Chapter 89 - Failed Negotiations (Teaser)

Chapter 89 - Failed Negotiations

Mu Chen’s consciousness stared at the Nine Netherbird, which was trapped within a cage. The latter also stared at him fiercely with a vicious gaze. From the vicious aura, Mu Chen had no doubt that the Nine Netherbird would rip him into pieces if it had the chance.

It was too difficult to tame a Spiritual Beast at its level.


As he was stared at fiercely by the Nine Netherbird, Mu Chen let out a dry cough. He attempted to convey friendly thoughts over: “About that…Hello.”

However, the Nine Netherbird was completely indifferent when facing his method of conveying friendliness. The vicious aura within its eyes did not show the slightest signs of weakening.

“I know that you can understand my words…” Mu Chen said helplessly: “For you to be in such a situation is actually your own fault. I did not provoke you, yet you dove into my body and attempted to erase my consciousness.”

The Nine Netherbird looked at Mu Chen coldly and slowly retracted its body. Its elegant wings which were filled with black fire instantly laid down lazily on top of the mandala flower.

“If we continue to be in a stalemate, it would...

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