher explained that magic is categorized into three branches.”

"Three branches?"

"Yes. The first is sorcery, an art that borrows power from supernatural beings or mysterious powers to replace formulas with spells to control the flow of mana. The second is magic, an art that materializes mana through fixed laws according to a standardized system. The final one is pioneering your own road, creating your own path of mana.”

Eun Yuri looked up at Seol Jihu.

"I plan to become a Mage and tread my own path of mana.”

In other words, she wasn’t saying she would choose another class, but instead, specialize in one of the three branches of magic.

"But Lady Roselle is the founder of sorcery… Didn’t she say anything?”

"Not at all. In fact, she was very happy with my decision.”

Eun Yuri shook her head.

"She said, while it depends on the person, those who walk on the way of mana need to know how to pioneer and develop their own unique realms.”

Seol Jihu gaped his mouth. He felt like he had heard something similar before.

"A unique realm… Won’t it be hard?”

"Probably. Teacher said so too. That each step will be excruciating and that I will probably clash against her a lot in the future.”

Yet the person that was talking did not have a trace of fear on her face.


Eun Yuri gently spread all ten of her fingers.

Streaks of blue light extended out from her fingertips and entangled with each other to form a neat hexagram. The beautiful yet fantastical melody of mana gave Seol Jihu goosebumps.

Eun Yuri smiled with dreamy eyes, looking at the brightly shining star she created.

"My heart is pounding in excitement."

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