Chapter 94 - Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array (Teaser)

Chapter 94 - Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array

20 Spiritual Seals?

Lei Yin was slightly shocked as she watched the Spiritual Seals that were being condensed out of Mu Chen’s fingertips. A hint of complexity filled her eyes. This amount of Spiritual Seals almost reached the pinnacle of a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master. She had always believed that she had a high talent in Spiritual Array Cultivation, however, it seemed that she was quite far behind in talent when compared to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen did not care about Lei Yin’s feelings. At this moment, he was fully preoccupied on condensing the Spiritual Seals. After he carefully condensed out 20 Spiritual Seals, he flicked his fingers and the 20 Spiritual Seals integrated into the air in front of him.

Chi Chi.

Numerous complex Spiritual Energy light beams erupted out when the Spiritual Seals were integrated into the air. They formed an extremely complicated Diagram Array. Moreover, Mu Chen had shut off all interference from the outside world and had entered the Heart Array State once again. He controlled the Spiritual Energy light beams and attempted to complete the complex ...

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