Chapter 1559 - Power of Life

In the Northern Heavens Continent

Everyone was in chaos as they looked at the torrential demonic streams with colour draining from their faces. Their eyes were swelled with deep fear.

Facing this power, even Heavenly Sovereigns like the Northern Sea Dragon felt deep fear and weak.

While exchanging a glance with Dean Tai Cang, he bitterly smiled. “I never expected that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would encounter another tribulation so soon after getting through one before…”

Dean Tai Cang sighed, “This is the tribulation of the entire Great Thousand World, and it’s hard to imagine how great the Great Thousand World will suffer if the Heavenly Evil Monarch got what he wishes.”

The hearts of Tang Qian’er, Li Xuantong, Wen Qingxuan, and the rest sank as well.

“At this moment, we can’t avoid this tribulation. Even if there’s nothing we could...

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