Chapter 90 - Mang Yin Mountain (Teaser)

Chapter 90 - Mang Yin Mountain

“Uncle Xiong was killed?!”

When he heard the guard’s words, Mu Chen’s breathing stopped for a moment and his hands clenched tightly together. The Mu Territory’s five City Lords, Duan Wei, Chen Xiong and the others, were all loyal individuals, who had helped Mu Feng conquer the lands. In the end, they had finally managed to create the Mu Territory within the Northern Spiritual Realm. When Mu Chen was small, he had received a lot of care from them and shared feelings with them. Thus, the sudden news of Chen Xiong’s death made his face completely pale and filled him with anger.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and suppressed his anger and killing intent within his heart. His face darkened as he charged towards the Meeting Room. No matter who did it, Mu Chen would never forgive him!

When Mu Chen arrived at the Meeting Room, he noticed that a lot of people were surrounding it. All of their faces were filled with rage. Chen Xiong was quite bold and generous. Moreover, he had great popularity within the Mu Territory. Coupled with the fact that he was a veteran general for the Mu Territory, he was respected by everyone. Since he was suddenly killed, everybody had become furious.

“The Little Lord has arrived!”

Everybody hurried to bow when they saw Mu Chen rushing over. Then, they got out of the way and watched...

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