Chapter 883 - Trust

Chapter 883 - Trust

Buzz! Buzz!

Down in the darkness below, the stone troop of over ten thousand had gradually opened their eyes that had been shut for tens of thousands of years as the stone seal became radiant in the palms of Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli.


In that instant, when they opened their eyes, the crimson heavens and earth seemed to have trembled and an indescribable, yet horrifying Battle Will swept out like a tidal wave that was charging out of this region.

That Battle Will was like a sharp spear that could tear the heavens and earth apart. This sort of sharp Battle Will had far exceeded any troops they had seen before. According to Mu Chen’s speculations, this troop was probably invincible beneath the Earth Sovereign Realm.

Combined with the battle formation of the Sky Formation Emperor, it might even be able to confront Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouses.

Even millions of the Nine Nether Troop were inferior to this stone troop of roughly ten thousand. So one could tell how deep the gap between the two was.

When the stone troop had been activated by Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli, the face of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ had turned distorted and a ferocious light flashed in his hollowed eyes as he looked at the two of them like he wanted to tear them apart.

“You two brats!”

The ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ roared as he abruptly stood up and a torrential black light swept out from his body, he had turned into a black beam of light and shot over.


But just when he had charged a hundred feet from the stone base, the metal chains beneath him rumbled and stopped his advancing figure. The powerful impact even made the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ stumble.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli directed they gazes over and saw four grey chains on the limbs of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’. Those chains were greyish-black in colour and were covered in runes. Those runes were initially dimmed, but along with the awakening of the stone troop, the runes on the chains had gradually turned radiant.

Along with the runes on the chains becoming radiant, the chains had slowly dragged the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ back to the stone base. At the same time, specks of dust fell off from the stone base, revealing the densely packed runes that were gradually turning bright.

“You damnable fellow. Even tens of thousands of years after your death, you still want to trap me?!” The ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ hollered as his face became extremely distorted at this moment, before issuing a sharp roar. Immediately, a black aura swept out from his body. That black aura was extremely dense, like an ink that even corroded space in its path.

That dense black aura was filled with an evil aura.

Under the all-out counter of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’, the pulling force of the chains had been forcefully resisted by him, and along with the black aura spreading towards the chains, the runes on it had started to corrode.

Along with the corrosion of the runes, the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ struggled with every step as he attempted to walk out. His hollowed eyes were fixed onto Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli with ferocious flickers. He clearly intended to tear the two of them into pieces.

Seeing how tenacious this fellow was, the countenances of Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli couldn’t help changing.

“King Mu, don’t hold back anymore and use your full force. Otherwise, if the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ manages to get out of the suppression region of the battle formation, then the entire formation will be useless!” Zhantai Liuli urged.

Mu Chen heavily nodded his head. Although he did not truly believe Zhantai Liuli, he clearly knew that if the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ managed to break free, then he and Zhantai Liuli could only give up on any thoughts of escaping.

Mu Chen drew a loop with his palm, before slapping it out. Instantly, Spiritual Energy gushed out like a tidal wave and had poured into the stone seal without any hesitation.

On another corner, Zhantai Liuli also did not dare to hold back and had poured her entire Spiritual Energy into the stone seal.

Buzz! Buzz!

Along with the two of them pouring all of their Spiritual Energy, the vibrating frequency of the stone seal increased as the dazzling lustre blossomed from it became even more dazzling.


Along with the changes on the stone seal, the stone troop below had also felt a boost and had let out a thunderous roar. Their roar was so coordinated that it even caused the heavens and earth to violently tremble.

Boom! Boom!

A stronger Battle Will whizzed out of their bodies from every direction, causing even the heavens and earth to tremble. The light that they emitted from their bodies had swiftly grown and turned into myriads of grey light beams. That scene was extremely spectacular.

The beams streaked across the horizon, before entering the space of the dark region and into the stone base. Instantly, the four chains that bound onto the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ became even more robust.


As the chains trembled, it slowly pulled the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ back to the stone base.


The eyes of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ turned red as he looked at Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli. He then hollered, “I will definitely turn the two of you into specks of dust today!”


Along with the holler of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’, a black liquid flowed from his hollowed eyes that seemed to be alive and the liquid was slowly wriggling on his face, before it formed into an extremely bizarre black rune.

The rune was so abnormal and evil that looked like a weeping face. Combined with the distorted face of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’, it made his face look even more horrifying at this moment.


Along with the appearance of the evil rune, the power of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ surged as he forcefully moved his feet and took a step into space, towards the outer region of the darkness.

At the sight of this, Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli gritted their teeth as they poured even more Spiritual Energy.

Boom! Boom!

Astonishing undulations constantly spread out in this space but Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli did not dare to relax and gave it their all. Furthermore, the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ also did not wish to give up such a good opportunity to break free. He had been sealed here for tens of thousands of years. If it wasn’t for the energy of the Sky Formation Emperor’s body, he would have long dissipated. But even so, if he continued to be sealed here, he would also turn into ash. Therefore, this was the best chance for him to break free so he would naturally not give it up.

Therefore, the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ had frantically used his strength to resist the vast Battle Will spewing from the stone troop. His gaze was fixed on Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli, before he sinisterly said, “I don’t believe that two ants can hold on for much longer with that little Spiritual Energy!”

He was clever and knew that there was a limit to Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli’s strengths. Even with the power of the stone seal, the amount of Spiritual Energy exhausted to activate the stone troop was extremely horrifying. So Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli definitely wouldn’t be able to last for much longer.

The moment the two of them couldn’t maintain it, the battle formation of the stone troop, who had long been turned to stones, would also be weakened. At that time, no one would be able to stop him.

Hearing the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’s’ voice, the hearts of Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli sunk, since they knew that their current condition the best. It was as the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ had said, they wouldn’t be able to last for long.

“If the two of you want that fellow’s inheritance, then there’s no need for us to have a life-and-death struggle. As long as you guys let me out, I will swear that I can hand over the inheritance… But the inheritance can only be obtained by one of you, so which of you wants it?” The ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ suddenly smiled as his sinister tone turned a little more gentle.

The gazes of Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli flashed, then the former indifferently smiled. “Why bother using such a dull method to drive a wedge between us? Evil beings like you have no trust. If we let you out, I’m afraid that the first thing you will do is tear us apart.”

Zhantai Liuli had gently smiled as well. “King Mu is right, I agree with him.”

Seeing that he couldn’t drive a wedge between the two of them and was mocked instead, the countenance of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ turned sinister and he eerily looked at the two of them. He no longer spoke, but circulated all the black aura to corrode the chains.

Both parties had fallen into a deadlock in a battle of tug-of-war.

Zhantai Liuli looked at this stiffened situation, while gently clenching her teeth. “King Mu, I’m afraid that this isn’t the way… we have to force him back to the stone base before we can completely activate this battle formation and kill that evil spirit to awaken the remnant consciousness of the Sky Formation Emperor for us to obtain his inheritance…”

“You have a solution?” Mu Chen had tightly knitted his brows as well. He naturally knew that the situation wasn’t favourable for them if this carried on. But aside from this, they had no other idea.

Zhantai Liuli briefly hesitated, before she said, “I have a method to detonate the power in this stone seal. I just need someone to attack him and separate his mind from dealing with the chains and we can cooperate in pushing him back to the stone base.”

Hearing her words, Mu Chen’s brows furrowed even further as he looked at Zhantai Liuli. That meant that someone needed to confront the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’. But with their strength, it was undoubtedly an extremely dangerous task.

Who knows, they might be killed by the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’.

Perhaps Zhantai Liuli wanted to see that happen?

Under Mu Chen’s flickering gaze, Zhantai Liuli had raised her elegant face and looked at Mu Chen without the slightest guilt in her eyes.

Zhantai Liuli’s tone was calm as she continued, “I only brought this method out because we’re being forced by the situation. If King Mu thinks that I’m trying to scheme against you, then pretend that I have said nothing.”

Mu Chen looked at Zhantai Liuli’s lustrous pupils for a long while, before he deeply inhaled a breath and looked into the darkness, then faintly said, “I will believe you this once.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s calm voice, Zhantai Liuli’s body had slightly trembled as she looked at Mu Chen with a slightly complicated gaze. That’s because she knew how dangerous it would be for him and she only needed to take a small action and she could land Mu Chen into a dangerous situation.

But even so, he still chose to believe her.

Although she had obtained Mu Chen’s and a lot others trust with her schemes, Zhantai Liuli’s heart had felt a little more complicated this time.

The trust in the past was all for her schemes, but Mu Chen had chosen to believe in her, despite knowing the danger and her scheming character.

Looking at Mu Chen’s face, Zhantai Liuli gently bit on her rosy lips, then she slightly nodded her head.

“Then be rest assured, King Mu.”

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