Chapter 992 - Second Level of the Body Refining Pagoda

Chapter 992 - Second Level of the Body Refining Pagoda

Outside the Body Refining Pagoda

The commotion here had turned abnormally quiet and everyone’s face had dense astonishment as they looked at the screen before them.

Accurately speaking, they were staring at a light dot on the screen.

That dot was initially at the end, but in such a short period of time, he had already caught up to the point that the other nine were all greatly surpassed by him.

“How is that possible…? Can it be that this first level doesn’t pose any obstruction to Mu Chen?” Someone said with disbelief as they looked at Mu Chen surpassing everyone after just a few minutes. Furthermore, at this moment, he was charging towards the second level of the Body Refining Pagoda at an exceeding speed.

Everyone had splendour on their faces and they were utterly speechless at this abnormal scene. They could only look at each other with puzzlement and shock in their eyes.

Behind them, Nine Nether had splendour blossoming in her eyes and she relaxed her clenched fist. Clearly, she was greatly relieved at this moment.

That’s because, if Mu Chen’s performance in the Body Refining Pagoda was too poor, then after this event, the Elders in the clan that had opinions about him would use this matter to berate him for wasting the precious quota of the Body Refining Pagoda. Although she could ignore them, the cawing of those old fellows was still very annoying.

“Big Brother Mu Chen is so formidable.” Mo Ling exclaimed in admiration from the bottom of her heart. With a cultivation at Sixth Grade Sovereign, he should be the weakest amongst the geniuses in the pagoda. But his performance could be acclaimed as the peak of perfection.

Nine Nether lightly smiled as she cast her gaze at another corner. The few experts of the Sky Roc Clan all had unsightly expressions, especially Liu Qing. Her face alternated between green and white, which was a little distorted. Clearly, she was greatly shocked by the sudden changes in the Body Refining Pagoda.

Sensing Nine Nether’s gaze, Liu Qing’s face turned even more pale, before she gnashed her teeth. “There’s nothing to be proud about. This is just the first level and I don’t believe that he will still be so fortunate!”

Even with the sudden changes in the pagoda, she clearly did not really think that Mu Chen possessed a strength that surpassed the other nine geniuses. She only considered Mu Chen to be fortunate for resorting to certain means.

When Nine Nether heard her words, she did not speak, since she wasn’t in the mood to debate with Liu Qing regarding this matter. Thus, she had retracted her gaze and looked at the screen with a faint smile.

Yet, it was this attitude of not bothering to argue that made Liu Qing shiver from anger. This way, wouldn’t that mean that she was being a shrew?

“I’ll see how long you can still be proud!”

Liu Qing grounded her teeth and no longer looked at Nine Nether. She shifted her gaze onto the screen, and fixed it on the dot of light that was at the front with a resenting gaze, cursing Mu Chen in her heart…

However, her curses weren’t the slightest bit effective. Under her somewhat reddened gaze, the dot of light was still gradually pressing forth with a speed that exceeded everyone else.

Judging from the looks of it, he was clearly going to break through the barrier of the first level and enter the second level of the Body Refining Pagoda!

Outside the pagoda, everyone had their eyes widened as they held their breaths and looked at the screen. Under their tight gazes, that dot of light had suddenly disappeared in the next instant.

When the dot of light suddenly disappeared, a commotion rang out in this region once again. But very quickly, someone had recovered from the shock and had suddenly shifted their gaze up. Thereafter, the experts of every clan couldn’t help taking a deep cold breath in.

That’s because the light had appeared on the second level of the pagoda and that dot of light stood alone on the screen.

Judging from the Spiritual Energy undulations, it was clearly Mu Chen!

He actually really managed to get through the test of the first level and was the first to enter to the second level!

Furthermore, it was also a reversal, after lagging so far behind. His performance had made many experts dumbfounded, since this was the first time that they had seen or heard of this situation.

Under the patches of commotion, Liu Qing’s face was pale and was she gritting her teeth to the point that a creaking noise was resounding.

“This is the second level of the Body Refining Pagoda?”

While the outside world was trembling with shock, Mu Chen, who had passed through the scarlet barrier, looked towards this region with a curious gaze once again.

He appeared on a stone stage and the light from the stage had enveloped him. It was similar to the first level, it’s just that outside the stone stage was barren icy land. The ground was sky-blue in colour and a faint blue light spread out between the heavens and earth. The blue light seemed to be an extremely cold energy and as it shined, even space had frozen.

Furthermore, aside from that, there was a piercing gale that would sweep up between the heavens and earth. The wind was extremely powerful to the point that even metal would be sliced into pieces.

Mu Chen looked at this barren icy land. But before he even stepped into it, he could already sense how terrifying and overbearing the ice-blue aura and piercing gale were.

When the two added up, it was even more ferocious than the scarlet light from the first level.

However, it was precisely so that he could refine and strengthen his already powerful physique!

Looking with the expectation in Mu Chen’s eyes, he sat down on the stage. He did not immediately step out into the second layer, since the scarlet barrier from before had still made him feel a vague pain on his body with some leftover scarlet light. He had to fully absorb it before he could strengthen his body.

Mu Chen closed his eyes and the faint scarlet light vaguely appeared beneath his skin and was slowly fusing into his body, which made his body even more vigorous and lively.

This cultivation had lasted for nearly ten-odd minutes before his heart lightly trembled and he opened his eyes, looking into the distance and saw space distort. Thereafter, one stone stage after another appeared along with several silhouettes.

However, those silhouettes were all different, but all of them looked pretty miserable. All of them had smoke rising from their bodies and their flesh was lacerated. Evidently, they had greatly suffered from the scarlet barrier.

Thus, the moment they appeared, they couldn’t be bothered with anything else and had immediately sat down, sensed the injuries and exhaustion in their bodies, and doing their best to recover before they felt heavily relieved.

When they recovered, they immediately looked at this icy land and Mu Chen, who was far away. All of them had different splendours in their eyes, some contained curiosity, some with solemn and some with vague killing intent.

Evidently, Mu Chen’s sudden table-turning from before had made them feel puzzled. They couldn’t understand how Mu Chen was able to come and go as he wished in the scarlet barrier. Judging from the looks of it, it seemed like the first level couldn’t pose any obstruction to him.

But anyone that could make it there were, after all, geniuses of the various clans. So they were somewhat shrewd of their own strengths and calmed down the shock in their hearts, before looking at the second level with indifferent gazes.

Mu Chen’s eyes had remained closed all the time, paying no attention to anyone else. He had already figured out that he would be satisfied as long as he could break through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra in the pagoda. As for the so-called “Divine Ability’s opportunity” and “Quasi-Saint Artifacts”, he could only let them go for the time being.

Those that entered the Divine Beast Origin were geniuses of the various clans in the Spiritual Beast Realm, and right now, despite there being only a small portion of them here, they were all formidable figures. Although he wasn’t afraid of them with his Heaven Grade Spiritual Arrays, he understood that just two Heaven Grade Spiritual Arrays alone might not be able to help him assist Nine Nether in obtaining the Divine Blood of the Undying Bird. Thus, he had to break through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra.

At that time, he would be able to confront Seventh Grade Sovereigns with just his physical body alone. The strength of his body would be comparable to a Divine Beast’s of similar levels or even stronger.

As thoughts circulated in Mu Chen’s heart, Zong Teng, Han Shan and the rest on the nine other stone stages had moved out once again. All of them had spiritual lights emitting from their hands, before taking different forms. Obviously, those were peculiar and unique treasures.

Zong Teng’s gaze was cold as he glanced at Mu Chen from afar, before flicking his finger. The cauldron in his hand had blazed, before the burning green flames enveloped him.

Those were Sheltering Flames, peculiar flames that could block out all wind, which he could use to precisely deal with the gale here.

“I’ll see whether you can catch up this time.” Zong Teng sneered, then he no longer hesitated and charged out of the barrier under the protection of the cauldron, turning into a green streak of light as he sped into the distance.

After Zong Teng, the remaining others had also travelled with all their power.

Mo Feng was the last to leave. He glanced at Mu Chen with a peculiar gaze. He did not speak, before the flames sparked on his body, enveloping his silhouette as he sped away.

Mu Chen opened his eyes only after they had left and looked at the nine leaving silhouettes with a smile-yet-not-a-smile expression in his eyes. All those people had many treasures and were blinded by the opportunity for the Divine Ability. In his view, the greatest treasure in the Body Refining Pagoda was not those opportunities, but the refining effect it had on physical bodies.

Naturally, Mu Chen understood that the scarlet light and blue-icy aura were meant to torment the physical body. Furthermore, not everyone possessed the mystical Body Refining Art like the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra. Therefore, it was tough for them to be like Mu Chen, adapting to the terrifying torment in this region in such a short period of time.

“You guys go after your opportunities… I go after my fortune…”

Mu Chen murmured to himself as he lightly smiled. He then straightened his body and waved his hand, before he stepped out of the barrier into this barren land.

The second level of the Body Refining Pagoda should be able to strengthen his physical body once again.

He’s not far from the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra now.

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