Chapter 827 - Spiritual Divine Liquid

Chapter 827 - Spiritual Divine Liquid

Mu Chen swiftly stretched his hands out to receive those jade bottles and looked at the different coloured Blood Essences that contained extremely pure and powerful Spiritual Energy. He was briefly stunned, before he raised his head.

At the distorted space before him stood Mandala, looking a little travel-worn. Sensing Mu Chen’s gaze, she cast her lips aside in an unhappy mood.

“These are the Divine Beasts’ Blood Essences? You went to auction houses to buy them?” Mu Chen held the ten jade bottles as he suppressed the ecstasy in his heart as he asked.

“No shit, or did you want me to look for those Divine Beasts and slaughter them? Did you think that these Divine Beasts are stray cats and dogs? Easily killing one with a step?”

Mandala rolled her eyes at Mu Chen as she continued, “In order to obtain these Divine Beasts’ Blood Essences, I’ve spent a huge amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquids. Furthermore, those auction houses looked at the fact that I’m the Great Havenlaw Ruler and sold them to me at a lower price. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to buy them, even if you had the sufficient amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquids.”

Mu Chen nodded his head at Mandala’s words, since he knew that the Divine Beasts’ Blood Essences that he required weren’t ordinary ones with one or two of them being ranked at the extreme front on the Myriad Beast Record. Generally, those Divine Beasts’ Blood Essences were extremely rare and valuable, so it was extremely hard to gather them.

The reason why those auction houses sold the Divine Beasts’ Blood Essences to Mandala was because they saw the fact that she was an Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse. Otherwise, if Mu Chen was to make the trip himself, he would probably return empty-handed.


Mu Chen held onto the jade bottles as he sincerely thanked her. He knew that using his task to get Mandala to gather the Divine Beasts’ Blood Essences that he required as a rewards was slightly ripping her off. But judging from a certain angle, he had the responsibility of resolving Mandala’s issues as someone from the Great Havenlaw Domain and did not have the qualifications of speaking terms.

Not only did Mandala not mind about it, she even spent a great amount of effort and money to gather the Divine Beasts’ Blood Essences for him. Mandala had not spoken anything about that, but judging from her travel-worn appearance, he could guess that she had probably been travelling to various auction houses in the Northern Region in order to gather those Divine Beasts’ Blood Essences.

Her actions made Mu Chen feel slightly touched.

Originally, Mandala still felt a little unhappy after traveling all over the place, but when she heard Mu Chen’s sincere gratitude, she felt a little unnatural. This was the Great Havenlaw Domain, where everyone was filled with revere and respect for her. It was naturally not possible for others to treat her like how Mu Chen did, but she also felt that when Mu Chen was talking to her, he did not treat her as the Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain, but a friend.

It was a feeling that made her feel extremely comfortable. Perhaps it was because of this feeling that she would turn a blind eye to all of Mu Chen’s offending actions.

But with the pride buried deep down in her bones, she naturally would not show any emotions at this moment. Therefore, her face swiftly tensed up as she spoke in an official manner, “As the Ruler, I naturally have to fulfil my promises. You helped me deal with Qiu Taiyin, so these are your rewards.”

Mu Chen smiled and did not haggle with this prideful Ruler. “So, how’s the matter with Qiu Taiyin?”

Speaking about this matter, Mandala’s face gradually turned solemn, “It is as I have expected, the Sky Profound Palace has planted many spies in our Great Havenlaw Domain and Qiu Taiyin was only one of them. But I have managed to dig out a name list from his mouth, so I only have to follow it to track them down and have those doubtful fellows dealt with as soon as possible.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. He couldn’t take part in this sort of matter, but with Mandala’s abilities, she could quickly have it done.

“There’s still two months till the Hunting War… can you tell me some information about it? I am, after all, part of the Great Havenlaw Domain… so if it’s possible, I want to contribute as well.” Mu Chen asked as he looked at Mandala after pondering a bit.

Although he had heard a lot about the Hunting War, he still didn’t know the detailed information about it.

Mandala cast a glance at Mu Chen, before stretching her waist and sat down beside him and said in a lazy tone, “Actually, there’s nothing much to say about it. The Hunting War is a brutal war with the law of survival of the fittest. Although there are many peak forces in the Northern Region, it is also, likewise, a place where wolves gather together. It’s not a place where the tiger leads the forest.”

“So there will be wolves trying to turn into the tiger in this Hunting War?” Mu Chen said as his eyes flickered.

“In this world, there’s no lack in ambitious people.” Mandala said as she continued, “Only when the Northern Region is unified, can my Greatlaw Continent be free from it and become an Overlord in the Great Thousand World.”

“This is an unspoke rule in the Northern Region. No one knows when it was circulated, but once the rules are fixed, no one can change them. That’s because changing them would mean that one would become the enemy of all the other forces.”

“So the Hunting War has been handed down and until now, there’s been no tiger that appeared… But I think that it might appear this time.” As she spoke, a light flashed in Mandala golden pupils.

Mu Chen was briefly stunned as he looked at Mandala. “Why is that?”

“Do you know the location of this Hunting War?” Mandala turned her head and asked.

Mu Chen was briefly stunned, before nodding his head, “The Fallen Battlefield?”

The Fallen Battlefield was a forbidden land in the Northern Region. It was said that in the Primordial Age, when the Foreign Clans invaded the Great Thousand World, the battle spread to the Northern Region. Unleashing destructive battles in this supercontinent.

And the Fallen Battlefield was one of the battlegrounds of that event. Many powerhouses had fallen in that battle, so it was known as the Fallen Battlefield by others, and the cruelty of it could be seen from the name of the place.

The Fallen Battlefield was extremely famous in the Northern Region, since there were many inheritances in it. There were even quite a bit of supreme powerhouse inheritances, thus attracting many people over.

But only a few of those that entered the Fallen Battlefield in search of treasures had made it out. That’s because there were too many experts that have fallen in the Fallen Battlefield, causing the Spiritual Energy in it to be as violent as a volcano and a Spiritual Energy storm would occasionally form. It was something that even Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouses would fear.

And with more people losing their lives in the Fallen Battlefield, it had become an extremely ominous forbidden land in the Northern Region.

“Right, the Fallen Battlefield.” Mandala nodded her head as she continued, “In the Primordial Age, there were some Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouses that lost their lives in it, and the purpose of this Hunting War was those Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouses.”

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed.

“Do you know about the Spiritual Divine Liquids?” Mandala popped another question.

Mu Chen blankly shook his head.

“When an Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse dies, his Sovereign Sea would erode with the passing of time. And when the Sovereign Sea erodes to the limits, it would form the Spiritual Divine Liquid, the final essences of an Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse.” Mandala gently licked her lips. Speaking of the Spiritual Divine Liquids, even her eyes had flashed with a hint of greed.

“Those Spiritual Divine Liquids are extremely beneficial to Earth Sovereign Realm experts like us… but the Spiritual Energy storms in the Fallen Battlefield are extremely dreadful. Only at a special time will the storms be weakened. At that time, the Hunting War will take place.”

“The Divine Pavilion has lasted a total of five Hunting Wars and is also the force that managed to obtain the most Spiritual Divine Liquids amongst the peak forces in the Northern Region… According to what I know, that fellow is currently at the peak of Lesser Earth Grade Sovereign Realm and has already come into contact with the Greater Earth Grade Sovereign Realm. If he manages to obtain more Spiritual Divine Liquids this time, he might be able to break through into the Greater Earth Grade Sovereign Realm.”

“Aside from him, the Netherworld Palace and the Rulers of the other peak forces have a possibility as well…”

Mandala’s face turned solemn. “And when a Greater Earth Grade Sovereign Realm appears, there will not be anyone in the Northern Region that can stop him. At that time, it will become a tiger and unify the Northern Region.”

“Greater Earth Grade Sovereign Realm?” Mu Chen frowned his brows, since this sort of level was still too far and unfamiliar to him.

Mandala helplessly cast a glance at Mu Chen and explained, “There’s naturally a classification of the Earth Grade Sovereign Realms. They’re broken into three realms. The Lesser Earth Grade Sovereign Realm, the Greater Earth Grade Sovereign Realm and the Perfected Earth Grade Sovereign Realm.”

“Every single one of those grades are accompanied with great gaps. Right now, in the Northern Region, the Rulers of the peak forces are only at the Lesser Earth Grade Sovereign Realm. The moment the Divine Pavilion’s Ruler completes his breakthrough in this Hunting War, the situation will become extremely troublesome.”

Mu Chen’s gaze turned solemn as well. So this was the world of an Earth Grade Sovereign Realm powerhouse. He never thought that the difference between the grades in the Earth Grade Sovereign Realm would be so huge.

Judging from Mandala’s tone of speech, he could tell how fatal the Spiritual Divine Liquids’ attraction for Earth Grade Sovereign Realm powerhouses like them was like.

And the source of this brutal war, the Hunting War, was probably the Spiritual Divine Liquids.

“I wonder what grade Luo Li’s grandfather is in?” A thought suddenly lit up in Mu Chen’s heart as he recalled meeting Luo Tianshen in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. According to his speculations, Luo Tianshen was probably stronger than Mandala.

“This Hunting War will probably be the most shaking one in history…” Mandala lightly smiled as she raised her head. There wasn’t any fear in her eyes; instead, they were filled with blazing fighting intent.

She looked at the distant horizon and an arc rose on the corner of her lips.

“Let us see who will manage to break through this time!”

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