Chapter 635 - Curtain Falls

Chapter 635 - Curtain Falls

When the Champion appeared, the intense atmosphere in this region quietly eased down. The battle from before was just too unpredictable. Thus, when the fight ended, everyone felt a heavy relief in their hearts.

That battle was already very stimulating to the heart, and if it were to continue on, there might be some people that might not be able to take it.

As the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament ended, the light screen that separated the Battle Stage and the student's region also gradually dissipated. At this crucial time, the restrictions against students had also weakened.

Up in the sky, the giant Mirror of Judgement slowly revolved as light flowed on the surface of the mirror. Shortly after, several silhouettes were shot out of it and miserably landed on the ground, they were those that were trapped in the Mirror of Judgement earlier.

When Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and Su Xuan landed beside Mu Chen, they gave him a thumbs up. Judging from their gesture, despite that they were trapped in the Mirror of Judgement, they could still watch the earth-shattering battle from before.

Mu Chen gave a smile at them before shifting his head, looking at Wen Qingxuan, who was stretching her waist as she revealed her perfect and increasingly captivating figure without any restraint. “You guys will be going back to the Myriads Phoenix Spiritual Academy after this, right?”

“Yeah.” Wen Qingxuan nodded her head. After the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament comes to an end, this space would be shut; thus, every student would also return to their own Spiritual Academies. If they wanted to meet again, they would probably have to wait for an exchange between Spiritual Academies.

“Why? You miss me?” Wen Qingxuan had smiling intent in her eyes as she looked at Mu Chen, “Then you can file in an application to join the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. Although our academy only accepts females, now that you are the Champion of this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, I believe our Dean will definitely be willing to open a backdoor for you.”

In response to Wen Qingxuan’s teasing, Mu Chen could only give an awkward smile.

“Don’t worry, we should still have the chance to meet in the future. However, I believe that we won’t be meeting with this identity anymore.” Wen Qingxuan swept the hair on her forehead with her fair hands as she smiled.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head in agreement. At that time, he might have already left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to pursue a stronger Dao Path, and Wen Qingxuan’s background shouldn’t be weak. Thus, if they were to meet again, their identities would definitely not be as of now.

“Mu Chen, if we ever meet again, I hope not to see you depressed. Regardless of anything, you are the Champion of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Although the Five Great Academies are puny in comparison to the Great Thousand World, if you lose your drive and self-confidence, I believe I will be very disappointed in you. Also, Luo Li will also be disappointed.” Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen. Although she used a light tone, she doesn’t seem to be joking at all.

Mu Chen slightly fell into his thoughts. He knew that his road might not be comfortable in the future, and will only be harder compared to his time in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. At least right now, he could cultivate at ease, but if he entered the vast Great Thousand World, he would have to bear much more.

Although the Sovereign Realm was just right before him, it was only the starting point for the path of real experts.

However, the talent was secondary in the path of an expert, a firm and unwavering heart was the most important. All these years, Mu Chen had experienced so many things, and if his heart wavered, it would be extremely tough for him to walk this far.

Mu Chen raised his head as he looked at Wen Qingxuan’s outstanding beauty and said, “Then, we’ll wait and see.”

Wen Qingxuan’s charming face was filled with a smile as she nodded her head. “At that time, if you haven’t disappointed me, perhaps I will think about falling for you.”

As she spoke, she rotated her teasing gaze on Mu Chen’s body.

Luo Li helplessly cast a glance at her.

“Brother Mu Chen, congratulations.”

As they conversed, Wu Ling and Wu Yingying of the Martial Spiritual Academy, and Wen Busheng, had come to give their congratulations. Mu Chen had a favourable opinion about them, so he had a smile written all over his face. They all understood that when they leave here, god-knows when would they meet again. Spiritual Academies were only a passing point in their path of cultivation, and in the future, they would head into the yearning Great Thousand World, that brilliant stage.

At that time, perhaps their mental state might not be the same anymore. It was too hard for them to remain as pure as they were right now. Thus, Mu Chen cherished their friendship that was made from the fights.

Wu Ling, Wen Busheng and the rest looked at Mu Chen with a complicated gaze. No one had expected back then that the Champion of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament wouldn’t be the famous Ji Xuan or the well-famed Wen Qingxuan, but a youth that hadn’t reveal much of his skills from the beginning.

When Mu Chen was plotted by Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe in the Mirror of Judgement, they felt a little regretful about that matter. But who could have thought that this ferocious fellow would still manage to kill his way out and reverse the situation around, defeating the powerful Ji Xuan in the end?

Furthermore, the means that Mu Chen had used on Ji Xuan made even them feel a chill in their hearts. This youth usually seemed so gentle and warm, but once his killing intent was piqued, he would transform into a genuine slaughtering god that wouldn’t hesitate on being ruthless.

Wu Ling, Wen Busheng and the rest were all considered prideful, so even they did not wholeheartedly accept Ji Xuan. However, when facing Mu Chen, who was of a similar age to them, they had no choice but to admire him.

It can be assumed that in the future, this youth would definitely not be ordinary. Who knows, maybe after a long time later, his name would be widely spread throughout the Great Thousand World.

“Hey, you still owe me a favour, remember?” Wu Yingying stared at Mu Chen as she had both her hands on her waist. She still had that overbearing little pepper appearance, except that there was always a crimson blush on her face that could not be covered up.

“Miss Wu, what do you want from me?” Mu Chen smiled.

Wu Yingying stared at Mu Chen for a long while, before spoke out stuttering, “I still have not thought about it, I’ll tell you when I do.”

Mu Chen was a little amused that this little pepper was still very cute. On the spot, he nodded his head and spoke in a severe tone, “No matter what you want of me, be it climbing the blade mountains or diving into an ocean of flames, I will definitely not knit my brows.”

“Words from men are not trustable, not to mention that you’re still a lecher.” Wu Yingying snorted.

Mu Chen coughed out of awkwardness.

“However, you’re still pretty cool earlier, even more than my brother. Consider my cheers weren’t in vain.” Wu Yingying’s face was a little red as her big, brilliant eyes stared at Mu Chen, and there wasn’t any bashfulness coming from her when she spoke so bluntly.

“Oh, thanks.” Mu Chen scratched his head, his smile was as warm as the sun, there wasn’t the slightest trace of coldness in his eyes from his confrontation with Ji Xuan.

Watching from the side, Wen Qingxuan lightly flung her lips aside as she moved closer to Luo Li and lowered her voice, “This fellow’s fate with girls is a little too good, who knows how many girls he might get himself involved with when you leave. Are you really assured? Why don’t you and I get together and dump him.”

Wen Qingxuan lowered her voice on purpose, but was able to be heard by him. Mu Chen’s eyelids uncontrollably twitch as Luo Li rolled her eyes at Wen Qingxuan.

Wen Qingxuan smiled with narrowed eyes at Mu Chen and approached him, while Luo Li was talking to Shen Cangsheng and the rest. After that, she cast a glance at the direction of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy and said, “But, you have a friend at our Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, you want to go take a look?”

“Big Sister Qian’er?” Mu Chen was stunned for a moment when he heard her words, and after that, joy surged in his eyes as he shifted his eyes in the direction of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. He saw a girl dressed in a light green dress as she stood tall and upright, looking at him as well with her spirited eyes at this moment.

In just two to three years of time, the girl had already faded from her unripened state and had blossomed. Even when she was just quietly standing there, she was still very charming.

Seeing Mu Chen looking over, a faint smile surfaced from Tang Qian’er’s pearly-white face.

Mu Chen’s figure moved and leapt into the countless flowers of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy’s direction as he stood before Tang Qian’er and smiled, “Big Sister Qian’er, it has been a long time.”

The girl still had a ponytail tied up behind her head, with the length of her hair draped to her waist. She was smiling as she looked at Mu Chen with her hands behind and her body slightly orientated to Mu Chen’s direction as a teasing smile appeared on her face. “Looks like your time has been pretty good.”

“Big Sister Qian’er is getting increasingly more pretty now, but it’s a pity that you are in the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. If you’re in our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I’m afraid there will be lots of guys chasing after you.” Mu Chen looked at Tang Qian’er. The figure of the girl right now was even more alluring, and due to the reason that her body was orientated towards the front, the arc was increasingly amplified. If she were in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, with her appearance and temperament, the number of people chasing after her would definitely be more than Senior Sister Su Xuan.

“You’re teasing me.” Tang Qian’er’s face flushed red as she raised her fist at Mu Chen in anger.

Mu Chen smiled, “Is your time in the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy well?”

“Not bad, but she has always been thinking of a heartless rat!” From the side, some girls laughed out in a lovely manner. They seemed to be good friends of Tang Qian’er that were looking at the most radiant youth amongst the Spiritual Academies in curiosity.

Tang Qian’er’s face flushed red as she glared at those girls behind her. Looking at her reaction, those girls behind her immediately laughed out as they ran.

Mu Chen dryly laughed as he was a little speechless facing Tang Qian’er’s watery eyes.

“Congratulations.” Tang Qian’er did not continue on the ambiguous topic as she let out a faint smile. “I believe Uncle Mu will definitely be very proud of you if he knows about this.”

Mu Chen smiled as well. His smile was very gentle as he missed his father as well.

“She’s the girl that you liked all this while?” Tang Qian’er spoke in a soft voice as she suddenly shifted her gaze towards Luo Li’s silhouette.

Looking at Tang Qian’er, Mu Chen lightly nodded his head.

“She’s very outstanding and beautiful.” Tang Qian’er blinked her long and slender eyelashes as she revealed a pitiful smile.

“Thanks.” Mu Chen smiled in response.

Tang Qian’er lowered her head as she lightly swipes her feet on the ground, and after a brief moment later, she suddenly raised her head. “Truthfully, I regret coming to the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy.”

Mu Chen scratched his head as he didn’t dare to continue talking on this topic. After all, both he and Tang Qian’er had grown up together; thus, the relationship between them was extremely close. But the whole time, he had never thought about them being in a boy-girl relationship.

“Mu Chen.”

Tang Qian’er spirited eyes were exceptionally bright and beautiful at this moment. She seemed to have figured out something as the smile on her face was more charming.

“I will work hard to cultivate and catch up to you in the future!”

The young girl clenched her fists with absolute firmness in the depth of her eyes. She had already regretted it once and did not want to continue regretting it. She had to work hard and chase after him. At least this way, she would be able to stand by his side.

Mu Chen looked into the eyes of the girl and lightly nodded his head in the end. It wasn’t a bad thing to give her an objective to chase after.

“Then, I will wait for Big Sister Qian’er to surpass me.”

Mu Chen let out a gentle smile as he raised his head, looking at the space filled with a multitude of people and inhaled a deep mouthful of air as the look on his eyes relaxed.

The Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had finally come to an end.

In the three years he spent in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he was able to submit a perfect answer sheet, despite knowing that this was just the beginning of his path of dao.

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