Chapter 235. Follow Me, I’ll Carry You (2)

“We’ll set out around dinner time. I told him I wanted to meet him privately, but you can just follow me.”

“I can?”

“There’s no other choice. It’s best to limit information as much as possible until we meet him. He’s a sly one, that guy.”

Considering that this was coming from Kim Hannah, Seol Jihu immediately had a high opinion of him.

“Anyway, this is a good opportunity for us to recruit a Priest… Do you have anyone in mind?”

Someone immediately popped into his head.

“Miss Maria.”

“I thought you’d say that. Wait then. Let’s cast a net before we go to Eva.”

‘A net?’

Kim Hannah disappeared into her room once again.

This time, Seol Jihu followed her.

When he entered, he saw Kim Hannah trying to call someone with a communication crystal she took out from her handbag.

Soon, a light flashed.

—Oh? Now, who is this!?

Maria’s chattering voice burst out.

—The bitch who got chased out of Sinyoung like a defeated dog!?

“You wanna die?”

When Kim Hannah growled fiercely, Maria paused.


“Never mind.”

Kim Hannah glared at the crystal and spoke in a bored tone.

“Run over to Carpe Diem’s office, pronto.”

—What? Is that where you are now, Unni?

“I’ll give you 10 minutes.”

Kim Hannah hung up after delivering a very one-sided message.

Was Seol Jihu mistaken in thinking he heard a loud ‘Fuck!’ before the call ended?


After summoning Maria…

“Do you want to enter our team?”

Kim Hannah...

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