Chapter 634 - Champion

Chapter 634 - Champion

“What outrageous guts the both of you have!”

Dean Tiansheng’s angry voice resounded between the heavens and earth and with a single sentence, it was as if it had caused the heavens to crumble and the ground to crack. The Spiritual Energy in this region was boiling with a whistle. It was as if an order was given that would be strictly followed along with dreadful pressure.

Dean Tiansheng was indeed worthy of being the Dean of the Saint Spiritual Academy. The strength that was revealed behind that roar of his was even stronger than the Primordial Skydragon Hawk.

Mu Chen’s figure was swaying like a boat in waves under that dreadful pressure. It seemed like he could collapse in the next instant, his face was also filled with graveness.


Up in the sky, the Nine Netherworld Bird swiftly shrunk in size and stood before Mu Chen in a flash, warding off that pressure for him. Nine Nether’s gaze was cold as she stared at Dean Tiansheng as she felt that the latter was deep and unmeasurable. However, there wasn’t any trace of fear in her eyes.

“Hmph, Dean Tiansheng, are you not putting my Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in your eyes to take action against a student with your status?!” Dean Tai Cang roared in anger as well. He strode forth and stood before Dean Tiansheng. His towering figure was accepting all of the pressure coming from Dean Tiansheng.

Every single student was trembling with a chill down their spines, even other Deans belonging to the other Spiritual Academies did not dare to interfere. After all, it didn’t matter if it was Dean Tiansheng or Dean Tai Cang, they both possessed the strongest power.

“Hmph, what a huge cap Dean Tai Cang is giving me. Aren’t you a little too protective? That brat was ruthless, and even when Ji Xuan was already defeated, Mu Chen still tried to kill him!” Dean Tiansheng spoke with a cold tone with his face turning pale.

“It was natural for this sort of battle to be dangerous. Earlier, when Ji Xuan attacked, he didn’t hold back in the slightest as well.”

Dean Tai Cang sneered, “Furthermore, according to the rules, as long as no one admitted defeat, the battle will still carry on. Earlier, when Dean Tiansheng interfered, you have already broken the rules. Under the eyes of so many Deans, Dean Tiansheng should give us an explanation for that!”

Dean Tiansheng froze for a brief moment, before responding with a solemn voice, “Earlier, Ji Xuan showed signs of admitting defeat. However, Mu Chen was being forceful and did not give him the chance to do so!”

“Dean Tiansheng, this is not a quarrel between kids, but a Battle for the Champion!” The corner of Dean Tai Cang’s lips rose into a mocking smile.

Dean Tiansheng’s face thoroughly darkened, and along with his dark expression, the space behind him started to intensely distort, since Dean Tai Cang was not letting him step down with his words.

“Your logic is ridiculous, I feel that Mu Chen’s qualification for Champion should be revoked.” Dean Tiansheng solemnly spoke.

“Not possible!” Dean Tai Cang didn't budge in the slightest as he wore a cold expression. The space behind him vigorously twisted as well and vaguely, there was a thousand foot image that slowly converged outside his body.

That large image was ash-blue in colour, as if it was emitting an aura of primal chaos. As it rolled, the weather became unstable, and at the same time, an unspeakable pressure enveloped, causing fluctuations even in this space.

“Perhaps Dean Tai Cang wants to spar with me?” Dean Tiansheng sneered as a radiant divine light image gradually appeared around him as well. The endless light spread to every single corner of this space.

The two big shots had actually summoned their Sovereign Celestial Bodies out. If they were to fight here, this small space might not be able to withstand it.

Innumerable students were dumbfounded by the scene that unfolded before them, under two mighty Sovereign Celestial Bodies, even they, themselves found it exceptionally hard to breathe.

Mu Chen’s gaze was also heavy as he looked at the two giants in the sky. Those were real Sovereign Celestial Bodies, with a move of their hands, they could even shatter the heavens and earth. It was a strength that others would yearn for.

“The two of you losing your composure before so many students, aren’t you guys ruining the name of the Five Great Academies?” When Dean Tai Cang and Dean Tiansheng were facing off, the Deans of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, Martial Spiritual Academy and the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy had their brows frowned as they spoke out.

Up in midair, the two Sovereign Celestial Bodies that were emitting dreadful might gradually dull down and eventually faded. The two of them probably knew that they would be losing face if they were to fight here.

“Dean Tai Cang, don’t be too proud too early, the ones remaining on the stage aren’t just the students of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” Dean Tiansheng spoke as his expression gradually calmed down.

Down below, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan both appeared beside Mu Chen. Upon hearing Dean Tiansheng’s words, they smiled sweetly, “Dean Tiansheng, do you feel that we even have the strength to fight with Mu Chen? Furthermore, I am supportive of Mu Chen seizing the Championship.”

Wen Qingxuan was exceptionally intelligent, how could she not have seen through Dean Tiansheng, who was trying to make Dean Tang Qiu of their Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy have other thoughts? Thus, she had immediately blocked that path with a single sentence of hers.

Dean Tang Qiu’s face still maintained gracefulness as she had cast an unintentional glance at Wen Qingxuan, she had seen through the little girl’s thoughts and spoke out with no other alternative, “My Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy doesn’t have the qualification to poke into the Champion.”

“I believe that we should go according to the rules, right?”

Dean Tiansheng pulled the corner of his lips as he could only suppress the displeasure in his heart and sat back down with a wave of his sleeve. Looks like he understood that it was impossible to revoke Mu Chen’s qualifications for Champion.

“I withdraw.” Wen Qingxuan smiled with her eyes narrowed as she raised her hand.

Luo Li smiled as well and raised her hand.

From the looks of it, only Mu Chen was left in this battle. Thus, the Champion title could just fall on him.

Up in the sky, aside from Dean Tiansheng, the Four Great Deans softly nodded their heads and glanced at the Deans of the various other Spiritual Academies, which they had also nodded their heads in agreement.

“Since everyone has decided, then we, the Five Great Academies will announce that the final Champion of this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament is…”

“Mu Chen of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!” 

When Dean Tang Qiu’s graceful voice resonated, the entire region went into silence for a brief instant, before it was replaced with thunderous cheers.

It caused even this space to seem like it was trembling.

Aside from the students of the Saint Spiritual Academy, who wore disappointed expressions, the students of the other academies let out cheers that could topple mountains and overturn seas. The innumerable gazes of revere were looking at that slender figure on the Battle Stage.

Although that youth wasn’t in the same academy as them, the remarkable strength that he displayed made them feel convinced in their heart.

Not only was he the most dazzling person in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, but there also might not be anyone who could surpass him in the hundred years of the tournament.

“Big Brother Mu is formidable!”

Amongst the earth-shattering cheers, the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had their faces lifted, their expressions were the most electrified as well. Their cheers were in order as they resounded in this region.

Since the establishment of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, this result in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was the best that they ever had.

Whereas in the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy’s corner, Tang Qian’er’s gaze was also looking at that extremely dazzling figure amongst the cheers. Her gaze was a little dazzled, when compared to three years ago. He was even more dazzling as he gradually displayed his absolute stunning potential.

She felt happy deep down in her heart to be able to witness him being more and more dazzling. However, when her gaze fell onto the three perfect silhouettes, the light in her eyes dulled a little as she bit onto her rosy lips.

The youth before her didn’t seem to be the shy kid he used to be when he was young, tightly holding onto her hand as he called out ‘Big Sister Qian’er’, a boy that always loved to follow behind her. In the future, he would only become even more dazzling. So much so that one day, his name might resound throughout the Great Thousand World. Regarding this though, she didn’t find it ridiculous or egotistic at all.

It was because she believed in him.

“Mu Chen, you can do it. You are becoming more and more formidable now, if Uncle Mu knew about this, he would definitely be delighted. You will become the pride of our Northern Spiritual Realm.” Tang Qian’er clenched her small fist as a sad smile appeared on her face.

Mu Chen stood on the Battle Stage as he had finally loosened up his tensed nerves under the cheers, and as his nerves started to loosen up, his body started to sway.

Beside him, three hands extended out as they tried to support his body. But shortly, the three of them exchanged a glance and halted their extending hands.

Mu Chen did not fall down, but his complexion was a little pale. The battle before must have consumed a tremendous amount of his strength.

Nine Nether looked at Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan. She did not take the initiative to chat as her figure moved, returning back into Mu Chen’s body with a flash of light.

“Congratulations, Champion.” Wen Qingxuan chuckled.

Mu Chen bitterly smiled, since he didn’t even seem to have the strength to tease her.

Looking at him, Luo Li felt a little heartache. She hesitated for an instant, but still extended her hand with courage and lightly held onto his hand. The warm and smooth sensation gave Mu Chen a light jolt in his mind and held onto Luo Li’s as well. He held her hand even tighter and was unwilling to let go.

“Ohhhhhh! Ooooohhh!”

In the direction of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, innumerable students let out howls of envy when they witnessed this scene with many gazes filled with admiration.

Luo Li’s face was a little red as a smear of shyness flashed on her face, so much so that even the area where she was standing looked even more beautiful.

“Congratulations, you have done it.”

Even under the countless gazes, Luo Li still pushed her guts forward as she spoke while looking at Mu Chen.

Perhaps ever since he had left the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen had been working hard just for this day. Others could only witness how he soared, but they neglected the effort he put in that made her feel a little heartache.

Mu Chen looked at the crystal-clear eyes of this girl, gripped her hand tighter and raised his head. As the sunlight shone, a bright arc appeared on his handsome face.

“Luo Li…”


“Believe me… there will be a day that I will become an absolute expert, creating clouds and rains with a flip of my hand for you.”

A smear of a gentle smile appeared on the young girl’s delicate and charming face as she nodded, gripping tighter onto Mu Chen’s hand.

“I will wait for you.”

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