Chapter 926 - Nine Nether Fights

Chapter 926 - Nine Nether Fights

When Nine Nether’s slender figure appeared on the massive stage, a statue had come to life and landed in the stage, while issuing an ominous aura.

Mu Chen and the rest had swiftly directed their gazes over.

That being had the body of a tower and a golden light was illuminating around it, as if it was forged from an indestructible gold. It had the head of a lion that was golden in colour as well. The only exception was its eyes, which were crimson, like blood, filled with ferocity.

When that golden silhouette had appeared, an ominous aura immediately spread out.

“One of the ten ominous beasts… the Demonic Golden Lion.” Mandala took a glance at that golden silhouette before slowly saying, “This ominous beast has an extremely powerful physical body and its strength might be even more ferocious than the other beasts.”

When the other Kings heard her words, they couldn’t help squinting his eyes.

“But as a Nine Netherworld Bird, Nine Nether’s bloodline is only stronger than the Demonic Golden Lion. So if they fight, she might not be at a disadvantage.” Mandala gently nodded her head.

“Nine Nether is a genius amongst the Nine Nether Bird Clan, since she was able to evolve into the Nine Netherworld Bird at such a young age. That’s rare even in her clan. So if the opportunity allows her in the future, she might even be able to shatter her limit and awaken the bloodline of the Undying Bird…” The Sky Vulture Emperor had nodded his head as well.

The Blood Hawk King and the rest were dumbfounded as they heard the discussion. The Undying Bird was an Ultra Divine Beast in the Great Thousand World, ranking towards the top of the Divine Beast Record. Every Divine Beast that could evolve into that stage was a famous pinnacle expert in the Great Thousand World.

Mu Chen had his gaze fixed onto Nine Nether’s slender silhouette and had sensed the powerful Spiritual Energy emanating from the latter and slightly sighed. Back then, when he had just joined the Great Havenlaw Domain with Nine Nether, one of them had just broken through to the Sovereign Realm while the other had just completed her evolution with strength comparable to Fifth Grade Sovereigns.

At that time, Mu Chen did not attract much attention, whereas Nine Nether was already in the last seat amongst the Kings. But, who would have expected that in just two short years, the insignificant youth would be able to become one of the Kings while Nine Nether had her strength grown to the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm?

Although Mu Chen had won in comparing their improvements, Nine Nether was a Divine Beast. The cultivation method of a Divine Beast was not the same as a human’s. Perhaps their improvements might be slow, but if they could break through their shackles one day, then their improvement speed would be astonishing.

In the past year, Nine Nether was also in bitter cultivation most of the time. Others might not know about it, but Mu Chen was well-aware that with her current strength, aside from the Asura King and Mountain Splitting King, who could slightly suppress her, the other Kings might not be able to achieve it…

But the battle today would start to change her status amongst the Kings in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Up on the stage, Nine Nether looked at that golden silhouette and her gaze gradually turned sharp. They had already lost four battles, that meant that they still required three victories in the five remaining matches for them to break the array.

It wasn’t an easy task to win three out of five matches. But if she lost this match, then the chances for their Great Havenlaw Domain would practically be extremely low.

So she couldn’t afford to lose this battle.

Nine Nether sucked in a cold breath, grasped her hand and a black-feathered sword appeared in a flash. Purple flames ignited on the longsword, it’s the Undying Flames.


When Nine Nether had circulated her Spiritual Energy, the crimson pupils of the Demonic Golden Lion had been directed over, then it charged forth without waiting for Nine Nether to attack.

A dazzling golden light burst out as the Demonic Golden Lion stomped on the ground, causing a sound of wind tearing apart to ring out as its robust figure appeared before Nine Nether, before it brandished its golden fist down without any hesitation.

The fist flew down, causing explosions in the atmosphere. The might of that fist had even caused the special slabs down below to shatter. Thus, one could tell how powerful that fist from the Demonic Golden Lion was.

Golden light reflected in Nine Nether’s eyes. Her eyes were slightly trembling, since the black-feathered longsword was shielding her, blocking that golden fist.


A metallic collision burst out and the black-feathered sword had been stunningly arced down. However, the sword did not break apart.

Poosh! Poosh!

Nine Nether’s gaze turned cold as purple flames surged on the black-feathered sword, sticking onto the fist of the Demonic Golden Lion. At the same time, sizzling sounds came out and the golden lustre on the beast’s fist had slightly dimmed down.

Although the defences of the Demonic Golden Lion were powerful, Nine Nether’s Undying Flames weren’t just any ordinary flames.


The intense pain that came from its fist had caused the beast to issue an enraged roar. The fist grew stronger, sending Nine Nether flying back in retreat.


As Nine Nether was pushed back, boundless Spiritual Energy suddenly gathered behind her, vaguely forming into a massive Nine Netherworld Bird. The Nine Netherworld Bird had unfolded its wings and in the next instant, black feathers with purple flames were blazing on it, before they shot out and enveloped the Demonic Golden Lion.

The black feathers were all formed with Nine Nether’s Spiritual Energy. They could tear metal and shatter rocks. Especially when they were enhanced with the tyrannical Undying Flames. Their might was so profound that even other Sixth Grade Sovereigns would not dare to belittle them.


The Demonic Golden Lion was also fearful of the might of the Undying Flames. It had issued a roar that rolled like rumbling thunder and a golden light spread out, forming into a massive golden bell that had enveloped the beast within.

The golden bell had a golden light circulating around it, making it look indestructible. This was clearly the Demonic Golden Lion’s defensive measures.

Boom! Boom!

The black feathers with purple flames shot against the golden bell, causing a constant metallic noise as ripples fluctuated on the bell. However, the bell wasn’t destroyed.

“That fellow’s defensive capabilities are really powerful, Nine Nether King, she…”

When the Blood Hawk King and the rest saw this scene, their brows had instantly knitted. Even such an attack from Nine Nether couldn’t break through the defence of the Demonic Golden Lion, and if this continued, Nine Nether would exhaust a large amount of her Spiritual Energy. So if she revealed any flaws and was captured by the Demonic Golden Lion, the beast would probably unleash a lightning attack to determine the match.

But when they had knitted their brows, Mandala’s eyes, on the other hand, had lit up.

Mu Chen had also sensed it and had shifted his gaze to see that along with the black feathers enveloping it, the area around the Demonic Golden Lion was covered with innumerable black feathers.

Purple flames were still blazing on those black feathers. Furthermore, despite looking to be in a mess without any arrangement, Mu Chen could keenly sense an abnormal fluctuation as a Battle Formation Master.

Boom! Boom!

The rain of black feathers gradually died down until the last one descended, which was blocked by the golden bell. Only then, did the golden bell start to shatter.

As the golden bell shattered, the Demonic Golden Lion’s robust figure, covered with an ominous aura, still stood at its initial spot. It had fixed onto Nine Nether with its crimson gaze as a ferocious smile appeared on its vicious face.

Nine Nether’s powerful attack had weakened down, so it would unleash its swift attacks to shatter its opponent into pieces.


The Demonic Golden Lion heavily hammered on its chest, which produced a huge sound. A dazzling golden light burst out in every direction and its Spiritual Energy had become extremely violent at this moment.

But just when the beast was going to unleash its attack, a cold arc rose on Nine Nether’s face and her hands joined together.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

In that instant, when Nine Nether had formed her seal, the innumerable black feathers that scattered around the Demonic Golden Lion had suddenly ignited with blazing purple flames whistling, forming into a purple cauldron that had enveloped the beast within.

“Undying Flames Cauldron!”


In that instant, when the cauldron was formed, the Demonic Golden Lion had issued a miserable shriek from within as its robust figure started to show signs of being refined.

At the same time, the ground beneath the cauldron had turned dry from the terrifyingly high temperature before cracks appeared.

Outside the stage, the Blood Hawk King and the rest couldn’t help sucking in a cold breath. Clearly, they had sensed how terrifying that purple flame cauldron was. If they were trapped within it, even with their Sovereign Celestial Bodies, they would still be refined by it.

The Undying Flames were actually so overbearing!


The Demonic Golden Lion frantically roared as it tried to make a struggle with its Spiritual Energy. However, Nine Nether naturally wouldn’t give it the chance to do so and her face turned cold before she suddenly clenched her fist. Instantly the cauldron started to shrink, before it had exploded with a huge commotion.

Purple flames shot out in every direction, and landed on the barrier that enveloped the stage, which instantly caused ripples on it.

The temperature in the palace had become extremely heated at this moment.

Nine Nether stood on the stage, then looked up ahead and saw that the Demonic Golden Lion had already disappeared from its initial spot, only leaving behind a puddle of golden liquid.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The golden liquid broke apart in the end, and had turned into golden lights that had gathered around Nine Nether, then entered her body.

Those golden lights were the Spiritual Energy essences left behind by the Demonic Golden Lion.

Nine Nether stood on the stage for roughly half an hour before she gradually opened her eyes. In that instant, Mu Chen and the rest could feel her Spiritual Energy becoming even more refined and robust. Clearly, she had benefited quite a bit from this.

When the Blood Hawk King and the rest saw this scene, they all felt envious as they knew that Nine Nether had relied on herself to obtain this opportunity with her own strength. They initially had the chance to do it as well, but it was a pity… they did not have the strength to obtain that sort of opportunity.

But regardless, their Great Havenlaw Domain had finally obtained a victory on the sixth challenge.

Coming up next, they only had to win two more rounds before they could break the palace and enter into the depths of the Earth Sovereign Realm Treasury. But… after the sixth battle, there was only four amongst the ten Kings of the Great Havenlaw Domain that had not fought. And from a certain degree, the four of them were towards the weaker side amongst the Kings…

Could they really rely on them to obtain the two final victories?

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