Chapter 238. When a Woman Bears a Grudge, It Snows Even in the Middle of Summer

The existence standing in front of the Parasite Queen narrowed her eyes at the Queen’s serious tone.

“That doesn’t sound very favorable for us.”

[You’re right. If we let things continue as is, the future will distort even further, and Eva will be the starting point of this distortion.]

“Storm, you say. Aren’t you overestimating the gravity of this situation?”

[It is only a gale now. Of course, if it makes landfall in its current state, there’s a huge chance it will stop before long. But…]

The Parasite Queen trailed off for a bit as she observed the constellations.

Seeing the several gold-colored threads touching a star, she furrowed her brows.

[There are more than a few elements fanning the Star’s rotation.]

“I don’t know. Even though he killed Undying Diligence—”

[When a feather touches the surface of the water, it only causes a small ripple.]

The Parasite Queen spoke quietly.

[But even a single footstep of a titan raises a wave.]

The existence’s eyes turned sharp.

[Even a footstep raises a wave… so if he grits his teeth and starts running…]

Most likely, a terrifying cataclysm and hail would storm forth.

“…What shall we do?”

The existence loosened her crossed arms at the Parasite Queen’s lamentation.

“If you want, I can charge into Eva immediately. Just lend me two army corps.”

[That’s not a bad plan.]

The Parasite Queen cupped her chin with her hand in a relaxed...

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