Chapter 179 - Summit (Teaser)

Chapter 179 - Summit

At this moment, the massive stone platform was crumbling away as numerous pillars of lava soared up into the sky. Giant hands formed from lava extended out from these pillars and indiscriminately slammed down on the Heaven Ranked Spiritual Beasts and humans on the platform.

This scene had not only shocked Mu Chen and the others on the mountain, but even the people observing outside of the Northern Spirit Mountain were completely astonished. It was evident that this sudden development was beyond everyone's expectations.

Due to the Nine Netherbird's warning, Mu Chen had reacted quicker than the others and had pulled Luo Li away. In the instant that he had fallen back, the lava hand had crushed a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast with the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. The attack brought forth an intense heat as it struck down furiously at where Mu Chen and Luo Li were previously.

The lava hand smashed into the stone platform,  causing the massive stone platform to quake as scalding lava began to flow outwards. The attack had completely melted away the stone platform.

Since the lava hand had missed, the lava trembled slightly before it...

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