Chapter 246. Eva’s Night (1)

Seol Jihu did not go back home immediately.

He walked. He walked without a destination.

He wanted to cool his mind, but the more he wandered around, the bigger the flames in his mind burnt.

Seol Jihu walked all around the city and engraved the scenery into his mind.

When his aimless steps finally stopped, he was at the temple.

The temple of Gula.

Seol Jihu climbed the stairs slowly. Although he didn’t have any business here, he wandered in as though he was entranced.

Perhaps because it was the middle of the night, the temple was empty.

As soon as the stone statue came into view, Seol Jihu stopped and bowed.

He emptied his mind as well. He simply wanted to.

Gula didn’t initiate a conversation either. She simply reached out toward Seol Jihu’s head, stroking it quietly.

In the beautiful night, a warrior stood in front of a stone statue with his head bowed, and a goddess placed her hand on his head.

How much time went by? As the gentle touch continued, Seol Jihu felt his rapidly beating heart slow down.

He finally cooled down.

[We aren’t turning a blind eye because we want to.]

Around this time, Gula’s voice rang out.

[Just like how you humans are bound by an oath, we gods are also bound by the law of causality forming the world. Overturning what we brought upon ourselves would be no different than forfeiting our arms to the Parasite Queen.]


[Of course, we do take action when we can, eliminating them through the Banquets, or…]

Gula paused for a moment…

[Using you as my spear.]

Before completing her sentence calmly.

[Why do you think Luxuria gave you that class name...

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