Chapter 287. After the Setup (8)

Eun Yuri’s condition looked worse than he expected. Her hair was a mess, thanks to the wind tossing it all over the place, and her eyes were slightly cracked open, looking at the sky in a daze.

“Keuk…. Keuk….”

It seemed she was on the verge of passing out, especially given the trickle of saliva dripping off her mouth.

Then again, even if this wasn’t her first time in Paradise, she had yet to step out of the Neutral Zone. It was no wonder she was like that, especially after experiencing a movement skill that flashed through short distances at the speed of lightning, multiple times in succession.

“Uhh… Ahh….”

Nevertheless, Eun Yuri had somehow managed to cling onto her conscientiousness and proceeded to take out her phone with trembling hands.

[Sender: Unknown]
#Coastal Cliffs (Diary of an Unknown Survivor — Page 30)

One of our companions went missing while we were searching the mountain for a way to deal with the killers. He was nowhere to be found no matter how hard we searched.

We finally managed to find a trace of our lost companion after searching for half a day. We found a pair of shoes lying in front of a cave on a cliff. They belonged to our missing companion!

But what is this cave? Why are there so many blood-stains all over the place?
It feels strange. There is a dark aura flowing in this place. It’s filled with a cold, insidious air that can’t be described with words.
I don’t think I’m the only one that feels like this since my other companions seem reluctant to approach the cave, too.

At first, the comrade that suggested capturing the killers...

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