Chapter 1

The undefeated Spear Knight.

The shining star of the Duke’s house, who smashed tradition to become a Master Knight without wielding a sword.

The great hero who brought an end to the Avalon Empire’s long civil war.

The most powerful man in the vast continent of Igrant.

Joshua Sanders.

He was known as Kaiser’s strongest spear, but the way he dripped with blood would not make anyone think he was the “strongest” at anything.

Tragically, this situation was caused by none other than his liege, Kaiser.


Blood spilled from Joshua’s mouth when he tried to speak. He groaned and had to prop himself up with his arms. His beloved spear, Lugia, the reaper of the battlefield, also lay helplessly on the ground.

Four men and a woman surrounded the defenseless hero.

Among them, an old man in a long black robe that hid half of his face spoke, “For a soldier like you, magic and divine power are fatal opposites.”

“…" Joshua couldn’t answer through the pain.

“The shock alone of their collision would have killed any ordinary person.”

Keugh. Ugh… why?” Joshua’s gaze was heavy with disbelief.

He never had any desire to usurp the throne. He wasn’t interested in anything like that. He just wanted to shake off the contempt people had for the spear. He was proud to assist his master and only close friend in ending the empire’s long civil war. For the rest of his life, he wanted to stand by the emperor's side as the shield of the empire.


This time, a man in a white cloak stepped forward. His well-worn face bore a slight smile.

Joshua knew this man.

‘Master of the Magic Tower… Evergrant.’

Joshua ground his teeth at the sight of Evergrant.

"Joshua, there are people in this world whose mere existence is a threat."


“His Majesty is free to exercise his grand ambitions. Uniting the entire continent? With the civil war over, nothing can stand in his way.”


“But you! You are the only thing His Majesty fears… Even warriors who have obsessed over mana techniques all their lives struggle to use mana with a small dagger. But you… you have that gigantic spear! How many men have you killed with that spear?”


“No, beyond that… I know you crossed another wall long ago.”

“—Keugh.” Joshua spat dark red blood again, despite his endurance.

Evergrant’s palm cradled a grey ball which began to emit an intensifying light.

A medium that simultaneously channels both magic and divine power.

‘It must’ve been that ball… but it should be in the ruins of Amon. How did they—’ Joshua muttered under his breath.

Just then, a middle-aged knight took a step forward and faced Joshua. He wore golden armor adorned with a roaring dragon on the chest plate. It was the symbol of the Knights… Avalon’s Knights.

“I’m afraid of that spear too. Just looking at it made me feel like I was about to be attacked… It might drive me crazy.”

Joshua wanted to speak, but couldn’t even open his mouth. The suppressed magic and divine power inside him began to collide, according to the will of Evergrant.

With such huge quantities of both powers within him, it was impossible to even try to control it.

“Joshua, I would like to thank you; we owe the pride and success of the empire to your help… I’m truly grateful.”

At this, Evergrant bowed deeply. It was a polite and humble expression of gratitude, befitting the most powerful person on the continent. Evergrant then straightened his bent back and whispered, "Goodbye, old friend."

For a moment, Joshua and Evergrant's eyes met. His eyes were sad but the corner of his mouth stretched into what looked suspiciously like a smirk. Joshua, having guarded the emperor's side with Evergrant for a long time, knew exactly what that strange expression meant:


Evergrant was mocking Joshua.

‘Damn it…’

Joshua snorted inwardly.

As this happened, the Emperor of Avalon was watching silently from behind them.

Kaiser tilted his back and turned around.

"I can't watch, but, at the same time, I must see the end of a very close friend."

Kaiser's voice was quiet and cold. His face however, showed a hint of sincere sorrow.

Seeing the emperor made Joshua suddenly nauseous. The charade was unbearable.

‘Kaiser ben Britten…’ Joshua muttered inwardly and clenched his teeth.

At the same time, the magic circle on the ground brightened. Joshua knew this magic circle well. The empire had acquired this magic circle from the Magic Kingdom, Terra, after conquering it. It was a type of explosive magic circle with the power to annihilate everything within a 50-meter radius.

The gradually intensifying light made his heart pound.

‘At this speed… Five minutes at most.’

What nonsense.

The greatest knight of all time?

What a joke.

In the end, he was murdered by his friend in a random forest. The rage he felt right now defied words.

‘Kaiser, don’t think that it will end like this.’

He stared at the five faces watching him die and committed them to memory as he closed his eyes.

In the middle of the endless pain, he swallowed and clenched his fists. He then went into deep concentration.

Magic and divine power.

He desperately tried to control the rampant beast inside him.


Dark red blood leaked from his closed mouth. It felt like a decade or two to Joshua, but only a mere three minutes had passed.

His will to live and thirst for revenge finally bent.

Whoosh… whoosh… whoosh...

Hearing the resonance in his ears, Joshua struggled to lift his heavy eyelids.

‘Lu… gia?’

His beloved weapon, the dark red spear, Lugia, reaper of the battlefield, exuded a terrifying energy.

As if telling Joshua to never give up.

Lugia was a mythical weapon that had rested quietly in the ancient ruins before Joshua found it and grew famous while wielding it. Joshua knew that it had a special power in it but had never expected it would show that power at a time like this.

They had been together for decades but the power was never seen.

Joshua became more aware of his surroundings, as if his survival instincts were being awakened.

Like a possessed man, he desperately stretched his hands toward the spear on the floor. Joshua choked down the pain, telling himself that acting now would end the suffering.

He sighed triumphantly when his hands finally met the spear.


And then there was a bright flash accompanied by a thundering boom. The magic circle exploded with an earth-shattering Bang! 

With a violent roar, everything disappeared.

A meaningless ending unfit for the Unrivaled Spear Knight.

In the Land of Knights, the Grand Duke of the Avalon Empire, Joshua Sanders…

His existence faded from people's memories.


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