Chapter 180 Yang Hong’s Hidden Strength (Teaser)

Chapter 180 Yang Hong’s Hidden Strength

Numerous gazes gathered at the peak of the towering mountain where five figures stood motionless. However, everyone could sense that there was a storm surging underneath this momentary calm.

These people were among the best of the new students and had to overcome many challenges to finally stand here. They were all outstanding, but only one person can become foremost among the freshmen. Therefore, it would not be easy to capture the spiritual flag that embodied this honor and glory.

The true battle had just begun.

The figures from the surrounding peaks were all watching with bated breath; they were aware that this lull in the fighting wouldn't last long.

Once this momentary peace was broken, what follows would undoubtedly be an electrifying fight!

Under the attentive gaze of the onlookers, the atmosphere on the summit became quite strange. Luo Li and Mu Chen were standing to one side while Yang Hong, Mu Kui, and Bing Qing were standing in another; a look of vigilance appeared in their eyes.

In any case, this isn’t a tournament...

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