Chapter 925 - Miserable Defeat

Chapter 925 - Miserable Defeat

The ominous aura around that robust being gradually retracted. At the same time, its eyes had cleared up. It also had a humanoid figure and the head of a beast. It’s just that, this time, it wasn’t the head of a jiao-dragon but a dragon instead.

It’s said that when it was alive, it possessed the terrifying strength of a Ninth Grade Sovereign. Even if it had died now, the strength that it managed to preserve was still stronger than the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon.

It was more robust than the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon. Just by merely standing quietly on the stage, everyone could already feel a robust pressure spreading out.

On the stage, the Mountain Splitting King had an unsightly expression because of the appearance of the Demonic Blood Dragon. That’s because he had felt an extremely dangerous aura coming from the latter.

He was clear about his own strength. If he had encountered a slightly weaker one, he might’ve been able to fight it. But who could have expected that the strongest amongst the ten ominous beasts, the Demonic Blood Dragon, would be summoned…?

There was practically no suspense in this battle.

The Mountain Splitting King inwardly felt bitter. But at this point in time, he had no path of retreat. Regardless of anything, he had to toughen his scalp to give it a try…


As he thought, the Mountain Splitting King deeply inhaled a mouthful of air and suppressed the emotions in his heart while his eyes gradually turned sharp. Although he knew that his opponent was a tough one, he was still an expert of the Great Havenlaw Domain who had created his reputation a long time ago. So he naturally wouldn’t lose his morale so easily.

Boundless Spiritual Energy abruptly surged out of the Mountain Splitting King. Judging from its power, it was only a step away from Seventh Grade Sovereign. But it was this short step that had quite a distance compared to the Asura King.


The Mountain Splitting King clenched his fist and a crimson axe appeared in his hand, emanating sharp Spiritual Energy undulations. Clearly, it wasn’t a weak Divine Artifact.

Facing such a powerful enemy, the Mountain Splitting King naturally couldn’t fight as ferocious as the Asura King, meeting fist with fist.


The Mountain Splitting King’s silhouette had turned into a streak of light and flew out. In the blink of an eye, it had already appeared above the Demonic Blood Dragon. A chill burst from his eyes as he slashed his axe down.

“Sky-Splitting Divine Art - Sky-Splitting Slash!”

His roar was filled with dense killing intent as a huge light axe of a few hundred feet overbearingly whistled down and the space cracked in the path of the light.

The Mountain Splitting King clearly knew how powerful the Demonic Blood Dragon was. So he did not have any thoughts about probing it right from the start and had utilised his strongest means.


The light axe swiftly flew in a flash and had heavily enveloped the Demonic Blood Dragon within at a momentum that seemed like it could split the heavens and earth apart.

Everyone had their eyes squinted at this moment.

The sweeping dust had gradually calmed down and everyone had fixed their gazes on the location of the Demonic Blood Dragon, before abruptly squinting their eyes. As for the Mountain Splitting King, his face had grown even denser.

Up ahead of him, the Demonic Blood Dragon continued to stand still with its hands crossed together, guarding its head. Evidently, it had used its arms to withstand that ferocious attack from the Mountain Splitting King.

But facing such a ferocious attack, there was only a deep wound on the arms of the Demonic Blood Dragon. Furthermore, the wound showed a circulating bloody light and had recovered at a stunning speed.

The powerful regenerative ability of the Demonic Blood Dragon was extraordinarily astonishing.

Outside the stage, the Kings bitterly smiled as they shook their heads. The Demonic Blood Dragon was too tough of an opponent. If it was the Asura King, the Asura King might be able to fight it. But for the Mountain Splitting King, he was still a step lacking.

“Damn it!”

The Mountain Splitting King had a solemn expression as he cursed with his teeth clenched and a ferocious light surged in his eyes. Gripping his axe, the Spiritual Energy in his body showed signs of turning violent.

Today, he wanted to see how powerful this damnable ominous beast was!

“Mountain Splitting King, come out. We’ll give up this match.” Just when the Mountain Splitting King was intending to go all-out, Mandala’s voice had resounded from outside the stage.

Hearing Mandala’s voice, the Mountain Splitting King was stunned and had unwillingly clenched his teeth. He loosened up before tightening his grip on the axe; but in the end, he had loosened up as he turned around and flew out of the stage with a dark face.

He knew that even if he had gone all-out, the chances of him winning against the Demonic Blood Dragon wasn’t high. It was so much so that if he forcefully did it, he might even suffer heavy injuries.

Along with the Mountain Splitting King flying out, the Demonic Blood Dragon radiated with light before soaring into the sky and had returned to the pillar, turning back into a statue.

The Mountain Splitting King had guilt written on his face as he looked at Mandala. “This subordinate is incapable…”

Mandala waved her hand as she stopped the Mountain Splitting King from speaking any further. “This one cannot blame you. If the Earth Sovereign Realm Treasury could be passed through so easily, then you are belittling the Fourth Palace Master too much.”

“Hoho. We only lost a match.” The Sky Vulture Emperor smiled. “As long as we can win three more rounds, the Domain Lord will be able to forcefully break the array.”

“So it’s not a bad thing for us to lose this round. At the very least, the Demonic Blood Dragon cannot come out again.” Mandala nodded her head.

Judging from the rules here, be it the challenger or the challenged, they could only go out once, regardless of victory or defeat. Therefore, the Demonic Blood Dragon shouldn’t be able to appear anymore.

When the Kings heard those words, they felt slightly relieved. After all, since the Asura King couldn’t go up, there’s no one amongst them that could confront that Demonic Blood Dragon.

Mu Chen had sighed in his heart as well. If he had the support of troops, he might’ve been able to make use of the power of Battle Will to confront that Demonic Blood Dragon. But it was a pity that he could only rely on his own power here.

“There are eight more matches… who will go up?” Mandala looked at the remaining Kings as she slowly said.

The remaining Kings exchanged a look before the Blood Hawk King walked out a brief moment later and spoke in a solemn tone, “Let me try the third match.”

Although they knew that the eight matches wouldn’t be easy, they definitely couldn’t back off at this moment as part of the higher hierarchy of the Great Havenlaw Domain. Regardless of anything, they had to go up.

If they couldn’t enter into the depths of the Earth Sovereign Realm Treasury to obtain the Spiritual Divine Liquid from the Fourth Palace Master and allowed it to be seized by the other forces, then it would be the annihilation disaster to their Great Havenlaw Domain.


The Blood Hawk King stomped his feet and his figure had charged into the stage under everyone’s gazes.


Along with the Blood Hawk King entering the battle, the palace vibrated as a statue came to life and landed onto the stage with an ominous aura.

“One of the ten ominous beasts of the Ancient Haven Palace, Sky Dragon Bear with the strength of a Sixth Grade Sovereign. It could even uproot mountains with its brute force…” Mandala looked at the being before the Blood Hawk King before she softly said.

“I wonder, what’re the chances of Blood Hawk King winning?” The Sky Vulture Emperor said with his brows knitted.

Mandala squinted her eyes as she sighed in her heart. Although the Sky Dragon Bear’s strength was only at Sixth Grade Sovereign, the Blood Hawk King was only at the initial stage of Sixth Grade Sovereign. Thus, she wasn’t too optimistic about this battle.

It was just as Mandala had expected, the battle on the stage was extremely intense right from the start. The two of them attacked and defended but as time gradually lapsed, the Blood Hawk King had gradually revealed a decline.

Therefore, the Blood Hawk King had revealed a flaw in the last exchange, thus being sent out of the stage by the Sky Dragon Bear in a move.

The third battle, the Blood Hawk King lost!

After the Blood Hawk King’s defeat, the Kings of the Great Havenlaw Domain gradually had rage surging in their hearts. The continuous defeats must have stirred the pride in their hearts.

But despite being enraged, they had to admit that the strength of the Ancient Haven Palace’s ten ominous beasts was on a level higher than the Great Havenlaw Domain’s.

Which this point could be clearly proven in the upcoming matches.

The fourth battle.

The Spiritual Sword King faced the Three-headed Demonic Python in defeat!

The fifth battle.

The Glacier King faced the Spiritual Netherhound in defeat!

Four battles with all of them in defeat from the Great Havenlaw Domain with only the first battle by the Asura King ending in victory!

The Kings of the Great Havenlaw Domain all had unsightly expressions outside the stage. The four consecutive defeats had reflected a burning heat on their faces.

Mandala gently sighed at this scene but she did not put any blame. “There’s no need to be too worried. Even if we lost all the matches, I can still forcefully break the array.”

Hearing that Mandala could forcefully break the array, the Kings did not show any joy on their faces, since they knew that it would definitely be a great exhaustion to Mandala for her to forcefully break the array. If they encountered other peak forces at that time, then they couldn’t guarantee that the other forces wouldn’t make use of that chance. At that time, it would be equivalent to them being completely annihilated.

Therefore, they had to help Mandala maintain her peak state before finding the Spiritual Divine Liquid.

Mu Chen stared at the azure bronze statues on the huge stone pillars with his fist gently clenched. But just when he had intended on going out, Nine Nether, who stood beside him, had taken a step forth instead.

“Domain Ruler, let me have the sixth match.” Nine Nether looked at Mandala.

Mandala glanced at Nine Nether and briefly pondered before she gently nodded her head. “If you can’t face it, then retreat. I have my ways to break the array.”

Nine Nether nodded her head before exchanging a glance with Mu Chen. Before the latter could speak a word, her silhouette had flashed and appeared on the massive stage!

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