Chapter 189 – Number One (Teaser)

Chapter 189 – Number One

In the following two days, Mu Chen followed what the Nine Netherbird’s instructions and didn't focus heavily on cultivation. Instead, he made the effort to rest calmly in order to reach his peak condition.

The results were quite excellent and in just two days, Mu Chen had completely recovered from his injuries in the battle against Yang Hong. The Spiritual Energy within his body surged endlessly throughout his body like a river and he could feel an immense power rippling through his limbs.

Compared to when he fought against Yang Hong, Mu Chen could feel that the Spiritual Energy within his body had become denser. Although the battle was quite dangerous, it clearly brought a few benefits to his cultivation. However, this increase did not make him reach the limits of a Spirit Stage Late Phase and the feeling of breakthrough did not appear yet…

Regarding the breakthrough, Mu Chen remained fairly calm. After all, it was not easy for one to advance to a Heavenly Fusion Stage. Even though he had cultivated steadily,...

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