Chapter 178 Stone Platform (Teaser)

Chapter 178 Stone Platform

Roar! Roar!

The angry roars of countless Spiritual Beasts echoed throughout the vast mountain range, causing the forests to tremble. Numerous individuals clashed together with Spiritual Beasts within this vast wilderness, and astonishing battles occurred.

And on the peak of the nearby mountains, a few figures observed the many skirmishes that had broken out down below. After a while, some of the gazes shifted toward the majestic mountain at the center of the mountain range.

Exceptionally powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations swept out at this time from the mountain. It appeared that several of the more talented new students had already reached the Northern Spirit Mountain, and were charging up towards its peak, which was hidden in the clouds.

It was clear that the one who could take the lead and charge up to the summit, which represented glory to them, might possibly seize first place, and become the number one student in the freshmen class.

At this moment, Zhu Tian and the other two elders stood high up in the sky. Zhu Tian was beaming as he observed the lofty mountain; his eyes imperceptibly cast a glance at the summit before the corner of his mouth curled up slightly more.

“These kids...

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