Chapter 174 Face-off (Teaser)

Chapter 174 Face-off

Li Xuantong.

When the name came out of Luo Li’s rosy little mouth, the originally noisy public square instantly became deathly silent. The expression of the surrounding Goddess Luo Association members became stiff before their eyes bulged out in fear and disbelief.

Li Xuantong? Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 2 Li Xuantong?


Everyone looked at each other in dismay before fiercely inhaling a mouthful of cold air. He truly is an influential figure among the students of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, very different from these freshmen who recently arrived. He had stood at the top of countless students for a long time.  Many even look at Li Xuantong with reverence and admiration.

This mysterious and elusive personage had unexpectedly appeared before their eyes?

Mu Chen stared attentively at this handsome, long-haired youth in front of him. Although he was startled by his counterpart’s identity, his eyes contained no reverence or fear but remained undisturbed.

“You really came...

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