Chapter 923 - Ancient Haven Palace, Ten Ominous Beasts

Chapter 923 - Ancient Haven Palace, Ten Ominous Beasts

When Mu Chen’s party stepped through the door, they felt the intense vibration of space. But fortunately, there wasn’t any mishap that happened in the process. The vibration lasted for over a dozen breaths before it returned to being quiet. Their gazes had swiftly started to light up.

Their feet had finally come in contact with an actual ground.

When their feet came in contact with the ground, the Spiritual Energy in their bodies had practically surged out at once and enveloped their bodies. After seeing that nothing unusual occurred, only then did they direct their gazes around.

They were stunned the moment they looked over.

There was an extremely majestic palace before them, which stood towering like a mountain with a silver pillar in the palace that was over a few thousand feet tall. It was like a pillar that supported the heavens.

Standing before this palace, they were as puny as ants.

“This is the Earth Sovereign Realm Treasury?” Mu Chen and the rest exchanged gazes.

Mandala faintly swept her glance and had moved towards the depths of the palace. Her calm posture displayed that she wasn’t worried about any traps. After all, she had no need to fear as long as it wasn’t an Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse appearing before her.

The three Emperors and the Kings quickly followed her footsteps.

The group slowly walked into the ancient palace. With them going deeper, only then did they realise that be it the slabs, wall or on the pillars, they were all covered with ancient runes that emanated an indestructible feeling from them.

The Mountain Splitting King heavily stomped on the slab down below, but the energy that could cause the mountain to crumble had only caused a tiny crack on the slab, leaving Mu Chen and the rest startled in their hearts.


Just when they were looking around this palace, Mandala, who walked at the front, suddenly stopped and had gazed up ahead with her golden pupils, which quickly attracted the gazes of everyone as well.

At the end of the palace was a massive azure bronze door. Except that the door was tightly shut and seemed to be stained with blood. The blood contained extremely powerful Spiritual Energy undulations that even made Mu Chen’s eyelids twitch.

There weren’t any ripples on Mandala’s face as she stretched her finger out and gently tapped.


Along with Mandala’s finger, space acted like the surface of the lake that had a stone thrown into it, causing ripples to spread out. In the next moment, a terrifying Spiritual Energy gathered and a sharply pointed crystal mountain slowly appeared out of it.

The crystal mountain was aimed at the azure bronze door, flickering with a crystalised lustre, emitting an extreme sharpness.

When Mu Chen and everyone else saw that, their eyelids twitched. They could sense the crystal mountain that was formed by Mandala with the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth before it was compressed…

Just a simple move of hers had displayed the powers of an Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse. After all, it’s possible for Mu Chen and the rest to gather the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth. It was so much so that they could even gather the Spiritual Energy to attack, but they definitely couldn’t crystallise it…

In the eyes of an Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse, ordinary Divine Artifacts were similar to grass to them, since the crystals that they could form with Spiritual Energy were extremely sturdy, making them comparable to ordinary Divine Artifacts.

Just think about it, when an Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse launched an attack at every direction, it was comparable to innumerable Divine Artifacts smashing over. So just how destructive was that sort of attack?


When Mu Chen and the rest were shocked, the sharply pointed peak of the crystal mountain had shot forth and instantly appeared before the azure bronze door, before it smashed against it without any hesitation.


Terrifying undulations spread out in this palace, and even the ground was shaking with cracks spreading out over the surrounding walls of the palace.

Mandala’s golden pupils stared at the source of the impact, then narrowed them a moment later. That’s because she realised that as the Spiritual Energy impact dissipated, the door still stood firm. After bearing an intense attack from her, there weren’t any traces of destruction on the azure bronze door.

The Kings behind her all revealed solemn expressions. That azure bronze door was, indeed, not so simple, since it could even bear the destructive force of an Earth Sovereign Realm expert.

“Looks like we are starting to be trapped by this Earth Sovereign Realm Treasury.” The Sleeping Emperor slowly said.

“Not even the Fallen Origin Pellets will work?” Mu Chen suggested.

Mandala shook her head, “Fallen Origin Pellets can only dissolve seals, and the energy on this azure bronze door is not the same as before.”

“The blood traces on the azure bronze door are a little weird.” Nine Nether’s gaze suddenly flashed as she spoke out.

When everyone heard her words, they quickly looked over. Attentively looking at it, they realised the traces of blood on the azure bronze door were slowly wriggling. Furthermore, looking from afar, those blood traces seemed to form the ferocious faces of beasts…

There was a total of ten beast faces.

Mandala looked at the ten ferocious beasts as she pondered and muttered, “The Ten Ominous Ancient Array?”

As she spoke, Mandala suddenly raised her head and looked at ten towering pillars in the palace before realising that there were huge statues on top of those ten pillars.

“What are they?” The Mountain Splitting King and the rest had raised their heads as well and exclaimed.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes. Those ten statues had the bodies of humans and faces of beasts. They were all dark azure in colour, which made them look like azure bronze statues from afar. But after carefully examination, they could sense astonishing ominous auras emanating from those azure bronze statues.

“The faces on those azure bronze statues seems to be similar to the ones on the azure bronze door.” The Asura King spoke out.

“That’s the ten ominous beasts of the Ancient Haven Palace…” Mandala squinted her eyes as she said.

“Ten ominous beasts?” The Kings all exchanged looks.

“It should be the defensive array laid by the Fourth Palace Master.” Mandala said, “The source of energy on the azure bronze door comes from the ten ominous beasts. We can only erase the energy that maintains the azure bronze door by destroying them.”

“Then, let’s destroy them.” The Spiritual Pupils Emperor casually spoke out. Perhaps he would be fearful if the ten ominous beasts were still alive, but now that they had all died, their power would be greatly reduced, even if a unique method had been used to maintain them.

“There are rules here, we can’t be reckless.” Mandala shook her head before flicking her finger and a Spiritual Energy beam of light shot towards one of the azure bronze statues. But before the beam of light came in contact with the statue, densely-packed ancient runes flashed on the pillar, forming into a barrier that protected the statue. At the same time, it had also negated Mandala’s attack.

When the Spiritual Pupils Emperor saw this, he couldn’t help being stunned with his brows knitted.

“Since there are rules, then we have to go along with the rules.” Mandala was the calmest as her gaze swept out, before stopping at the ground up ahead. Everyone had directed their gazes over and realised that there were many runes carved on the widest space of the palace.

Mandala flicked another finger forth, and Spiritual Energy was shot into those runes.


When her Spiritual Energy shot into the ground, it had immediately caused a rumble before the ground swiftly rose up. As the smoke spread, Mu Chen and the rest were astonished to find a massive stone platform that was roughly ten thousand feet in size appearing in the ancient palace in just merely ten breaths of time.

Ancient runes soared into the sky around the platform, which formed into a barrier that enveloped the platform.

“A fighting stage?”

Mandala’s eyes flashed at the sight of this. She finally understood the rules, before looking towards the Sleeping Emperor. The latter gently nodded his head, then his silhouette had burst forth onto the stage.

But just when the Sleeping Emperor came in contact with the barrier around the stage, Spiritual Energy undulations became extremely violent and a light flashed, then the Sleeping Emperor was shot back out.

The Sleeping Emperor landed beside Mandala with his brows knitted. But before he could even speak, Mandala had already said, “Your Spiritual Energy is too powerful. This stage, which was left behind by the Fourth Palace Master, is quite interesting to be limiting Spiritual Energy. Looks like he wasn’t willing to see others breaking the array with brute strength.”

“Asura King, you go up.”

Mandala looked towards the Asura King, who was the strongest amongst the Kings. The latter was a genuine Seventh Grade Sovereign. Despite him being inferior to the three Emperors, his fighting capability was the highest amongst the Kings. So if there’s a fight that needed to be tended to, he was naturally the first choice.


The Asura King respectfully responded, before stomping on the ground and his figure flew up into the stage. This time, when his body came in contact with the barrier, he wasn’t rejected by it, allowing him to heavily land on the stage.

When everyone saw the Asura King successfully step into the stage, they had all felt heavily relieved.


But the moment the Asura King stood on the stage, a commotion resounded within the ancient palace. Mu Chen and the rest had directed their gaze over to the source of the sound, before their gazes had abruptly squinted.

On a massive stone pillar, an azure bronze fell from the statue. Along with the falling of the azure bronze, a black-armoured ferocious silhouette that was like a black tower had appeared before everyone.


That being roared towards the sky, unleashing a roar that was akin to rumbling thunder, which caused the entire palace to tremble.


That being heavily stomped on the ground and cracks appeared on the stone pillar before flying down like a cannonball onto the stage.

As smoke spread out, that being was like a Primordial Ominous Beast, shrouded with a torrential ominous aura which made even the Asura King squint his eyes at it.

“That’s one of the ten ominous beasts of the Ancient Haven Palace, Demonic Skyeater Jiao-Dragon,” said Mandala.

Outside the stage, Mu Chen and everyone else had solemn expressions on their faces. They had no idea whether the Asura King, who was the strongest amongst the Kings in the Great Havenlaw Domain, would be able to gain an advantage when facing one of the ten ominous beasts of the Ancient Haven Palace.

This would definitely be a destructive battle.

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