Chapter 924 - Asura King VS Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon

Chapter 924 - Asura King VS Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon

On the massive stage, the Asura King casually stood. His robust figure was like a mountain at this moment with a dense and majestic Spiritual Energy fluctuation swarming around him that even those below the stage could clearly sense it.

Standing before the Asura King was a tower-like silhouette. Its upper body was revealed with ferocious-looking crossing scars, making it look more ominous.

Although that silhouette had the body similar to a human, it had a dragon head with razor-sharp teeth coldly flickering, which showed how sharp they were.

At this moment, its somewhat crimson eyes looked ferociously at the Asura King as a torrential ominous aura swept out, making everyone feel startled in their hearts.

The two of them stood out with an astonishing atmosphere in their confrontation.

“That’s one of the ten ominous beasts of the Ancient Haven Palace, Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon?” Mu Chen and the rest had grave expressions. The ominous aura that was emanating from the being had made even them feel pressured. It seems that even if the ten ominous beasts have long died, they could make use of unique means to preserve the majority of their strength.

“The strength of this Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon is outstanding even amongst the ten ominous beasts of the Ancient Haven Palace. It’s said that it had a cultivation comparable to Eighth Grade Sovereigns when it was alive. Now that its dead, its strength should only be at the pinnacle of the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm. But making use of the fact that it has the physique of a beast, it can confront even Seventh Grade Sovereigns.” Mandala looked at the two confronting silhouettes on the stage as she slowly said.

When Mu Chen and the rest heard her, they were inwardly startled. It was no wonder why the Ancient Haven Palace was an Overlord of the Skylaw Continent. Just the subordinates of the Fourth Palace Master alone was filled with experts. Compared to the Kings of their Great Havenlaw Domain, the ten ominous beasts were on a higher level that was comparable to existences like the Sky Vulture Emperor.


Just when Mu Chen and the rest were surprised by the strength of the Ancient Haven Palace, a lustre burst out from the Asura King’s eyes on the stage as a powerful Spiritual Energy soared into the sky. In the next moment, he took a step forth, which caused the stone slabs below to shatter while his being was like a bolt of lightning that charged towards the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon, along with a torrential momentum.

With his strength as a Seventh Grade Sovereign, he naturally wouldn’t fear the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon.


When the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon saw the Asura King charging over, it unleashed a ferocious roar and an ominous light surged in its eyes. Its hand, which was covered in scales, abruptly clenched before throwing a punch forth with surging crimson Spiritual Energy.

Under that fist, the crimson Spiritual Energy was like a ferocious dragon that caused space to distort.


The two silhouettes clashed together as their fists collided. Instantly, there was a terrifying shock wave that wreaked havoc and cracks had swiftly spread out from beneath their feet while the two of them were sent retreating back.

The instant the two of them managed to stabilise their bodies, they pounced forth once again and the two violent Spiritual Energy lumps of light clashed on the stage.

Boom! Boom!

The two of them adopted the most violent manner of fighting as they clashed fist against fist. In more than a dozen breaths, they had already exchanged over a hundred moves and every single clash of their fists would cause space to distort.

Outside the stage, everyone was looking at the two confronting silhouettes with grave expressions. At this moment, the Asura King had already circulated his Spiritual Energy to the best he could. The Spiritual Energy pressure that leaked out from his moves could even shatter mountains. Pairing with his ferocious attacks, he looked more like a Primordial Ominous Beast when compared to the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon.

Facing the violent Asura King, the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon did not retreat as well. Although it had suffered some losses in the majority of their clashes, the powerful aura that it gave off was sufficient to intimidate any opponent that did not have a firm mind.

The confrontation on the stage was extremely intense right from the beginning.

Mandala and the three Emperors were the calmest as they watched the battle. Their eyesight far exceeded the Kings, so they could tell that the Asura King was gradually gaining the upper hand in the current battle.

If this battle went on, it wouldn’t be hard for the Asura King to obtain victory.


As if it was testifying to the thoughts of Mandala and the Emperors. The two silhouettes clashed on the stage like ferocious beasts. But this time, Asura King’s hand had suddenly turned red, with dense killing intent spreading out, and he threw a palm forth. It had directly pierced through space and smashed against the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon’s chest like a bolt of lightning.

“Asura Blood Palm!”


Crimson light erupted on the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon’s chest and its silhouette was instantly sent flying out. The armour on its chest shattered so much that even its chest had collapsed as it issued out a painful howl.

The body of the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon streaked across the stage a hundred meters before it slapped onto the ground, before it’s silhouette soared into the sky while violence filled its eyes.

It did not pay any attention to its collapsed chest before pouncing forth like a bull. A crimson light had enveloped its body and the Spiritual Energy whistled, forming into a crimson dragon on the surface of its body.

Boom! Boom!

The entire stage violently trembled under the impact of the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon.

Even if there was a mountain obstructing the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon, it would be shattered into dust by it.

The Asura King looked at the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon that pounced forth with terrifying power and squinted his eyes, before deeply inhaling a breath as his hands joined together.


A powerful Spiritual Energy swept out of his body like a storm and, in the next instant, a massive light being had appeared around him.

That huge being had a bull head and a torrential killing aura swept out. It was like an Asura.

“That’s the Heavenly Asura Celestial Body!”

Mu Chen instantly squinted his eyes at the sight of it. This is the Sovereign Celestial Body that the Asura King had cultivated, one that ranked sixty-ninth amongst the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies.


The asura-being roared towards the sky before throwing a fist forth. A crimson light surged and the space was shattered by it before it clashed with the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon that was pouncing forth.


A visible impact wave spread out, which slammed against the surrounding light barrier, causing it to violently vibrate.


At the source of the impact, the Asura King’s figure retreated with his feet drawing a long mark on the ground. On the other hand, the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon was immediately sent flying back and slammed into the barrier, causing it to shake, before the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon was reduced to sparkles of light.

The Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon was defeated!

Standing outside the stage, when the Kings saw that the Asura King had emerged victorious, they instantly felt heavily relieved.

The Spiritual Energy undulations around the Asura King retracted back into his body before he raised his head. He saw the sparkles of light from the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon gathering towards him, before they surged into his body.

The sudden changes made the Asura King feel slightly startled and just when he was about to resist, Mandala’s voice had resounded, “That’s the Spiritual Energy essence of the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon. It will be great nourishment to you if you absorb it.”

Hearing Mandala’s voice, the Asura King was ecstatic before circulating his cultivation technique and absorbed the massive amount of Spiritual Energy essence into his body.

It took nearly half an hour before the Asura King slowly opened his eyes. Instantly, a lustre surged in his eyes and the Spiritual Energy undulations around him became even more robust. Clearly, the Asura King had a considerable improvement after absorbing the Spiritual Energy essence that was left by the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon.

When the other Kings saw the benefits that was obtained by the Asura King, their eyes had turned red. After all, an existence like the Asura King required a long and bitter cultivation if he wanted to improve. But after absorbing the Spiritual Energy essence of the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon, it had saved him a lot of time.

After absorbing the Spiritual Energy essence, a force of rejection burst out before the Asura King could say a word and he was repelled from the stage.

At the same time, sizzling sounds came from the azure bronze door. As everyone raised their heads over at it, they saw one of the ten ferocious beast faces had been dissolved.

It was the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon, which the Asura King had previously defeated.

“Looks like defeating an ominous beast will cause a level of the seal to dissolve.” The Sky Vulture Emperor said as he watched this scene.

“But if all the ominous beasts had a strength comparable to the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon… then I’m afraid that our chances aren’t high.” The Spiritual Pupils Emperor said.

Amongst the Kings of the Great Havenlaw Domain, only the Asura King had a strength of the Seventh Grade Sovereign, whereas the rest weren’t on that level. So they wouldn’t have a high chance of winning if they fought.

“The Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon is outstanding, even amongst the ten ominous beasts, so its fighting capability is definitely extraordinary. But we don’t have to worry about every single ominous beast being so powerful.” Mandala gently shook her head as she continued, “Furthermore, we do not need a complete victory. We only need four seals out of the ten to be dissolved, then I will be able to forcefully break it.”

She then cast her gaze towards the remaining Kings and continued, “So we only need to win four matches and we will be able to destroy the azure bronze door.”

When the Kings heard her words, they felt relieved. Winning four matches out of ten, they should have a decent chance at it.

“Which one of you will go for the next match?”

When the Kings heard her, they exchanged a look before the Mountain Splitting King slowly strode out and spoke in a solemn voice, “Leave the second match to me!”

The Mountain Splitting King was only inferior to the Asura King amongst the Kings, having the cultivation of a pinnacle Sixth Grade Sovereign, so he had the qualifications to go out next.

Seeing no objections, the Mountain Splitting King’s silhouette flashed as he leapt onto the massive stage.


Along with the Mountain Splitting King’s entry, everyone immediately saw another azure bronze statue trembling on a pillar. An ominous aura spread out and a massive silhouette landed onto the stage with earth-quaking steps. The ominous aura surged and when it dissipated, a draconic roar had resounded along with it as a draconic might spread out.

When Mu Chen and the rest saw that massive being, their faces slightly changed. That’s because they could all sense that this being was even stronger than the Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon from before!

“Demonic Blood Dragon, the head of the ten ominous beasts…” Mandala had instantly knitted her brows as she slowly said.

When Mu Chen and the rest heard her words, their hearts sank, since no one expected for the Mountain Splitting King to be so unfortunate, encountering the most powerful fellow amongst the ten ominous beasts… 

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