Chapter 281. After the Setup (2)

It went without saying that the Neutral Zone instructors were limited.

Including the general manager, a Neutral Zone needed at least ten personnel, and the number could not exceed 10 percent of the total number of people.

Meaning, the number of instructors allowed to enter the 2018 March Neutral Zone would be 53 or less.

Of course, Seol Jihu didn’t plan to fill up all 53 seats. Although the general manager would gain Survival Points even if they sat around and did nothing, the instructors’ gains would be strictly merit-based.

It would depend on how well they could coax the trainees into spending their Survival Points.

For example, the instructor in charge of operating the cafeteria would gain little but consistent Survival Points, while the instructor in charge of the VIP store would be able to go for a single big fortune.

In other words, while an instructor’s profits would fundamentally depend on their ability, having fewer instructors would allow them to gain a bigger piece of the pie. This was the reason Seol Jihu decided to bring the minimum number of people he could.

‘I’ll definitely be bringing all of Valhalla’s members though.’

A total of fifteen people from Valhalla would be entering the Neutral Zone. Although only thirteen of them could actually perform as instructors, the Neutral Zone had strict rules, which did not set Flone and Little Chick as exceptions.


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