Chapter 279. Winter’s Struggle (4)

Seol Jihu headed to Luxuria’s temple. Perhaps because it was late, the temple was quiet inside.

Luxuria welcomed Seol Jihu with open arms, asking why he hadn’t come over in a long time.

Seol Jihu did not decline. Only after being spoiled by Luxuria for a bit did he reveal the reason for his visit.

Luxuria, who read Seol Jihu’s thoughts, spoke in awe.

[You’re really going to use that many contribution points?]

‘Yes, will it work?’

[Let me see. Hold on.]

Luxuria asked for time to calculate. Soon, a seductive voice rang out in his head.

[It’ll work. Yep, you’ll be cutting it pretty close, but it’s possible.]

A positive answer came back. Seol Jihu’s complexion brightened.

‘Really? It will work?’

Seol Jihu asked again.

[You have no idea how many contribution points you have, do you?]

Luxuria said playfully. Seol Jihu laughed awkwardly.

‘I don’t. The people around me put me on a pedestal, calling me a hero or a legend, but I don’t really feel any special…’

[Think about it this way. You exterminated Undying Diligence. That is something that no one has managed to do in all of Paradise since the Parasite Queen’s invasion.]

Luxuria spoke kindly.

[What’s important is that you were the first one to have achieved this. For the same task, the contribution points you get can change depending on the situation and background.]


[Contribution points are the quantified representation of an individual’s influence on society.]

Remembering Seo Yuhui’s words, Seol Jihu quickly understood the significance of being the first person to achieve something....

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