The Legendary Spearman Returns

The Legendary Spearman Returns

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joe teacher
Just because he used a weapon called a ‘spear’, the world ridiculed him. 
They said that his courage was reckless. 
They said that his faith was just selfishness. 
They said his stance was self-righteous. 
He had no choice but to show them. 
The endless flow of mockery and disdain... This one spear would put them all to sleep. 
Joshua Sanders, the unconquered Spearknight. He would be returning to the past, where everything was smeared with contempt and betrayal, and he would reverse it.
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696 Chapters
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joe teacher / Rokmedia


Status in Korean: Ongoing

Previous Translator: Persephone

Editor: 3x3Minime

Original work ⓒ joe teacher / Rokmedia

32 Reviews
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a year ago
Not recommended
A regressor story about a super powerful spearman who got betrayed by his own ruler and then went back in time, ready to change things around and stop the massive amount of things that didn't work well.

Chapters are rather short, so it's easy to keep the pace and action is rather ok, perhaps a few points of complaint would be how often MC gets shilled as extremely attractive, or how pushy his harem is, even when he's not really showing a lot of interest in them, focused as he is in trying to achieve his many goals.

I did like that MC makes a point about showing to the world that spearmanship can surpass swordsmanship, spearmanship is rather shunned because it's considered something used by levies and peasants, not by true knights, sadly it's not used that often.

Please note that there are quite a lot of chapters focused on other characters, what helps to give a bigger picture, but can also end up being confusing.

Consider it an easy timewaster, don't expect a lot of big reveals, or a plot with tons of depth, but it does deliver some catharsis when MC is putting baddies in their place.

Recommended for those seeking some easy to follow power fantasy and for those seeking slow forming harems.


What can I say, it started fun, but then it stopped being fun, then it got confusing, then the different POV chapters made things even more confusing... And then the author decided to do a big jump the shark moment throwing everything away with a massive timeskip that left the entirety of the plot redundant.

a year ago
Not recommended
Story seems alright so far, though I would've expected an MC that goes from being a 50 y/o badass to his child self to be a bit more mature and more capable of controlling his emotions.

My main issue is the lack of quality control on this novel. They're typos in nearly every chapter. They're usually not too distracting, but always mess up my reading rhythm. The translator began translating this at another site previously and the lack of error correction makes me wonder if they're just copy pasting from the pervious site without review. Also the chapters are really quite short and sometimes only 1 thing happens with quite a lot of intra-chqpter filter.

TLDR: Overall, story's ok do far (~chapter 30), MC often acts like a child rather than an adult that's regressed, and there's too many typos.

a year ago
It seems to be a very cookie cutter restart story but three chapters in and the world seems pretty interesting, there seems to be some very dark elements with the Main Character being the results a sexual assault from his father who is a Duke and his mother who was a maid. I dont expect too much from this story yet but I do believe it will be a fun read and I am looking forward to see where it goes! ....well I'm not at the word limit yet but I got all the thoughts I had out about this 3 chapter preview. I hope every one has a good day!

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